okay so promo varnel promo there's laurdiy pom-pom string and it's real cute hey guys it's Lauren and welcome back to D Wow so we had a little intermission but now we are back and today we're making a freakin Polish play young I watched so many videos to learn how to pronounce alright so I think it's right Polish viewers let me know but basically we're making this really cute paper and straw chandelier situation I spray-painted not very well I'm realizing right now I missed a bunch of spot they spray-painted this little hoop this is the base of it we're making a freaking chandelier without the light like a baby mobile that leg please lately like cute for like adults for laurdiy sex life so I got a bunch of colorful cute ish right here I'm just really hoping that it pulls itself together to make like a cute wall hanging ceiling hanging I try to sketch it out on paper earlier looks really great paper so we're gonna do a trickling to real life I have low expectations but I feel like with so much good stuff it could either look like a cluster F of color or could be really cute so stay tuned um I don't super have a plan like again like I said I drew a real janky game plan and also I could to you some DIY stuff cuz it just ended up being perfect know promo but Rome oh okay wait okay wait okay okay middle game plan okay so I think we go like one two three so there's like six points we thread straws and beads and there's little crystals and maybe some tassels fun things and then we just see where to go from there this is the most aesthetically pleasing package I've ever received also paper straws don't need any plastic straws I'm like – video whether I should just kind of randomize the colors or if we should make it the same I'm kind of like lean towards Reina but then I'm also worried they were gonna have like the cluster F situation and that's not the goal here I also realize that I probably okay okay here we go okay I'll be back in like okay so about these really cute little crystals and I think those will be Q and then there's a really cute beads in this pack me as your tippy copies okay so these are okay hope it comes together hold the trip together okay okay this is this could be the fate of everything also I feel like I haven't cracked up a straw things so long I'm really excited about it because like no way she's getting string through this whole red one oh very good go on I'm so stressed okay we should we do some pom-pom B's mommies are fun zombies it's like ya know a little bougie but yes I'm also four years old that's the vibe we're going for here okay but I feel like cuz pom-poms make this look like I'm four years old like that's the issue yeah also why why like what they put the hole through here like that's yeah bed this is really setting the tone for the whole thing to be kind of have to follow this pattern and I'm not a huge fan of that but I gotta start somewhere okay yeah I see I feel like we're heading in this looks like a kindergarteners craft a little concern it's like like should I just throw like a macaroni on there and I do since we're we're back in kindergarten okay that's the vibe I feel like we like is it's a bad time to also put a heartbeat on like I don't know like low-key these heartbeats are so cute I feel like I need to look at a reference photos again I'm spell photos this is the consensus that we're starting again and we're just gonna make it a macaroni chandelier no I was saying okay okay okay okay okay we're gonna rethink three strategies and start again [Applause] yo this is cool okay so we just got to do this sick more harm so gonna be here a little bit I also just ordered lunch which you know it's just gonna factor in how efficient is this whole thing Episode IV but I can do it this more time no sorry five more times [Applause] [Applause] oh my god okay go this looks I heard this looks so good I was gonna put like those super mache flowers at the top but I don't even know if it means it maybe it needs it I think it needs it okay so uh my people just got here so I did a little break real quick and then resumed our polish pyong keying welcome back to class kindergarten classes back in session okay so I'm gonna go ahead and attach all six of these to here and then I was gonna put all the flowers on each of these but I think it's gonna be like too heavy on the top so I'm thinking attached my little octopus cute booties like a bougie octopus Oh lost too late and then pull the flower in between it when you attach it so it's gonna be like like this one and then put the flowers like on the actual hoops okay honestly I am impressed with us to the max it looks so cute as we were making up speaking chandeliers am I putting you to sleep it's just soothing can I get some uh some baby twinkle twinkle star music it looks good I know our booty octopus needs a little little evening so I'm gonna handle that and guys the innovation right now this is a DIY himself I just took off my Egg Chair which is now I'm currently sitting on here it also kind of looks really cozy on the ground this was made for this DIY it's like good height get under it and do a little DIY action flowers are going on laughs so keep that might feel like in your mind visualize the cute flowers right here and we're gonna do like the lower like Boosh octopus is about to get like a lower half it's gonna be good thank you I've got I got faith I got things okay so promos are no promo there's Lord a live palm conquering and it's real cute so I'm thinking that we do like one here one here and then I've got this like crystally one and we do fun oh this is so cute this comes in pink and white yes guys I'll leave a link to everywhere you can get all the DIY spies cuz I know I'm like being like from one remote but like I'll leave a link okay a little bit lip a hot be you guys I actually this is gonna be super cute and then we could put it in the DIY room okay so I think I wouldn't you like a tassel at the very bottom here so like not too long but long enough to have like my Center Point is that like good tassel length you get a little shorter like that that's good oh pain hot ah oh my gosh that looks I have had a flower eating bandit come through my DIY supplies and this one is currently not usable so I think I'll make another one which take like two seconds but flour eating bandit if you're listening don't appreciate your flower eating shenanigans I think we should do one like right here I'm gonna be really cute because I will do the tassel here one leg right here maybe like just one straw here like some beads or something okay okay I'm gonna put this one on this is the last one also I told you the flower is gonna tie it all together I feel good oh my gosh guys I found this tassel from like forever ago it's like supposed to actually be like more of a Garland situation this is like one of the garland pieces but if we make it cute up here and like a dual little situation like this yeah that is the freaking move and then we'll do our other little blue tassel down here oh my gosh we are so close and never had any news until right now I'm sorry guys I made just like a little situation here with some wire because this thing was just gave me a big hole site but it gets me really cute also like when in doubt just use wire if your strange is not cooperating just like okay oh my gosh final touch also I can't decide I'm a heartburn because I'm like nervous / excited or because of the pizza I just saved but either way your girl needs a tums right now oh oh we're good we're good we're good we okay this is like actually so cute and I feel like I probably that makes sense to like not take the chair off and just leave this here and just have this as a display for our chandelier good job octopus bougie chandelier thingy yes so I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY mess let me know if there were any other projects you'd like to see me tackle and you haven't seen any of the other five episodes of DIY master basically this is the show where I attack a harder bigger more intense project and put my DIY skills to the test which I feel like today came through even though it's been a little bit DIY messed up we back and for real you guys want to shop any of the Lord DIY products that you saw in the video there will be links in the down bar below and I will see you guys on Wednesday for Glee we're gonna get a sunny for another Sun okay my her pretty little kingdom


  1. Lauren: puts one piece of pom pom string on omg , it's so cute!
    Me: draws one line on a piece of paper welp , I'M DONE

  2. So me personally I wouldn’t put the holo tassels and I would make the light thing pink for the theme but you do you.

  3. I figured it out guys lauren's a robot cuz she faked feeling pain cuz a normal human wouldn't say hot pain ow. Lol

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