DIY Master Bathroom Reno for a FRACTION of What the Pros Cost

last June near nine bought our first house it was a huge step for us in the home was beautiful however one thing we didn't really like was the master bathroom it was boring bland and there was a water problem in front of the shower so we decided to look into getting it renovated I contacted a number of local contractors and all their bids were well north of $2000 so we decided to try to do it ourselves yes we could I started by taking out the floor which ended up being three layers of flooring that homeowners had put in over the years there was a good amount of water damage in front of the shower because the old shower door didn't have a proper threshold so I decided to cut out some of the floor there was definitely point in the project early on when I started pulling up the flooring where I was wondering what am I getting myself into change your plan let's rip out all this rotten wood before open with the flooring I didn't know how bad the water was but want to start pulling this up the smell with abstract horrible and there's a lot more water than I thought I didn't make a whole lot of mistakes during the demolition of this project the way you're about to see the next few images by pharmacy this is like girl if I didn't know where the main water valve was before I do now are wrong oh yeah that's one way to not rip out a vanity with the broken water pipe out of the way tearing down the vanity was pretty fun in the end alright so a few days of tests and sort of mishap with the vanity and unfortunately had to call a plumber to come in at cost 200 bucks but we're all fixed lesson learned problem is I've been stripping out all these different floors I think we've had three different floors now it still smells very bill doing in here so I'm going to rip out this final layer of linoleum see if underneath there's more mold or something to try to get rid of this file so the mold smell is basically gone which has been a huge battle now I'm going to seal it off with some kills primer just for good measure so here I'm cutting Hardiebacker board it's like a fancy Krong create cardboard material it's miserable to work with and create the whole lot of dust the backer board works similar to drywall and that you don't cut it you just score it and snap it I'll let you help in the floor as a hop in it to where all this water damage was you don't have to put thinset down underneath Hardiebacker board necessarily but I decided to put it down in the spots where the floor was the lowest just to help add a little extra layer to make things as soon as possible I ended up using four full sheets Rd backer board for the bathroom you take a lot of time get taking all the measurements but once it always cut and fell into place is pretty neat to see it all fit together so nicely that was the final screw holy cow wall screws all right so just wait for this all to dry give it probably a few days and then we tile I have zero experience with tile my dad has zero experience with tile but between the two of us we figured it out on the first day I didn't do hardly any filming I just stuck the camera to the side and did a time lapse but we got a good rhythm down I did all the measuring and cutting and my dad did all the laying of the tile Aaron picked up these nice tiles from floor & decor their large tiles and they've got a gray wood tone look to them kind of a rustic look the overall feel were going for putting down the ground isn't necessarily difficult it's just time consuming giving you have to scrub the floor a lot to get all the things out and this is probably one of my more favorite parts of the project the woodwork I got a new power sauce and I had a whole lot of fun with a bunch of different camera angles during the process [Applause] [Applause] and you can see I started taking off the top a backsplash above the sub whoever is going to do something a little more modern looking but it didn't come off the drywall nicely so I ended up actually taking all the tile and the drywall off the wall this ended up being a lot more sensitive than I thought because in most places the drywall was actually glued to the wall instead of nailed and there were so many studs that took forever getting the drywall in the tile down probably a few hours at least once the drywall was fitted on the walls I used tape and joint compound to cover the scenes I found that installing tile on the wall is a little more difficult than installing tile on the floor because on the floor you have gravity working for you but on the wall it's definitely working against you everything just starts to fall down and ends up making a large mess of everything but once you get into groove it's sort of working once you got the first row down it really went together nicely we just had to use these large subway tiles in a subway pattern so the corners I'd like to look at a sharp corner cut at the curved corner I thought it gave it a slightly more modern feel I can officially say all my tile work is done on this project so here I'm starting a new phase in the project putting crown molding in the bathroom I definitely benefited from having my dad here to help hold one end of the crown molding while I worked on making sure the angles were nice and tight fun part is installing the crown molding the not fun part is all the caulking and painting sure daddy beanie Oh since I put in the white tile backsplash above the tub it really made our tub that was sort of a off-white color in our shower which was also off-white color look dingy so instead of replacing these items we decided to have them wrinkly which I was very impressed with how that went it basically looks like a brand new tub and shower I really did not enjoy painting but it only took an evening and man once I got the paint in the room really started to coming together especially with the white crown molding the white tile the gray floor is a light green wall to is also going together it's definitely the most fun part of painting is saying it all come together like your American – did I mention how bad I ate plumbing the seal where the toilet made the stem is leaking it's not even something that I installed that's just the toilet itself come on Kohler unfortunately the crack in the porcelain right where the water line comes in which was causing the leak underneath everything takes forever and rhinos and of course this brand new one is missing a bolt but thankfully you have the old one all right moment of truth take two hold on for slush first of all it is dull no shadow door shower door it took about four hours but here's the 15 second verse 47 step and if you can see this knob but this got broke off either when I removed it month or so ago or when you guys replaced it so it's got to replace the whole cartridge which means I have to take this bonnet off but to take this off I'm going to cut it off because it's seized up this is by far the scariest part of the project I'm doing this on a workday morning so if I screw things up here's the moment of truth let's hope there's no leaks that is definitely a success [Applause] I finished installing the vanity last night I didn't come all the plumbing kind of boring I got good faucets in everything's working at least I got all the plumbing underneath done one hiccup was that since this vanity is a lot taller the drain stem didn't reach the p-trap so I had to get this extender it works fine just one extra step though the doors are all soft clothes down here Aaron's got a spot for hair dryer and flat irons and other things these faucets are pretty cool there's no drain stop it's actually a push button overall I'm really happy with the vanity [Laughter] you home and daddy this mirror right guy it's framed and weighs 60 pounds I don't really have any studs in a good spot so I'm having to go straight to the drywall but again the anchors and their twist to hold on around to plenty of strength to hold up this week dick mayor Wow one two three four all right so here we go it's all done I can't believe it it feels like so long ago when I was tearing up that floor it's been about three or four months and the works I didn't work on it every day or every weekend there's weeks I didn't work on it at all actually we've been using the bathroom for a few months now and everything works great we've been very pleased with everything's holding up now I'm just going to enjoy not having any home projects for at least a week or two you

36 thoughts on “DIY Master Bathroom Reno for a FRACTION of What the Pros Cost”

  1. A few things…
    1) Apologies for the inconsistent audio! πŸ€ͺ
    2) The renovation cost about $3,200 worth of materials.
    3) The vanity was purchased through Costco for $800
    4) The tub reglazing has held up wonderfully

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

  2. Imagine how expensive it would’ve been to hire someone to do it and the renovator found the water damage…

  3. New subscriber here, great bathroom renovation, you did a awesome job!! Love it, your daughter is a cutie.

  4. Messed up the water in the beginning but that’s normal lol , it comes up amazing πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  5. You’re a good one. So precise yet you let us see the not so precise. You’re dedicated. Bless you and your family. Another great site on YouTube I’m finding out.

  6. @ Alex Wheeler You did such a good job. You must have had other projects that prepared you for this one. You nailed everything so easily. What I mean by that is, it looks so professionally done.

  7. Nice work…I like the way you took your time, had the right tools, and relayed information throughout. I too don't like paint work, but it's part of making the project look great…All the best on your next one…and post if possible! Thank you.

  8. My husband drills 4 holes on the wall and gets so exhausted, he takes the rest of the day off!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, girl, I hope you gave him a nice wonderful massage after this whole ordeal, you have a hard worker in your life and he definitely takes good care of his family!!!

  9. Great job πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈ

  10. You saved yourself quite some money ,and the finished product is very professional like.congratulations….beautiful job.

  11. Anyone else have a second panic attack seeing that extension cord just resting next to that puddle of water as they were all by it?

  12. It's like my husband and I , repeating what we did and coping with two babies at the time. Promised myself in the next life I marry someone rich so can get it done by professionals! I really admire you as I did my husband xxxx

  13. didn't the home inspector catch the mold smell in the flooring? this was such a cool vid. it was interesting seeing whats underneath bathroom floors and what was behind shower walls. how does a young guy like yourself know how to do all this?

  14. Well done you did really well and I can see why u r very pleased with the result the bathroom looks amazing

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