DIY – General Assembly Tips – Part 4 | Train Set Educational Toys Review

[Music] hey guys this is Cal buildmaster general KidKraft today we’re going to cover a few tips to get the most out of your wooden train sets this is crafting with Kyle now for the most part our train sets are pretty easy to set up but there are a few tricky things to watch out for and today we’ll address some of the common questions our customers ask now putting together our bigger train tables a lot easier with a buddy so I’ve just get here to help me now have somebody hold up the other end while you lift up and fasten this side and make them fasten that side this relieves stress off the other parts our trains come with lots of different kinds of track to make assembly easier sort them according to size now our track pieces fit together like a puzzle and you’ll notice that some of them are reversible and some are not as you can see the track pieces are designed to fit loosely they won’t snap in place this makes track more flexible a lot of people don’t know that a train table tops are reversible so you can go from a train table to a play table if you found this video useful be sure to like it and subscribe if you have into your own kid craft store your questions asleep in the comments below and check out Keith’s crapcom for all our products and until next time this has been crafting with Kyle as always stay crafty [Music] you [Music]

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