DIY – General Assembly Tips – Part 3 | Dollhouse Educational Toys Review

[Music] hello again welcome to crafting with Kyle I’m Kyle executive assemblee cater for kid crafts and today we’re going to talk about doll houses I think kid crafts makes some of the best doll houses in the business the sturdy good-looking and packed with tons of little details and it’s your job to put it all together so here are a few tips to make the process a little easier now if the elevator gets stuck just apply a small drop of dishwashing liquid inside of the glide now make sure that these parts are aligned or else the dish soap won’t do anything this will ease the assembly and allow it to move more freely when installing the spiral staircase insert the first screw loosely so you can properly align the second screw before fully tighten them in place if your dollhouse uses roof clips they can be kind of tricky don’t forget the flexible in the middle are made to be adjusted later so don’t stress out in the beginning of assembling you can fine-tune the angle later before you tighten the clips up completely now with a similar in the doll house some parts could be hard to reach you might want to lay it on its back so you get to these parts easier if you found this video helpful be sure to like to subscribe you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram and stay current with kid crafts newest products if you’ve got a kid craft story a question you’d like to share feel free to leave it in the comments below check out Kate craft calm to learn more until next time I’m Kyle and this has been crafting Macau as always stay crafty [Music]

4 thoughts on “DIY – General Assembly Tips – Part 3 | Dollhouse Educational Toys Review”

  1. Do not buy this product. I bought one for my granddaughter this Christmas. It is very difficult to put together. The instructions are of little help. I've had to drill new holes where the manufacturer had failed to drill any. If you want to keep your sanity either allow 4 to 5 hours to put it together or keep clear of it. I would have taken it back to the shop had it not been Christmas Eve. Obviously, I've had to stick with it so as not to disappoint my granddaughter. No wonder it appears reasonably priced, most of the work is done by the muggins customer. I am a carpenter by trade too!!

  2. A nightmare to put together. You get no Customer Service from Kidcraft except to read the uninformed directions. Mine is going by to Walmart!

  3. Written step by step instructions would help a great deal. Pictures are not very useful. My dollhouse is being returned. Is it too much to ask for written instriuctions? Now I have to hurry and find a suitable gift to give. I was prepared to spend a long time assembling,but how do you do that with no written instructions?

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