DIY – General Assembly Tips – Part 2 | Toy Kitchen Educational Toys Review

[Music] hello welcome to crafting with Kyle I’m Kyle senior put stuff together for kid crafts today we’re going to talk about kitchens and I’ve got a few tips to help you assemble them the right way so stay tuned play kitchens and kick rafter serious business and our designers work really hard to make sure they’re fun and safe as possible oh yeah and they got to fit in this little bitty box so I’m going to teach you how to go from this to this back panels are usually designed with grooves that help everything fit together these grooves should always face towards the back of the kitchen always make sure that these grooves are lined up with the corresponding parts when fitting these back panels together some of them may look too big but don’t worry they’re designed to extend beyond the back of the kitchen this allows air circulation in these holes here here this plastic part has multiple holes but if you align one hole at the very end you will notice the other hole that actually aligns to it and so if you screw that part in hold it at an angle without dropping it you can align that hole now once you get them to a line you can set the screws that way they’re properly aligned and you’re going into the correct hole the thinner smaller part is always going to be on this top part that holds the rail this is your wall anchor it goes here so you can attach it to the wall to prevent your item from tipping I hope you found this video useful and watch out for our next installment when we tackle a subject near and dear to me doll houses so be sure to LIKE and subscribe so we can keep on making these videos to learn more about key crafts and check out all our products visit key crapcom until then I’m Kyle and as always stay crafty [Music]

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  1. We lost our wall anchor. I have tried contacting kidkraft through email and Facebook several times on how I can purchase a new one. No one answers me through email and on Facebook they ask me to private message and its returned with a automated response.

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