DIY – General Assembly Tips – Part 1 | Toy Kitchen Educational Toys Review

[Music] hi there ciao signore bill Decatur your kid crafts with some insider assembly tips for your kid craft products this is crafting with time a kid craft will pack our products pretty tight to make shipping easy and inexpensive but that also means that they can look pretty intimidating out of the box but don’t worry today we have a few general tips to make life a little easier on you now before you start a similar item remember to completely remove all the parts in the box and lay them out and check versus the inventory lists to make sure that you have everything that you need use the top of the box to put the styrofoam and other packing material into also remember to check all the small boxes in furniture to ensure that there’s no parts packed inside to save space and your similar instructions include a batch coat here now this is your lifeline when you call customer service to reference your product now you’re going to need this number so do not lose it now we suggest that you don’t fully tighten these screws or bolts until you’ve completely assembled the item this allows for an easier alignment of parts as well as the back track if you made a mistake now we suggest to never use power tools they can easily strip or crack your product and that is bad now some of these screws are a little difficult insert into the wood but if you take just the very tip of it and dip it in the dishwashing liquid it’ll be a lot easier to get in now remember these are just general assembly tips every craft product is unique so subscribe to our channel to get the latest tips and to find more out about kit craft browse our full line of products visit key crapcom if you found this video helpful remember to like it and share it or better yet just tell us every key craft experience in the comments below watch out for the rest of our similarly series and until next time this is Kyle signing off and as always stay crafty [Music]

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  1. I ordered a kidkraft  table bench and umbrella, oatmeal nd white from Amazon. it came with no instructions or screws in the box. it also was a box inside of a box. I'm hoping all the pieces are there. what I need to know is what type of screws are use to assembly his items?

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