Division of Investigation -California Department of Consumer Affairs

vWelcome to the division of investigation,
also known as DOI. Since 1961 DOI has operated as the law enforcement unit of
the California Department of Consumer Affairs, often referred to as DCA. DOI
investigators protect the public in cases that include negligence over-prescribing, impairment, unlicensed activity, fraud sexual misconduct, and
wrongful death. Sworn and non-sworn staff members are tasked with investigating
violations and enforcing the laws regulations and professional standards
of individuals licensed through DCA. To that end personnel use a
variety of specialized law enforcement techniques such as: sting operations,
computer forensics, and undercover investigations to accomplish their
mission. With field offices throughout the state, DOI provides criminal and
administrative investigative services for the boards, bureaus, programs,
committees and commissions within the Department of Consumer Affairs. In order
to efficiently protect licensees and consumers DOI is organized into four
specialized units. The Health Quality Investigation Unit provides
investigation and enforcement services for the Medical Board, Physician
Assistant Board and the Board of Podiatric Medicine. The Cannabis Enforcement Unit services The Bureau of Cannabis Control. The Investigation and Enforcement Unit provides services for all other
Department of Consumer Affairs entites. The Special Operations Unit
conducts internal affairs and background investigations of DOI and DCA staff. Consumer protection is our highest priority at DOI. This is reflected in our
goal of always doing what is right for the public and our client boards, bureaus,
programs, committees and commissions. For more information about DOI, or if you are interested in career opportunities within the division, visit the jobs tab
on our blog site or contact us at:

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