Division of Chemical Education (CHED)

The Division of Chemical
Education has been so integral to my success. In fact, it’s
hard to tease my career apart from service in this division.
The most valuable resources in the division are the people.
We have passionate educators and brilliant chemistry
education researchers working side by side on committees to
advance chemistry education. We manage important initiatives
in the field, like the Journal of chemical education, ChemEd
Exchange, our flagship conference, the Biennial
Conference on Chemical Education, and the ACS
Examinations Institute Our members are chemists who are
teachers, researchers, and librarians in academic
settings from grade school through college. We even have
members from informal science settings like museums. Thanks to
the skill sets in this division, I’ve had the guidence and
critical professional relationships I’ve needed since
the first day I joined DivCHED seventeen years ago. While
makinga slight career change, I had the opportunity to learn
from the right people to work toward my current role of
mentoring doctoral students. I couldn’t have done that
without the support of my colleagues and friends
in DivCHED. our diverse experiences and focus areas in
chemistry education make this division so rich. So if you’re
interested in advancing teaching and learning in
chemistry, there’s a place for you in the Division of Chemical

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