Dividing Fractions – Learning Math for Children

– [Narrator] Dividing fractions. Dividing fractions can be
easy as one, two, three. Just watch this video and you’ll be combining fractions with ease. There are four steps
to dividing fractions. First, you flip the second fraction so that the denominator is on top and the numerator is on bottom. Then you multiply it. So you start with the top numbers and then you multiply the bottom numbers. Finally, you simplify your new fraction and that’s the answer. Let’s try it. 1/2 divided by 1/2. First, you flip the
numerator and denominator of the second number. Then you multiply the fractions. And then you simplify the number. And you have your answer, one. 2/6 divided by 3/8. (lively music) That equals 16/18,
which simplifies to 8/9. Let’s try one more time. 1/4 divided by 2/3. (lively music) That’s right, it’s 3/8. Good luck dividing fractions and thanks for watching.

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