Diversity and Inclusion at Wright State University

If you walk around Wright
State’s campus, you will see students of all ages, coming
from all different religions, all different races, cultures,
ethnic backgrounds, abilities. Lets me be me, that’s as simple
as I can say it. Wright State definitely lets me be me.
Since the first day I stepped on campus, I haven’t had to
change who I am and my core values, not one bit. They’re not just looking for
numbers, they’re not just looking for statistics. That
makes Wright State better. They’re saying whatever your
needs are, we want to meet those needs, and we want to
make sure that you graduate. Wright State shines in terms of
really being welcoming to all types of people. Whether it’s a disability,
veterans, people of diverse backgrounds. Every student is unique in
their own way of thinking, their own way of learning, and
their own way of experiences. The tunnel system that we had,
where they developed it for maintenance, but realized
very quickly that it was an accessibility feature that many
of our students with disabilities benefitted from.
We’ve always been ahead of the curve when it comes to providing
services and opportunities for a variety of people no
matter what their circumstance, background, ability might be
and I think that’s something that we’ve always had as a point
of pride here at Wright State. I work in the Bolinga Black
Cultural Resource Center. We also have the Office of
Latino Affairs, the Asian and Native American Center, Office
of LGBTQA Affairs, as well as the Women’s Center. We have adaptive recreation for
our students so that whether they’re in a chair, or whatever
disability they might have, we have options for them. And we also have intramurals
where we’re playing soccer, basketball, football, just
having a great time, providing that
competitive environment. We have a pretty strong legacy
when it comes to access and inclusion for people
with disabilities. Wright State is one of the top
schools for military veterans. They built a 4,500-square-foot
Veteran & Military Center. The Veteran & Military Center
here at Wright State is a space as well as a resource center.
It allows us, as the veterans, to be able to have a space where
we can continue that camaraderie with other like-minded people,
other veterans, as we progress towards our degree. But it’s
also a resource center to help us use our G.I. Bills and help
us to acclimatize, again, as we start to pursue our degrees
and as we graduate. To be a pioneer really means
that you’re establishing and setting the bar for the future
and how things should be. No matter who you are, there
is a place for you here at Wright State University.

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