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  1. all the crap social workers are facing is due to understaffed, lack of financings and supervised work

  2. Arounds 14:00 My God. Obese person eating a packet of crisps brags about how unwilling she is to… you know… put a minimal amount of effort into her (admittedly impossible) job?

  3. They take kids away place them in care where their abused treated like shit then the kids reach 18 are left to fend for themselves end up on the street turn to drugs have mental health issues & the cycle repeats.They take kids which dnt need to be taken bt the children who really need help they ignore close the cases then u hear on the news these kids have been murdered & social where aware of abuse but let them slip through the system. What bs my son was removed due to me suffering DV frm my ex I done everything court injuctions women refugees everything I could possibly do bt yet they still removed my son. Then guess what my son went to 6 different foster carers abused. Reached 18 he came bk to me.But the damage they have caused is unrepairable

  4. I've been adopted. Taken from a bad family into a family that don't want me. Social workers only believe and only listen to the adults and don't listen to me and my siblings when abuse is happening. Thank God I'm out and got my own place of my own. Social work wanted to keep in contact but get to F*** they ruined my life for years. Children social work also split my siblings up on purpose to ruin our lives more. My adoptive parents even said that they will take all my siblings too but social work are demons and said no. F*** them!

  5. This is why social workers don't stay in their roles and look for other's, this is a high turnover job.

  6. I just love how people are blaming the social workers, isn't the point if some parents actually give a sh*t about their kids and put their needs first there wouldn't be a need for this service it's not all down to SS to make sure OUR children are well cared for an not neglected or abused isn't that why WE became parents in the first place!

  7. trying to watch but getting frustrated when I notice bits have been cut out of it.

  8. They just ruin life's as long they get bonus
    They do not care about the children ..facts 99per of kids who are boys are homeless and girls either end up on streets or they groom them to be social services got receipts for these devils I kept everything what u been done to other family's breaking up and they children ARE brainwashed while in there care ..facts #

  9. social services and cafcass are the BIGGEST THREAT to all children and there loving familys in the UK,

  10. When he goes to the manager for advice she says I don’t know what to do either !!!!! Omg 😮 that’s appalling

  11. A family member who ex partner had an undisclosed schedule 1 offender lifetime status the child was passed to social services and the mother was totally in agreement that if he wanted to see the child that he went through an interview to see if the baby would be at risk so he would not comply with the risk assessment and said that he was innocent of the charges ( this man went to prison after pleading guilty to sexual assault against a 14 year old girl but said he didn’t do it ? So why would anyone take a charge of sexual assault of a minor when he was innocent especially when said that they ( the police) had no dna evidence.? If you’re suspected of shoplifting and you were innocent you would go not guilty especially if there was no evidence ? But to say that his solicitor said to go guilty as he could get 7 years if he was found guilty by a jury? But there’s apparently no evidence? So I’m not a solicitor but I’m assuming that they are to help their clients to get a not guilty verdict and errrrr no evidence no dna so……… go not guilty and run a trial as your life will be ruined if you accept without a fight that your a “nonsense”)
    They couldn’t do a risk assessment because they were going from the benchmark he pled guilty and served 3 years in prison and was on the sex offenders registered for 10 years and ( was still at the time albeit the mother wasn’t living with him or had no contact he was obsessive and he attacked her in his interviews with ss)
    So they had a child protection meeting with all professionals he didn’t turn up but even so the baby was put on the ‘at risk register’ for 6 months she used the help available to get rid of him and they used a family support worker who came to see her bi weekly to see how she was, she got access to extra groups and mother and baby groups
    She asked this family support worker why can certain ppl keep children when they’re living in an obvious toxic environment but she felt that SS would of taken her child if ( as if should would of done she’s had no contact since 4 months before the child was born) she chose to be with him
    The family support worker said in this borough they have lower case loads so there’s more chance of you losing a baby here than in say Manchester because they have such high case loads
    So basically it’s hit and miss and where you live she said that people even move then their cases move with them and if it’s a place like Manchester they probably would get SS off their back and the child gets lost in the system
    But the easy targets are the ones who lose their baby’s
    That child didn’t live with father she had no protection issue only he had but he wasn’t in the picture he went to the hospital to try to cause trouble and it blew up in his face
    She worked with the SS and was signed off totally from there books after the 6 months but it was a waste of the government money.
    So the whole system is fUCked up and the baby’s are taken to order they don’t bother after the age of 2 as babies are in demand from childless couples
    It should be a nationwide service they are traders in children and they do it with the full backing of the law its typical of broken Britain we need to start saying hello to our neighbors and starting acting like a community it is far easier to get on with people than not too

  12. older kids dont sell they like to take the young kids I would go to jail befor I would of let them take my kids.

  13. I wish I could take in that 15 year old boy and adopt him. That is just heartbreaking. All he wants is to be loved

  14. how this system works is on lies..false paperwork….working with teachers to take the children…rig the contact paperwork to look worse….court rubber stamp there lies..no support so the family fail.

  15. it's to easy for social services to make up lies to remove children from their families, with support from corrupt judges.

    my family and many others across the UK have been left traumatized by the ordeal social services put us though.

    I'm asking that UK Parliament change the law so that children and families are better protected against corruption.

    . I would like for Lewisham social services to be publicly investigated.

    . I would like to see a judge and a jury in care or adoption proceedings.

    . I would like to see video and audio recordings of all core group meetings.

    . I would like to see social workers prosecuted for lying with the intent to destroy families.


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