33 thoughts on “Disney Educational Animation Mars and Beyond 1957)”

  1. https://stamat.org/ THE EARTH IS FLAT! We can recognize this truth using our own senses and avoiding the indoctrination of Masonic science at all cost! PEACE AND LOVE!

  2. Shame that Mars turned out to be nothing but rust. Imagination only works in the Goldilocks Zone, where water is liquid. Maybe Enceladus…

  3. And to think, in the 21st Century, there are still people who demand that the Earth be recognized as flat, that humans never walked on the Moon, and that light skinned people should be able to own dark skinned people. Beauty is only skin deep, but stupid goes right to the bone.

  4. In grade school one of my teachers showed this film (from a reel to reel projector, back in the day) to our class as a special educational treat. Thanks for posting this. I have been looking for it since then.

  5. Walt Disney, notorious eugenicist, blowing smoke up Werner Von Braun's ass, the Nazi who used Polish slave labour to build his rockets. It makes me absolutely sick that Disney is the biggest entertainment company in the world. Pure racism in plain sight.

  6. The parody of science fiction ideas about Mars and the other planets is just outright hilarious. The more academic portion of the film, though highly speculative and certainly obsoleted by current knowledge, is nonetheless fascinating.

  7. what a bunch of propaganda brain washing nonsense this is..

    kids that may have watched this would have taken it all as facts, when in reality there is no proof of most everything told in this video..

  8. Great work from the Disney artists. Flat Earthers take note around 3:59 – you're missing a giant cosmic turtle in your calculations.

  9. Disney's take on the Mars of Edgar Rice Burroughs is pure genius, as is the complete Disney trilogy on space travel. They really are beautifully drawn – superb, and stand up today for content, in fact the fuzzy thinking, confusion and belief in mysticism these tried to educate against may not have had much advancement in the 60 years since these were made.

  10. 26:28 Overpopulation huh! Well if under 3 billion people back in the late 1950s was overpopulation what do you call 7.5 billion?

  11. Funny how humans have to have sound. Crystal structures blowing up in the martian night would't make a sound. No atmosphere 🙂

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