Discover the Birth of Halloween as We Know It – Drunk History

I’m Tess Lynch, and tonight we’re going to learn
about the mother of Halloween. [dark chuckle] Mrs. Elizabeth Krebs. [cackles] [gulps] [continues cackling] Freaking me out. You’re freaking me out.
Wow.In the early decades
of the 20th century,
Halloween was celebrated
in a far different way.
This was 1912 in
Hiawatha, Kansas,
and groups of kids
would gather together,
wear masks and they would
just, like, destroy shit.
And they’re like,
oh, shoot, an outhouse.
What’re we gonna
do to that outhouse?
Tip it the hell over,
yeah, that’s right.
And then they would set it
on fire and then they’d laugh.
And then before you know it,
the entire town is just like,
turned-over outhouses,
beheaded chickens,
babies punched in the head.The kids–
the hooligans are like,
I’m a–I’m a boy with a penis.
I’m peeing in the hole!
Devil’s night, mother [bleep].– That’s scary. – It’s terrible.
It’s just, like… It’s just terrible.So, on the morning of
November 1st, 1912,
day after Halloween,
Elizabeth Krebs, founder
of the Hiawatha Garden Club,
wakes up,
parts the curtains,
and saw her garden
was completely [bleep] up.
And she’s like,
[in accent] this is insane!
The heirloom roses…
The asters…
[whooshes]The, like, gourds…
And she’s like,
what’s wrong with these kids?
What do they need?You know what
I think they need
is a party.Burn off that
demon-ous energy.
Is that a word?– Yeah. – Anyway, listen.October 31st, 1913.
Elizabeth Krebs is like,
I’ma have a–I’m gonna
have a decent-sized party.
Not a big party. Who am I?
The King of Rome? No.
So, she does it. And then the neighborhood
kids come, they’re like,hey, pretty cool party,
Mrs. Krebs!
Bobbing for apples, like,
I’m MVP of bobbing for apples.
And then it just keeps going,
like, ad nauseam on repeat until the end
of–of the evening.So,
Elizabeth Krebs is like,
I have a feeling
this is really gonna work.
I’ve exhausted this youthful
population to the point where
they can’t do shit.
This is awesome.
So, she goes to bed,wakes up the next morning,
November 1st, 1913,
parts the curtains…but everything’s
leveled again.
And Elizabeth Krebs is like,no shit!
Are you kidding me?
And look at that.
A mail truck’s on fire.
Someone’s waiting
for a postcard
that’s never gonna arrive
because that mail truck
got lit the [bleep] on fire.And she’s like,
I had this decent-sized party.
How could these kids
even have it in them
to take a piss
on everything?
But then,
Elizabeth Krebs is like,
you know what?
[snaps fingers]
I got an idea.So, she goes home. And Elizabeth Krebs spends
the entire next yearplanning
for this party.
And she devoted all
of her own time and resources
and money into making
a [bleep] huge rager.
Oh, I spilled. – Happy Halloween. – And now look– for the whole rest of it.
– What happened? – I dribbled, man.
I [bleep] dribbled. – [laughs]
– So…It is October 31st, 1914.
She’s waiting at town square.
And eventually…
poof-poof-poof-poof.What’s that?
Kids in costumes
trickling in
to the town square,
ready to [bleep] rage.And she’s like,
thank God because
I knew this was gonna
be a thing and it was.
So, these kids–
these hooligans
are at this party and band
comes in, starts playing.
♪ Too-too-too-too… ♪That’s–felt weak sauce.[laughs]
Was that weak sauce? – I love that song.
– So, anyway.The hooligans are like,
hey man, I’m pretty shocked
that old Mrs. Krebs
is throwing, like,
the [bleep] coolest party I
ever seen in Hiawatha, Kansas.
And so, everybody
gets marched down
to the Armstrong opera house.
And Elizabeth Krebs is like,
Yo, that’s a long way
and those kids
are gonna be [bleep] tired
by the time they get there.
And they’re actually
really enjoying themselves.
And they’re like,
man, this is my jam.
This is “Danny Boy.”
This is top of the charts.
So, the band keeps
playing, playing, playing until these kids are,
like, zombified.It’s, like, “Thriller.”And Elizabeth Krebs is like,
that’s good. I like that.
I like that.So, she goes home,
she goes to bed,
wakes up next morning,
November 1st, 1914,
What does she see?How’s her garden looking,
Derek? – I’m not sure.
I’m a little worried that it’s gonna
be destroyed. – No.Phoo.She looks out.
And she’s like,
Asters, right there.
Heirloom roses, right there.
[bleep] gourds, boom.It’s like,
all the shit is lined up.
It’s exactly as it should be.People are in awe of her.
They’re like,
nobody destroyed my house.
Nobody broke my windows.Chief of police comes up.Thank you, Elizabeth Krebs.Thank you,
because guess what?
Vandalism reports? [whooshes]
Way down precipitously.
And actually,
nobody was up to anything
other than partying
at your [bleep] rager.
She’s like,
[bleep] damn straight.
And he’s like,we’re gonna keep this
tradition rolling
pretty much forever.She’s like,
sounds good.
So, it changed the way we
celebrate Halloween here and everywhere.That was all because
one woman…
Elizabeth Krebs said,
Halloween is not about
turning over outhouses
to put poo on people’s lawns.
It is about
dressing up really cute,
getting a shit-ton
of candy.
Booyah.Oh, shit.
This is like… Real serious makeup. This is my favorite Halloween,
by the way. ‘Cause I’ve never liked
Halloween. [laughs] – Me too.
I think you’re looking good. I think I’ve pretty much
handled it at this point. [laughs] I think I pretty much
got to the bottom of it. – Is it all gone? – There we go.
– [laughs] – That’s really good.
You looking good, dude. I like it.
I like it a lot.

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  1. The funniest part is that halloween is a tradition that kept children tame and not vandalizing shit. But when halloween come to Japan, it became a festival of vandalism and shit(Just at parts of Tokyo like Shibuya). And Japan is one of the most organize country in the world. It’s funny that this festival is what lead children tame and have fun in the US but when it come to Japan it begin to get out of control and become a festival of vandalism(I think the vandalism part just started from 2017)

  2. Am I the only one that actually knows how and why Halloween started? It started WAY before 1910. It kinda bothers me

  3. I like how shitty neighborhoods are saying you can’t trick or treat after becoming 12, and the police are arresting kids.

    Time to bring back Devil’s night so giving out free candy seems like a small price.

  4. There are huge holes in the story one of them is that the reason why these kids started destroying property is because families used to participate the parents and older people would usually gather you know their junk can save it for devil's night so kids could burn it. And somewhere in the early 1900s they stop doing that because a lot of City municipal people didn't like the burning but they didn't give kids an alternative and you've got to Bear mind most of these kids grow up with the idea that they are seen and not heard so it's essentially like real life purge night minus the murders how I know in Detroit there probably were murders I know there were murders in my day when I grow up in Illinois and devil's night was going on because we weren't that far from Detroit not terribly close but not terribly far either and I know they still celebrated Devil's Night where we were and I know in Detroit there were murders when I was growing up it was really bad in the 90s a really really bad I don't know if they still participate but I'm pretty sure they do and doubles night but I don't think it's as popular as it was. There's evidence of Devil's Night in certain movies like meet me in st. Louis that's a pretty good example that's that's in more accurate depiction of what Devil's Knot used to be done a lot of history about this because it's fascinating but they used to take flour and and wetting their hands and like throw it in people's faces and in exchange these people would leave something on the porch monthly trick-or-treating is now except you aren't really giving anything back except your cute smiles or whatever and making somebody smile because you're in a costume but anyway same concept you threw flour at their face and then exchanged they gave you something to burn that's essentially how it used to be and so the concept of trick-or-treat was sort of already there she just was smart enough to use it and utilize it. Anyway yeah another good movie for reference is the crow that's a good to Troy accurate of what Devil's Night is in fact that I believe they call it Devil's Night in that movie because that was what was going on when I was a kid of course we were from a small town so definitely not violent or anyting but we were very old school we got to do a huge bonfire but we did get candy and we did get to go door-to-door and get candy but then afterwards all the kids would go downtown now they they'd walk 5 miles get tons of candy and then go downtown and there would be haunted houses and a massive bonfire or multiple bonfires and like a club that was a kids club like a Teens Club where you would be able to dance and stuff like that and actually it wasn't just teens I mean I remember going when I was like eight so yeah it was really cool I mean for us at least but we were relatively good kids so I don't believe anyone ever got violent but maybe I'm blocking it out

  5. The history of Halloween is Samhain a pagan holiday that christians stole not some shorty kids doing crap it’s about celebrating nature and the spirit world ugh so annoying this is annoying but it is fine whatever

  6. Good thing the kids had fun because 100's of thousands of them would be shipped off to Turkey and France before long 🙁

  7. Im the lady in the background when the mail truck is on fire lol thats an accurate representation of how I react when problems arise lmao

  8. It's ironic that this was how our current version of Halloween started, and now a lot of places are not letting anyone over 12 trick-or-treat.

  9. If this shit happened in Africa these kids would been beaten the FUCK up and Halloween wouldn't been invented…. Solved.

  10. So, get rid of straightforward vandalism by kids in masks and replace it with high, pumped-up, sugared-up kids in masks extorting sweets from you on your own doorstep with threats of 'tricks'.
    Um… 'Hooray'…(? )

  11. Wtf America? Everyone keeps talking about today's kids this and that, but that tradition was straight up savage :/

  12. Not until Adulthood, do we realize that Bobbing for Apples is a Frappe of Oral Bacteria and Parasites.

    Some fun , huh?

  13. the creation of halloween can actually be traced back to ireland, i know this video doesn't talk about the creation of halloween but just a factoid

  14. I would buy them all a guitar and a nice amplifier so they should go home and play for the folks LMFAO don't mess with me lol

  15. She didn't let a bunch of stupid people take advantage of her and she rectified it with style and Flair like a true Alpha LOL

  16. And yet, well into the millennium, San Francisco's annual party on Haloween in the Castro, which had once been a great event but had been going downhill, was invaded by a gang of hooligans who turned over porta-potties. This turned out the be just a warm-up. when another gang arrived, the two started shooting at each other in the crowded streets, which killed some people and ended the Haloween party for good. Sad.

  17. now, at least for my town, we leave all the destruction and stuff for the night before since everyone's trick or treating on Halloween

  18. I thought Halloween was based on All Hallow's Eve which was based on the Spanish Day of the Dead? If not, then why are they both celebrated at around the same time of the year and both deal with spooky things?

  19. My grandma was born in 1903 in Missouri and I remember her telling stories of how kids would always knock their outhouse over on Halloween xD I didn't realize this was an across the country phenomena.

  20. I kinda forgot my hometown was famous for this whoops. But now we have 2 parades every Halloween and like costume contests and a scholarship competition (Halloween Queen). Hiawatha LOVES Halloween.

  21. So, whole bunch of white boys were fucking shit up in their neighborhood, doing malicious stuff, so instead of them getting trouble for their behavior…. they get got rewarded with party the next year to prevent them from fucking shit up again? Oh. Brilliant. No. That's all white entitlement at it's finest.

    Now, it makes me wonder what other American Holidays are just days for white people not to fuck shit up….. 👀

  22. Awww American History!!!
    Shove It Fundamentalists Christians!!!!😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  23. Am I the only one who sees this as sort of a bad thing? What this means is that the youth used to have a yearly Purge, but then it got gentrified and repressed. Now….how does that bad energy get purged? In random criminal ways, far too often

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