Discover a fun educational game: “Europe Matters – A Question of Values”, from the Council of Europe

now this game is a game that was developed by the Council of Europe the sim will know what the Council of Europe is yeah try to make other countries better right okay the Council of Europe is you can say the House of Human Rights so the Council of Europe developers game it’s a game on values what are values what is important to you my values is what I value and we have individual values we have values in our family and there are European values and there are many of these but in this game we have decided to focus on the six [Music] when they be first going to create [Music] stance is one line according to your first day so what we’re gonna do is create teams of four whenever you’re a team you go and sit down somewhere three things so we named and the little haka you can go and sit already the way it’s going to work your team is going to throw the dice let me explain first and then you move as far as you have on the dice and then the team that is at your right is going to read out the question for you and then as a team you should take a minute to answer and all the other teams can also think about the answer even if you are not playing at that moment you can always learn okay when you give your answer they tell you if it’s right or wrong and if it’s right usually you can move on and if it’s not you just stay where you are but you learn something sometimes there will be cards that are called team challenge when there’s a team challenge it’s something that the whole group has to do and then you have five minutes in your team’s to come up with a proposal and it’s not something that you necessarily have to answer but it’s something maybe you have to draw or to do and then every group gets a point okay fine well then it’s tight so what you see are the right words when a governmental religious order Authority forgets a passion a generally show me different brilliant personal opinion is practicing center [Music] and all the groups should discuss it and this is correcting their maintenance on him that is corruption a Jew [Music] [Music] another creative challenge okay so in five minutes every song again [Music] [Music] [Music] don’t be racist don’t be racist don’t be racist yeah [Music] and before we stop I like a shirt found on how you like the game what you learned if you have to go home tonight and say one thing that you learned through this game or that is new for you that was sit right what would you like to share yes okay this one is great it’s like this game is a friendly game early ones you liked it okay what I want to thank you because you’ve been fabulous you’ve been listening participating you’ve been really active and time went really quickly with you so [Applause] [Music]

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