Disappointing Cathay Pacific Business Class – Boeing 777-300ER – Hong Kong to Sydney (CX101)

hello my name is Paul Stewart and I’m in
Hong Kong International Airport and this evening I’m flying back to
Sydney with Cathay Pacific in their business class product. Now I could have selected
from two different aircraft for this trip – the first fight was an A330 and
the second flight was a Boeing 777 so obviously I went with the second one
because it looks better, so coming up is Cathay 777 business class. Hong Kong is
one of my favourite airports, in part because of the number of and diversity
of the lounges. They’re spread all over the airport so if you know what gate you
are using it’s an idea to find a map and then go to the nearest lounge. As I had a
six-hour layover I visited a few of them so I’ll show you around them although
I’ve uploaded a separate 12 minute video where I’ll walk you through all of the
business and first class lounges and I’ll include a link to that below.
There’s a train that runs the length of the main terminal although I really need
to stress that it only operates in one direction so if you, like I did, and want
to head back to the Qantas or The Wing lounges, you’ll need to walk back
although there are those travelotor which makes it fairly painless.
The bridge is the first lounge I visited and it’s split into two long sections
with plenty of seating overlooking the airport apron. Down one end is a barista
making coffee and as I hadn’t slept a lot the previous night, as I was on a
flight from Helsinki, I was keen for a coffee and a light snack. I then wandered up the other end of the
lounge where there was a bar where I had another cup of coffee…
mostly, and enjoyed this view of a Cathay A350 There’s also a large buffet which is really impressive and more seating and
tables. I really can’t understate how impressed
I am with the cafe lounges and the fact that they are located all around the
airport means that you really don’t need to walk far for your aircraft. Next up
was a very brief visit to the pier which has similar amenities but with a very
different style although there’s still the great view.
I was keen to visit the Qantas lounge although it’s located back near the
entrance so we went for a walk. This airport offers fantastic views for
aviation nerds including this Airbus A340-600 which was actually the longest
airliner in the world until the latest stretched 747-8 was launched. The A340s are being phased out and replaced by more efficient big twin such
as the Boeing 777 which you can see now unfortunately for Airbus, engine
technology just wasn’t quite there back when A340 was under development so
they still needed four but only a few years later, General Electric, Rolls and
Pratt & Whitney released new engines which allowed Boeing to design a large
airliner powered by only two of them This 777 is the aircraft type
flying me to Sydney this evening and for interest sake is painted in the new
Cathay livery. Tow here’s the old livery and you’ll
notice the darker green and red bits at the front as well as the tail have been
replaced by a simpler and cleaner design. Either looked fine although I think
the new one does seem more modern. Next up is the Qantas lounge which is open to
all business class passengers traveling on any One World airline. As I
said before it’s literally right after security. It’s a much more open design
than the other two lounges that I’ve shown you so it can be noisier although I
personally don’t mind the airport ambience. There’s a bar and plenty of seating
overlooking the terminal and a partial view of the airport apron.
I had this braised beef and brisket egg noodle soup and another coffee and
ended up just relaxing here for a few hours, and had a shower. Access to a clean
shower, especially after 24 hours of flying really has to be one of the
biggest perks of business class especially when you’re flying through a
hot and sticky climate such as Hong Kong in September, and of course there’s
a decent buffet available throughout the day. It was time for another coffee
followed by some attempts at being artistic, as my Instagram followers may
have noticed, and then more relaxing before the flight. By the way I’m also on
Facebook so please search for Paul Stewart Aviation and join the growing aviation
community. I also have many more similar videos on my channel so feel
free to check them out and subscribe. Make sure you click the notification
bell so that YouTube lets you know whenever I upload a new video. It was
finally time to board, and as you have now learned, my aircraft was painted in
the old livery. While some of their 777 have a first-class cabin,
this one doesn’t and business class is divided into two cabins with my seat 21k
being in the second smaller cabin. The seats are all in a 1-2-1 layout
which now is the industry norm and obviously means that every seat has all
access. For those traveling as a couple the
middle seats are fine although just be aware that there’s no privacy divider
other than opening the door on the storage compartment as you can see now.
Unfortunately my camera really struggled in the light although I’ll try and show
you through what is otherwise a really, really good seat. To your side is an
adjustable armrest and below that is a storage spot for your shoes. In front of you
is a TV screen which I’ll comment more on later, and below that is a huge foot
recess. A lot of new business class seats have really narrow foot recesses
although this was massive and it really helped as I usually like to flex my
knees a little when I sleep. There’s another storage spot and above that is a
fold-out table which you can escape from during the meal service if you need to. You’ve got this storage compartment with
a noise cancelling headphones, an amenity kit and water bottle all hidden inside. The inside of the door itself also has a
mirror on it which is useful and I’ve continued my
tour on to the adjustable reading lamp seat adjustment buttons and several
different power ports and just above those, or next to them, is
the remote for the in-flight entertainment if you don’t want to use
the touchscreen. Above you are reading lamps although unfortunately there’s no
individual air vents but at least there’s an impressive view of the wing
and engine. Now I just want to point out again how large the ledges at your feet are.
My bag is fairly large yet it was able to almost disappear underneath it. Here’s
the amenity kit and it was perfectly fine and I’ll be giving this away to a
subscriber with more details of that later in the video. A welcome drink was bought around and
this was called the oriental breeze which was a sour plum tea cranberry
juice and a few other things and tasted great. Now I’ll mention the in-flight
entertainment quickly. The touch responsiveness was okay and the image
quality was perfectly fine. There was a good amount of English content which was
a relief as I had just flown with Finnair and their content was lacking.
Unfortunately there were around five minutes of ads before each movie, and yes I did time it, although you can fast-forward them. Unfortunately you’ll
often end up overshooting and end up having to rewind to the start of the
movie so it’s a bit of a pest. Of course there’s the in-flight map which I really
enjoy looking at and some external cameras including this view of the
forward landing gear which I realized afterwards probably pretty cool during
takeoff and landing. For comparison’s sake check out my video
of Cathay’s First Class through to London and I’ll include a link to that
in the video description below. Well it was now time to depart although sadly my
view wasn’t great, in part because the cabin lights weren’t dimmed.
I thought airlines are meant to dim the cabin lights during takeoff and landing
or maybe Cathay or Hong Kong have different rules anyway comment below if
you know the answer. At least the engine sounded good! After the initial climb I reclined my
seat and watched a few documentaries. There wasn’t a round of drinks and about
60 minutes after takeoff dinner started and I had this braised US. pork cutlet
with preserved mustard greens, kai lan, carrots and steamed jasmine rice
which all tasted fine. The drink was a Cathay signature called ‘cloud 9’ which is
made up of vodka, Cointreau, sprite and some lemon. For
dessert, I had this black forest trifle which also tasted great and then I sat
back and watched some more movies. Now I knew the sunrise was coming up in a few
hours and I was keen to stay awake and get some footage. I checked out the
in-flight Wi-Fi although unfortunately it’s not free, even business passengers
so I went back to watching movies. Somewhere above Indonesia the first
glimpses of light started reflecting off the lower part of the engine cowling and
then the light show began. In the distance now you can see the
Australian coastline which I believe was the Northern Territory and since I had
got the sunrise footage that I wanted, I went to bed. I was woken by the flight
deck asking the crew to prepare the cabin for landing which was a surprise
as I had requested that I be woken for the breakfast service and this
highlighted my only real criticism of what was actually a very good business
class product – service. While both my primary flight attendant and customer
service manager did come and introduce themselves, it was rushed and seemed
forced. My primary flight attendant didn’t make eye contact and when she came
around later to get my meal orders she pushed the iPad in front of my face as I
leant across to pick up my menu. I had already decided what I wanted to order
but I just needed to look at the menu to remind myself or the name of the food.
The lack of a round of drinks was odd although I suppose I can understand if
they just want to get the meal service done quickly as possible since it was a
midnight departure but then that wasn’t particularly fast either and later on
when I wanted to watch the moon’s glow out of the window as well as the
Southeast Asian islands all lit up with lights, she came through and pushed the
slide down. A simple request to lower the blind might have been more reasonable I
thought, and then to top it off not waking me for breakfast even though I’d
specifically requested to be woken was pretty disappointing. In fact I even
brought chocolates for the crew but I was so disappointed with the service
that I kept them for myself and I’m literally eating some of them as ahead
of this video. So that’s another down mark for Cathay, you’re making me fat. So
that’s the negatives over and frankly not getting a breakfast is quite a
significant one, but I’ll move on with the positives. I
really think that the seat itself is fantastic. It’s really spacious and while
it doesn’t have the doors of a few other Business Suites, it’s still fairly
private. There’s quite a few storage spots and the legroom is really, really
massive. while most airlines have moved away from the older 2-2-2 layout,
the one advantage of the older style was heaps of legroom and lots of the newer
seats have narrow foot recesses so when you’re trying to sleep you’re locked in
tight. You can’t see it in my footage that well because it’s pretty dark but there
really was a lot of leg room and I was able to have a really good, but
short, sleep. The in-flight entertainment was perfectly fine as was the food and
drinks, minus there being no breakfast. The menus, which I’ll show in full at the
end of the video, had been changed to this new weird newspaper style which was
unique… The airport experience itself was great with fantastic lounges so really
it’s just a pity that the service wasn’t as good as everything else.
And finally my amenity kit giveaway. It’s open to anyone so just make sure you
comment below including the text (Cathay Amenity kit) in brackets make sure you
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winner and mail out the kit. Now make sure you keep a close eyes on my social
media accounts for details of the winners as a few previous giveaways have
gone unclaimed. If you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and check out
my channel for more similar videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and check out my
Instagram and Facebook pages. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next
video where hopefully I’ll get breakfast!!

100 thoughts on “Disappointing Cathay Pacific Business Class – Boeing 777-300ER – Hong Kong to Sydney (CX101)”

  1. Thanks for watching everyone! If you enjoyed the video, please click the 'thumbs up' button and make sure you're subscribed (and click the notification bell) 🙂 More videos coming soon including Finnair and possibly even a helicopter flight in New Zealand!

  2. hey i got shitty service in cathay pacific economy and my spring water confiscated right at plane gate. never fly with them again!!!

  3. Regarding Cathay Service I just wish they stay in the galley and order everything via ife just like the touchscreen at Mc Donald’s. if u don’t wanna work call in sick ffs.

  4. Wow that was a disappointing flight service wise. Have always heard amazing things about Cathay 🙁 (Cathay Amenity Kit)

  5. Cathay Pacific Now has lost its lustre and morale due to the ongoing Violence protest Demonstration Riots and the Recent Resignations of Pro democracy Canon Crew and the Former CEO too.

    It will take a Very long time to get back to the Normal level before the Hong Kong Riots started in June 2019.

  6. They can't be paid enough to pretend their world isn't falling apart, despite what you choose to ignore and expect ignored, as kindness.

  7. Cathay is famous for being rude to mandarin speaking passengers, I think there was an extreme example that they refuse to serve an old Chinese couple in first class just because they don’t speak English. So it is like a commen knowings to mainlander flying Cathay to speak English to get well the basic service. But it’s actually interesting to see now even English speaking passengers weren’t getting the deserved service.

  8. I used to love CX but my last couple of long haul flights with them have been mediocre …. I now choose other airlines if possible.

  9. I used to travel with CX frequently, but now I choose BA and SQ instead. Frankly I'm very worried about the terrorist attacks on the flight. Some of the CC are protesters and they were talking about this in fb.😥

  10. That’s how Hong Kong people are doing things, quick, impatient & hurry, I don’t suggest anyone to visit Hong Kong if they are looking for relax and well service trip. May be try Macau.

  11. You had an entire evening to either take the thirty minute express ride to the heart of Hong Kong and soak up the culture and flavor of one of the worlds most unique cities. Or you can sit around an airport and be lavishly pampered and catered to for a few hours before for your flight. You chose to spend your hours being pampered. Which by your own account seemed pretty damn fine. Lovely meal and beverage services, spotless and plentiful amenities. Staff catering to all your needs. Lovely evening.

    You flew through the middle of the night until the crack of dawn while being selflessly watched over and catered to by a crew of people dedicated to your well being and safety. You enjoyed movies and lovely foods and a comfortable amount of space while moving through the sky at nearly 600mph and over six miles high.

    At no point on your flight did a window blow out, a toilet back up. Your seat motor didn’t catch on fire, nor did a motor quit or they had to land elsewhere because they were low on fuel … none of that happened because of that all caps "poor service".

    Yes, Cathay cabin staff are a bit ridiculous about those window shades, but to publicly slam them with "poor service" over that?

    Maybe the crew got busy and over tasked with an ill passenger in another cabin, maybe there were mechanical issues they were quietly dealing with while you seemingly deeply slept and weren’t disturbed at six miles up and 600mph. Maybe the captain was busy recalculating arrival time because god forbid arrival into Sydney one minute too early and the airline will receive a many thousand dollar fine. Or maybe the crew that served you and stayed awake all night to pamper you and cater to you and 350 of your closest friends just forget to wake you up. I’ve seen CX crews many times try to wake customers who were in deep sleep and eventually they just left them to enjoy a longer rest. Or maybe you were a free upgrade or a YouTuber and they just didn’t want to deal with you anymore.

    Crickey, Paul. You’re an adult. You can film their every move (which I’m sure they enjoy) but you don’t have an alarm, vibrate on your phone? You even stated your sleep was too "short".

    Yes, some flights are amazing, other flights are just, meh. But you have summed up the work or countless people who busted their butt to take you safely through the sky in the middle of the night, through some of the meanest weather on the planet (at the intercontinental diversion zone) all while watching movies, enjoying treats, and safely landing at your destination in a $320M aircraft. You only had to pay $4000 for that luxury but $20 for WiFi was too much?

    Paul, you summed up what looked like a lovely day of luxury lounges and wonder service at 30,000 feet in the thin air with an all caps, "POOR SERVICE". You summed up the tireless work of hundreds that make any flight happen with "poor service". You brought a "gift" of chocolates on board for the crew and yet somehow, six hours into a flight, you still hadn’t shared the "gift"? Then you tell your viewers that you’re eating them as you commentate … that’s f-ing spiteful and petty. That wasn’t a gift and if anything it would have been a reward if you were saving it until the end of flight.

    I fly business class 20+ times a year. Almost always ultra long haul. Most always the service is wonderful, sometimes it’s rather dry at best. I’ve heard of no one dying, everyone arrived safely and almost always ahead of schedule, except of course when landing in Sydney in the morning. There’s good days and bad days, we all have them.

    Next time, take an Australian made Jabiru to your destination. Or just grow a pair, skippy. Better yet, as Australia’s uncle Chopper Read would say …

    "This is Paul Stewart, he didn’t get his wake up call or breakfast cakes on his safe and amazing business class flight to Sydney and the mean flight attendant closed his window shade so now he wants to have a sulk about it."
    ‘Uncle Chopper says, ‘harden the f up, Paul."

    Hold the f-up … you’re "giving away" the free amenities kit that you opened (broke the tie of) in flight … the plastic tooth brush, single mouth wash, single use lotion, socks, eyepatch, etc. That is comical right there.

    Enjoy your next journey.

  12. you seem unhappy and depressed from the beginning of then video before you took the trip. Seems like this video had a preconceived opinion before taken.

  13. I used to fly Cathay A LOT but they’ve really gone down so I haven’t flown with them in the last 8 years. Miss their HK lounges though.

  14. Sad to know about this airline it's my ride from Canada going to Philippines when im going for vacation from now on I choice Korean airlines

  15. Thank you Paul, if you really want to enjoy CX poor service at its best, simply fly ex HKG to PVG or BJS in eco class. Kids receive better treatment at their school's canteens (thank God for that!).

  16. Use to travel with Cathay 4 to 5 times from Newalk and JFK to Hong Kong every year stop using them 5 years ago . Services has gone down so much . Now I’m using ANA even it is not a direct flight it is much better .

  17. Out of qantas, Etihad, fin air, Cathay is the worst. It'll be interesting to see of even Sri Lankan business is better than them, as I'm bout to fly them end of month.

  18. If people have kept up with what has unfolded in Hong Kong for the past four months, more importantly, what Cathay’s dedicated staff members have been subjected to by management and by Beijing’s pressuring; you would not be complaining.

  19. Was there a price delta between this and others ….? I recent did Melbourne Manchester and they were much cheaper than the rest but honestly overall experience very good so considered good value for money. Manchester airport, however, is a different story ….. !!!

  20. Sorry to ignore you Paul – despite your review I'll be sampliing the product BOS-SYD in January. PE SYD-BOS, so we'll see how that goes! Low status, so no lounges for PE 🙁

  21. Taking off and landing is the most dangerous time for problems. They dim the lights to make sure that you can follow the floor lights to exit should accident happens.

  22. The window thing is a pet peeve of mine. I buy a window seat, I control the window shade. Its as simple as that. Most amenity kits have eye shades for a reason. Better yet, bring your own. I actually get quite frustrated when I am told to put down my window shade because on overnight flights I enjoy watching the sunrise. Sunrises at 35000+ feet are incredibly beautiful to watch and when I pay business class money, I am entitled to watch it if I please.

  23. 2:30 you are wrong. The 4-engined planes were built because of ETOPS. The twins were limited to 240 minutes on one engines, or something like that. So for certain flights you needed a triple or a quad to be able to fly them (according to the regulations). Actually, the A330/A340 were built as a "family", only difference was that the 330 had only 2 engines and a lower MTOW.

    The sales were abysmal at the beginning and Airbus almost pulled the plug on them. But, with 777 and new ETOPS being available for twins, they regained popularity. In fact, so much of it that in the end Airbus had to discontinue the 340-200 and 300, because no one was ordering them anymore. And to built a competitor for the B777, quick and cheap, they produced the 340-500 and 600. Etc, etc.

  24. Disagree with Drimicky after 17 years of travel on CX who then were a great airline an have been lowering standards and have inconsistent standards and poor ground services for a lont time not to mention disrespect for Emerald QF Platinum customers. No surprises there Paul ps for at least 12 years now cabin crew threaten to strike at Christmas and Chinese New Year..regular as a clock

  25. Oh Paul 3 times as full rev in 21K they had no food choice and was given Prem Y meal…drats and double drats(Wacky racers)

  26. CX cabin crews' in-a-rush mode does not surprise me at all. They tend to behave that way and it really compromises customer service excellence which is very disappointing considering that CX is at the high end when it comes airfare.

  27. Basket case airline and airport in Hong Kong. Fly with it once and that's once too often. Supporters of rioters can have no place in aviation.

  28. It’s unfortunate but they (Cathay Service) is slowly diminishing compare to others. PAL is becoming the best friendly and great service.

  29. Cathay's business is pretty standard compare to most of the airlines, what makes them different is the first class. If it is not for the first class, I would rather choose other airlines.

  30. I am impressed by your review of the Business Class and the Airport Lounge. I flew Cathay before and I love their Customer Service. Perhaps times were different then. (Cathay Amenity Kit)

  31. I fly CX from HK to Melb many times.
    I tried Qantas once recently and I was left hungry all through 12 hours of the flight, there was 3 hours delay to take off, food serving was small, no dessert no cheese was served after dinner, and for breakfast after I ate the cereal I thought I would get the hot meal egg n sausage n bacon, no no no, they just offered me coffee, all food was packed away, the best was the bed n linen a mattress topper and a Qantas PJ but now CX also brings out a mattress topper and pillow.
    I will ask CX for a PJ.

  32. To all the bad experienced flyers here, the latest two generations of the once-glorious-city have been wiped out and replaced by cockroaches. This specie has never respected average human being nor their own city/country. Sorry people ! But you should be grateful if you do not have to live there.

  33. (Cathay Amenity Kit)Perhaps this was a comped flight, but if you would happen to know what the cost for this particular Business Class flight with Cathay Pacific was then that would be very helpful.  I'm trying to gage what would be considered affordable/reasonable for future possible vacation destinations and accommodations.  Enjoyed the video. Thumbs up and subscribed.  Thank you much!

  34. get in flight & see , watch
    Too noise , Scew are not helpfull
    the airline is not clean
    the business class is dirty
    the economy class is poor services
    CX 15 year before is Ok
    CX Now is China , They dont care nothing only Money

  35. Flown twice with Cathay. Didn't like their service or food. The staff in the economy was not friendly or helpful either. So not going with them again for sure. Nice video.
    (Cathay amenity kit)

  36. Hello I am newbie to your channel unfortunately I don't Twitter or Instagram just YouTube. I love airplanes but have never travelled in business class or first class for that matter, so I am going to love watching your videos. #CATHAY AMENITY KIT.😃👋🛫✈🛩🛬💞

  37. I do agree CX has a lot to catch up especially their cabin crew quality and service. Smiles are becoming harder and harder to sight even in J class…..

  38. Cathay Pacific has to do much much more to compete with the top tier service airlines such as SQ….. Start with the training of cabin crew….. Unfortunately, they’re the front face ambassador of the airlines concerned.

  39. I've used Premium Economy and Business (depending on who's paying lol) on Cathay from Syd to HK then Europe at least half a dozen times, last being Sept 2018.
    All the flights were excellent. I'd have no trouble recommending them, although probably not economy if you're 6'/183cm or taller.
    Qantas is too expensive, BA is garbage, haven't been on Singapore. I did have a brilliant flight on Virgin international in 2013 from Syd through one of the gulf cities to Eu, but they stopped flying not long after that which was disappointing; theirs was the best 777 cabin I've ever been in.
    Perhaps you just got unlucky.

  40. More than ten years ago I had the mistake of flying with Cathay. The attendant didn't know how to speak English and instead of getting someone to translate for her, she just left and pretend nothing happened. I have not flown with them since.

  41. Bad experience with Cathay Pacific, lost 3 days my luggage Sydney to Mumbai without compensation..Bad service, the food was crap, never ever fly with Cathay Pacific again 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  42. Wow that was a shame… Cathay was pretty good throughout my previous 3 experiences. Recently there are reports that Cathay are treating Mandarin speakers very well as they’re scared after the anti extradition protests!

    No doubt they’re still better than the Chinese Big3!

  43. For me Cathay was really good service the food was great the attendants were nice and it was a good ride for 12 hours

  44. Agree 100 % with you . One flight with Cathay from Hong Kong to Vancouver with Chinese drunkards stinking beers enough experience for this long distance . They should stop serving the beer or alcohol if the passengers already drunk .. they talking so loud and non stop burping … yeeek 😤😤🤮🤮

  45. Hong Kong to Beijing flight was awful. Seat dilapidated and snack also not satisfactory served sandwich only. Hope they will replaced their old aircraft. Thanks.

  46. I generally find there are two school of thoughts in terms of "service" Overly attentive, average and not attentive enough… personally I find some airlines to be overly attentive, I know it's weird to say, but sometimes I just don't want to be asked a million questions, I find Cathay to be average to not attentive, which some perceive as "poor service" but I don't mind it, you press the button and they usually come within 30 seconds and are always helpful and attend to your needs.

    Anyways I do fly regularly with them on business/first class (when available), however, I've also experienced the same thing as you, pretty sure it was Hong Kong to Sydney as well on CX101 lol they take your order for breakfast, and ask if you want to be woken up, and they never did as well… It's only happened twice for me… I'm not too fussed about it, as I struggle to sleep properly even in business or first on all airlines, so I was glad I go the extra zzzzz but I'd say it was simply an error of ticking/registering who needs to be woken up/ who didn't need to be.

    Anyways, I did enjoy your video, but the title is a little harsh.

  47. (Cathay Amenity Kit)
    G’day Paul!
    Good to see another video. You’ve probably heard this a lot, but CX Business is something I want to try, especially on the A350-1000.
    Such a shame about the breakfast, especially having to wash it down with a mediocre bacon and egg muffin, after being on such an expensive flight… hope all is best on your next travels, I hope to see another video soon!

  48. yes the new livery is defs more modern but the old livery does bring back the nostalgia of old hong kong i must say! (Cathay Amenity Kit)

  49. Ho viaggiato sulla stessa tratta ovviamente in classe economica. Mi ricordo che hanno trasmesso molti film.la Cathay ci aveva offerto un kit da viaggio con spazzolino da denti e un paio di calze verdi. Era il 1995 . Viaggiato molto bene.

  50. I loved the 777-300ER…
    Cathay does a great business class!
    Please do a British Airways 777 review!
    Great video! 👍

  51. Paul – it was interesting revisiting your review after my recent experiences. In terms of PE, the A359 (SYD-HKG) was far better overall than the 773 (HKG-BOS). It was like jumping back 10 years on the 773 – bleak sort of cabin (even though the seats were maybe a smidge comfier), IFE screens that were so poor I needed to use the controller (so skipping the ads was even harder) and a few high maintenance fellow passengers (not CX's fault). That said , the food was the best Y+ I've had on any airline. Service was pretty good on both sectors.

    The return flights in J were where I echo your comments on service. BOS-HKG was perfectly adequate for a 0125 departure (although no real personal introduction, even as the "head" of a 4 passenger family). Cabin too hot for the bedding and no personal airvents spoilt the sleep, but I did sneak my blind up to see the North pole. The Bridge lounge was crowded early in the morning, but we did manage to rush showers just before boarding was called – little change to sample the full food slectipn, although the espresso was good enough and dimsum tasty. But service on the daytime CX139 seemed impersonal and even a little haphazard – I wasn't offered desert after my evening meal, the riesling wasn't cold, and there seemed to be lots and lots of waiting for service 🙁 The main compensation was two windows on which I had the shades open for the full daytime trip, spending several hows just observing. 🙂

    Would fly them again, but probaly become a little more pushy for service. Now JL has switched to HND and broken the good connection to BOS, CX may have to be it. The return timing actually works pretty well if you can stay awake to 0125, athough the BA lounge dies after the 10pm LHR departure. But onto the plane, full dinner, try and get 6-8 hours sleep, 0640 local arrival into HKG, 0840 departure to SYD and tucked up in bed in Sydney around 10.30pm helps battle jetlag!

  52. Next time I recommend the a350 business class on Cathay, there's more storage room and more lie-flat space. The removed the shoe locker tho :(.

  53. Can't believe I missed this video Paul. Was good to watch and I agree with you that the hard Cathay product is great and I love their 777. I too had an issue with the FA wanting me to close my window shade whern it was daylight outside …. my response was "I have the window seat … I own the window shade and it stays open if I want" … tht shut them up but also stopped the service lol

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