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carcharodontosaurus here in the late cretaceous period 110 million years ago Car share. Oh Donto Saurus it means jagged Shark tooth dinosaur??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? And for good reason these teeth are 20 centimeters long Pretty scary, huh, well, they will be anyway I’ve got a loose tooth when it’s out. I’m gonna be the happiest theropod ever TheroPod means beasts feet and there are lots of dinosaurs that belong to that family believe it or not birds are in my family Of course T-Rex is the most famous theropod, but guess what I’m just as big if not bigger than T-Rex. I’m 13 meters Long But I live in North Africa Maybe if I don’t wiggle it, it’ll fall by itself hmM. Maybe it won’t be today Hey It came out. This is the happiest day since I hatched out of my egg Hi, there. I was just saying hello to the sun You wait right here babies mama’s just gonna go talk to these folks for a minute. I’m gallimimus That’s Gatlin em Mus my name means chicken Mimic a Mimic is someone who copy someone else, but I don’t think I copy a chicken at all I’d like to know what chicken is as long as meat from the top of my head to the tip of my tail I’m almost as long as a big car Hey, where’d you go? Oh? Sorry, I didn’t see you there. You see even though. I have these really big pretty eyes I Can’t tell how far away things are or even things right in front of me. I have to look sideways like this This is so exciting. I wonder what they’ll be Baby gallimimus is just what I wished for well, I better start feeding them. Bye Oops, didn’t see you there welcome to my forest 66 million Years ago, I’m Lepto Serra tops let Dos, Era tops my name means skinny horned face It’s good practice for when I get older when I have to bonk heads with other dinos We stand look at the other guy and bunk heads like this whoa Good one you see lucky for me. I belong to a very special group of dinosaurs We have these hard heads It’s like Built-in safety gear. I have my own helmet. Oh And see we also have a beak like a parent and we like to eat plants I Can walk on two legs or four legs? I’m powerfully-built I’m about the same size as a horse, but much more powerful here. Let me show you Watch out I Think I better keep practicing, but somewhere else Well hello there I’ve never seen you before looking around the late jurassic cards are we looking for a big dinosaur Maybe like me well you’ve come to the right place nauticus Diplodocus you found me. I’m kinda hard to miss actually As you can see I’m pretty big and it’s hard for me to get into tight places That’s why they call me a herbivore, but being this big doesn’t always make it easy hmm. How can we describe how big? You seem I heard they’re easy to spot You know what else come in handy my front legs see how they’re shorter than the back ones Having these types of legs helps me keep my balance watch I also have these cool. Paint like deep go forward They help me strip all sorts of plants and swallow em hold me whatever that is it smells, so yummy? Hey, maybe that’s my heard hey. What’s the All Righty here. We are in the late Jurassic period 150 billion Years ago, you know me. I’m coach Stegosaurus you could say my name That’s herbivore Spirit. Okay. Let’s go over our equipment in line Straight let’s see those plates now That’s not really enough armor But they do make the carnivorous diet stick twice about taking bite out of us these plates actually less be warmer or colder Depending on how much we point them at the sun? han and allosaurus Let’s see those sacrifices Yes, those sacrifices at the end of our tails are the real deal spider up the water point two meters long And we need some where we’re from what’s now known as the Midwestern United states in fact We’re Colorado state fossil all right team no one’s gone mess with us, right We’re pretty big the size of a bus. Are you ready stegosaurs? That’s great team Hi, my name’s min me. It’s very easy to say min me and welcome to the early cretaceous period 150 million years ago these these are my friends larry moe we’re very special dinosaurs called ankylosaurus? Ankylosaurus of dinosaurs that eat plants and have armored plates on our backs And today, we’re Gonna have a race What are you trying to pull? Oh come on with all that body armor on your back. You didn’t even feel a thing Now we got a race or not. Sorry. Oh this racing is making me hungry. What are you talking about? We haven’t even raced yet? Nimmi’s Aren’t very big. We’re about the size of a full-grown lion Hey, we could have raced australian backed by now That’s where it fossils were found. What’s now known as Australia a place called Minimis crossing Get ready get set Yeah, I don’t feel like racing anymore you We’re not very fast anyways, let’s just go for a slow walk, then besides. We all know who would have won. Yeah Hi, hi. I’m zuni, Sara tops. You say it zoo me ser tops My name means zuni horned head and my eyebrow horns come in handy especially since I have an itch in the middle of my back where I just can’t reach ah And this is my home here in the middle cretaceous period 90 million years ago See my fossils are found in what’s now known as new Mexico a tribe of native Americans lived here called the zuni zuni Zuni Cera tops I’m The first ceratopsian that means dinosaur who likes to eat plants that has eyebrow horns? And I have another horn see at the tip of my nose I’m not very big just about the size of a cow ooh So itchy wait I know could you please scratch my back a little to the left lower Yes That’s the best thing about being in a herd. You always get a helping head bye for now greetings Welcome to the late cretaceous period 67 million Years ago in what is now known as North America ah We’re all waiting for the eggs to Hatch hi I’m Troodon true da it means tooth that wounds that’s because of the very sharp teeth that I have we’re also the smartest dinosaurs around Hey Mister Troodon my friend and I have a problem. We had five seeds I ate two, and now there’s only one left How many did my friend eat your friend ate two I knew it hey percy? I told you you are me two seeds haha See we were smart I’m pretty much half the size of a human being but since I’m a theropod like a T-Rex I am at the top of the future Mr.. Troodon my friends, and I only have this one seek aid, but both wanted. What do we do? Awesome, you’re the coolest sharp teeth and very sharp toe claws. Oh They’re going to hatch What it looks like we’re going to have a big birthday party tonight? But tomorrow they have to start learning maths if they’re going to be smart like me oh Yeah, welcome to the late cretaceous Period 70 million years ago. I’m a gorgeous, oris that’s guard go soros Mom No, they’re Gonna think I’m just a kid I Can’t wait till I get big I’m going to be even scared that my mom over there Cuz that’s what my name means Fearsome lizard, I’m not as tall as she is yet, but one day. I’ll be 9 meters long I’ll be as long as a house gorgosaurs like me Tyranno Soros Whew that’s a big word But it has to be big just like us imagine one of the same dynel family with T-Rex See all the sharp teeth were meat eaters and her teeth help us chewy even the toughest meat I’m from what is now known as Alberta Canada, so when I get fully grown watch it If you want to get big you have to eat a good meal, and I’ve already called you for lunch four times Yes, Mom gotta go eat. See you later And that’s when you service the frightful lizard did I scare you oh? Yeah, I’m the dino dinosaur That was a close one let me help you say my name nice little soros definitely a soros 75 million Years ago is a horror show After numerous Monsters, but you’re never going to find another scarier than me see these teeth These are daggers sharp curved and they have the same edges as sir si sir Get it, huh? These teeth are huge Only smaller than my future cousin tyrannosaurus rex, but there’s no big like I said before My name means scary lizard, and there’s nothing scarier than me Let’s think of some scary animals a lion is scary alright Let us a great big grizzly bear those are totally scary I’m telling you it’s my choppers as much as my size I’m one frightful Lizards all right. I’m also hungry now. That is scary I’m penniless, Oris that’s pan. Oh flo. Saurus. I wonder if you can guess what my name means Welcome to our game show guess the meaning of my name number One I live here in the late cretaceous period 74 million Years ago No guesses Okay, I’m from the family of dinos called ankylosaur. Eeeh that means I have body armor I Have a stiff club with tail and look at all my spikes. I’m built like an armored truck any ideas This is an easy clue I’m the same size as a dump truck and I weigh three and a half metric tons the same as an elephant Of course all of this armor is to protect me from meat-eaters like these to T-Rex’s Okay This is the last clue, and then you’ll have to answer. I live in what is now, Alberta Canada So can you guess what my name e? Does it mean delicious no? Panel blue source means totally armored lizard look at all the armor on me sheesh Do I win something no? Hey, Play, nice. I Gave you easy clues. Oh, well. See you next time whoa that was weird, hi, I’m torva Soros and welcome to the late Jurassic period 144 million Years ago You see my name tor foe soros it means savage lizard G what is going on with my roar box? I’m a theropod which means I walk on two legs And I eat meat a meat eater is called a Carnivore I Am the largest meat-eater in these parts I’m one of the biggest theropods ever over 10 meters long and These some claws They help me hunt for food I’m from what’s now known as the Midwestern United States? yeehaw Me me me mee mee mee mee mee All me that’s better now. Let me try a good one and stay out you have come to the late jurassic period In search of the great and powerful Console, Nathan that’s comp so Nathan it’s very easy if you practice oh Hey Valerius, Saurus did you hear what? They’re saying about me? I am the number one land predator in these islands in the death of seed. It’s true. No dinosaur gets past me Why well see these legs they’re long and slender which helps me to run very very fast You are so full of hot air I’m surprised you don’t float away Do you dare and so me the mighty Gonzo Nathan I? Can eat any lizard dinosaur or fish? I want anyone I was the first complete dinosaur fossil that scientists could study Bring in the size chart Okay, so I’m on the small side, so what I’m still number one Excuse me while I go and show our friend. Why I’m number one. Oh You think I cannot climb well, you are wrong my bones They’re hollow like a bird’s which means sunlight, and oh yeah see this tail. It’ll help me stay balanced You can run, but you can’t hide because I am the magnificent Gotcha Scared you didn’t I Well, that’s because I’m Anne Apra Bonita that means African Hunter pretty impressive ah but don’t be worried. I won’t hurt you Watch me hunt actual barrier So scared oh, he’s gone That’s okay. I’m not that hungry. It wasn’t like I was going to eat him in front of you There really is no trick to hunting you just have to look take that job Aria for example She’s huge very easy to spot Perfect, but you know you don’t need to be ten meters long with a mouth full of sharp teeth and three claws on each hand To be a hunter like me For instance you could hunt to find where in the world. We are right now Africa that’s right. There was also a clue in my name. Did you get that a pro meaning? I’m from what’s now known as africa or you could hunt for fossils like ba Serena who found a nearly complete fossil of me in Asia in 1993 what a find Someone who hunts for fossils is called a paleontologist Hmm, please excuse me Gotcha come back and see me next week. I will teach you how to use your nails to comb your hair

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