Digital Literacy Introduction

hi I'm Gideon Burton I want to give you a quick overview about digital literacy first of all we know that we're overwhelmed with all kinds of new media today it's hard to keep track of them all and so the question becomes well in order to be digitally literate do I have to learn all of these things I mean how do you get how do you grasp all of that some of the services that I'm looking at in here I notice have have come and gone others become more or less important what do you pay attention to what you really need to learn to become digitally literate today well the way I see it I've divided digital literacy into three overarching principles the first is consumed second create and the third connect and together I think these three things are what we need to do to become digitally literate you notice I haven't named any specific tools or services these are the larger faculties that we need to develop in the digital age and that can be done through a variety of specific ways okay so if we go back in and dig in a little deeper here to consume what do I mean by that well how do you how do you take in content how do you select it including where you know what about websites what about ears what are the best means for searching and where do I look for a given topic or research area filtering for quality for relevance another part of consuming intelligently today is keeping good track of your sources it's so easy to click around in the internet and knock you track it also begs the question of how do we keep up and what are the people or what are the feeds that I should be following what tech do I use for what how do I keep stuff and keep it organized so it has to do with consuming and and really filtering organizing selecting these sorts of things all right so what do I mean by create well it has to do with any time you generate so what should I post and or publish and where should I do that how often should I do that what what about things that aren't text what about images or video do I need to learn how to compose out or edit that how much of that is relevant to digital literacy today what about the cloud services should I be backing things up the clouds drawing things in the cloud which cloud service how important is blogging and what about the micro blogging platforms like Twitter how what's their relative importance between those and and and that those are good questions to ask part of creating nowadays has to do with organizing and presenting things like PowerPoint slides or other varieties of presentations and and now as I'm doing right now walking through this presentation it's this is a Prezi presentation but I've also made a screencast out of it by recording it recording me talking through it as I'm displaying it well what kind of skills do we need to have for that is that a critical one to know nowadays how much do we need to pay attention to the photos that we are taking in terms of taking with our phones or that we are taking by taking from online sources and how do we organize those and what's the appropriate way to go buy all that visual design is something now that literacy didn't always entail but becomes more and more important how do I design my blog or how do I design my profile so it looks up decent and represents me well other kinds of visual tools of mind mapping or brainstorming tools or different kinds of maps or layers that you can put on two maps animation slideshows we've got a lot of different ways that we can do that the larger category here is visually visually communicating wiki's wiki's can be part of that whole consume thing as you're reading things but if you are making a wiki it's a good way of organizing information remix is a big deal nowadays as is user-generated content in general what are the rules for that what are the advantages of it what are the problems are dangerous with that especially with respect to intellectual property do I know about Creative Commons and and do I know how to license materials that i create so that they can either be kept from you or that people can use them without having to request permission so that's what I see with create with Kinect this has a lot to do with with social media of course on nowadays but not just things like Facebook what about social bookmarking how could I keep track of things and share them with others in a meaningful way what about book centered social networks or other kinds of topics entered networks like on the Ning Network how about collaboration this is pretty much a really baseline expectation nowadays what are the tools that I need in order to be able to effectively collaborate with other people in work settings or school settings I've got different ways that I can I can connect with people when is it best to to chat in person or to chat using text at some kind of text texting client instant messaging what about text messaging email there are different ways that we can reach out they can have different rhetorical functions or purposes what about social discovery how do I find people that are interested in the topics that I'm interested in and then use the things that they've created in an bookmarked and so on to aid my own research and how do I go about finding meaningful online groups that share my my common interests and I am talking about things beyond simply Facebook pages where there are lots of different smaller niche communities across the web doing different things how about connecting through a conference call which is just audio or a video chat and do I know how to use google hangouts or skype or other such services and what about taking the online world offline how do I connect with people appropriately that I meet online I'm not talking about necessarily for for social purposes purely but the social component is a very important part of that and so what's the balance to be made as you're meeting people on or offline webinars are becoming an increasing way of getting information as our own online learning platforms how do I participate in those what's the best way to do that how about subscribing to others calendars or or making my own calendar available for others to connect with me what about events as well this is an important way to connect with other people today and and we can use apps on our mobile phones or other ways to either advertise events or to follow events that are significant in areas of interest what about location-based services things that are GPS oriented how can I share common interest through that text messaging has tended to most people think of it as being casual and just among friends or family but can I use it for serious academic or business purposes and and then of course connecting is all about relationships and so you have to have a sense of balance and propriety about whom you interact with and when and as I said before whether you move from online to offer offline to online in your communication so those are some basic areas where connecting is important I didn't set this out in order to answer all these questions put to to ask them to get us thinking about whether the very aspects of what are the variable aspects of digital literacy I know that it is always going to be something that we're renewing because we're in a quickly moving environment quires us to keep up but i think if we keep our eye on these three larger principles then we'll be able to navigate all the novelty and get done the work that we need to do without feeling obligated to learn and master every possible new tool or services out there on the web thank you

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  1. I just made this quick intro to digital literacy for members of my digital culture class. I think it really is better to think in terms of a few broad abilities we need to keep in mind rather than to make a laundry list of various services or tools to master (which are prone to change, anyway). What do you think?

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