Digital Literacy: Digital Citizenship

technology it's vastly more positive than it can ever be negative but if you're especially growing up with so much technology and growing up learning about technology and learning with technology you need to be able to control the negative aspects of it so that you can fully experience the positive aspects the additional footprint is the information that you put online whenever you post something on a social media site or you tweet and it's all under your name I looked myself up in Google and I realized how much like internet history I had I was just sick available and how much information about me was available online and that's like true of all kids because we all have Facebook's instagrams and snapchats and all the social media we put all this information about ourselves online where the entire world can see it like if you put something on that's might be inappropriate your future college can see that and its really really like readily available for everyone after I had that digital citizenship class I like put my like Facebook and Instagram in private and like I deleted a lot of accounts on websites I didn't use – cyber bullying it's like bullying but it's online so it can be anonymous and people don't know where it's coming from so if you're being bullied digitally you might not know who's making fun of you or who's like hurting you and kids are especially vulnerable to cyber bullying because they're more on the internet than other people are and then we're connected to their social media because in real life if someone was bullying you to your face you'd know there's one person that doesn't like me but online it feels like the entire world well I think the first thing you need to is tell an adult or if not tell an adult because you don't feel comfortable with that just take measures to prevent how they can reach you or if someone's saying mean things to you on Facebook you should block the person and just not let yourself be open to more attacks because you're not defenseless and I think that's a lesson that a lot of kids and you know

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