Differentiated Literacy Centers: Author's Purpose Mini-Lesson

hey boys and girls remember when we talked about the author's purpose give me a thumbs up if you remember okay thank you okay we talked about Arthur's purpose means why do authors write okay they have three reasons why they're gonna write a story for us three reasons that we're learning okay so we're gonna learn those and review those three things okay ready your words persuade inform entertain hey Megan can you tell me something that you know about persuasion why is the author persuade you to read something to change your mind okay to change your mind mirror words maybe where's ginger mind engine I convinced miss agree okay now we have inform the icings for inform ready near word inform and bar listen for me you're reading a book how do you know the author's trying to inform you know us good so that gonna be fantasy or nonfiction or fiction or nonfiction which one Lauren nonfiction good okay ready near words in form in full the truth how about e what is e stand for not gonna tell you that words East and we're covered up Tristan entertain right how can you tell if the author's trying to entertain you what do you know about that gala he's trying to make you laugh yes yes so entertain good ready new words enjoy enjoy okay so the three yeah good through C mere words 3:23 machine rainbow carpet hey mere words different you are going to each read the book but not necessarily on your own you can grab a beam buddy to be wet reach your beam buddy gravity buddy read the book to yourself ok so beat this out okay then get with a partner whether it's time reading around the same time as you then you can first thing I want you is the side the author's purpose was for writing this book okay then through the you guys are writing a story with your challenge where to thank you you're writing a story with your challenge words so all six challenge words try to put together a story okay we have the directions here on the sheet of paper for you to do independently okay so you're talking about the author's purpose of the book with a partner and then you're doing the challenges of a story independently okay so I'm good to be understand the directions okay mere words words persuade entertain No magic reader that's funny one shot what challenge words to be here everyone raise your hand name one emergency can you say it but we need to look to keep my emergency II and II are GE and CY emergency

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  1. Thanks Sarah for posting this video. I've been considering whole brain teaching but I'm still a little reluctant. Why did you choose this particular teaching style?

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