Diamond Wings – Line Dance (Dance & Teach)

but a thighs don't get their wings overnight they sacrifice many things to one day fly crystallize your every dream don't let them float don't let them be forever castles in the sky falling stars shine broken heart this time impression cuz you die the quiet of grow strong between opposing wins like you and me the struggle helps us to believe yes we are and it was worth we start to be standing here so close yes don't settle stones you're worth more than but hurts to grow mr. crow you do the dance is called diamond wings Cora grab a real boss and damask it's a 32 count to all intermediate level line days there's one tag and run restart in the stands section one starting with right foot back strip your left behind the rostra recovers sigh rock recover behind sweep your right behind inside now start a diamond have turned to your left one is into your left for for one is into your left side know you're facing nine section to one is into your left back back facing 731 is in to your left side sis o'clock for aa recover all forward step forward you've helped into your left forward three court into your right have turn right stepping back court into your eyes that we on the side now if AC night clock section three one a stand to your right to 1030 step love step forward kept behind back kick and sweep your right foot behind walk around three four turn to your left step in left right Lance whip your right make another one Aysen to your left now you're facing trouble clock cross-court into your right back press to the side now you're facing three last section put into your left quarter half court into your leg into basic side behind cross court into your right stepping forward step left forward make spiral foot into your right four for tepe hi now you facing six and start over again now let me go over the dance with the count five six seven 1 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 6 & 7 AE n 1 2 & 3 4 & 5 6 & 7 AE n 1 n 2 3 & 4 5 6 & 7 a-m 1 2 & 3 4 & 5 6 7 AE n in the sense there's a whole count egg at the end of war 2 facing two o'clock now let me show you the tank starting with right foot and sweep your left behind that you cross with your right cross by which counts 1 2 & 3 4 m / 6 your dance 16 counts with step change then restarted in spacing this is a now let me show you what sticks with count stars facing this o'clock 1 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 6 & 7 a-m 1 2 & 3 4 & 5 6 & 7 this is the end of 15 counts now change the steps to step level forward tap behind AETN they're restarted is facing sis o'clock this is the whole dance I hope you enjoyed thank you for watching

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  1. So many congratulations to all of you for this so wonderful and highly energetic and unbelievable and unbeatable so much very nice and so amazing and extraordinary, Education Category Line dance performance by Vivian Tu & [email protected]/Adv Class on Diamond Wings (Sarah Darlining, Single) song and graceful Dynamic Line dance choreography by Ria Vos & Dee Musk and nice Linedance creativity and super workout and nice dance expression and highly impressive thrillings and nice body moves and walk and steps and so amazing body language in this Intermediate Level Line dance Demo and nice Linedance Teach & Count in English by Vivian Tu and nice song and music and beautiful video and the almighty God bless to all of you for your bright future with my all good wishes.

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