Diamond Wings – Line Dance (Dance & Teach in English & 中文)

butter thighs don't get their wings overnight they sacrifice so many things to one day fly crystallize your every dream don't let them flow don't let them be forever castles in the sky falling stars will shine through broken hearts will leave a fine cuz I'm impression here's your die the quiet of grow strong between opposing like you and me the struggle helps us to believe yes we are and it was worth to be sitting here so close you're worth more than to grow fear to come yes you [Laughter] this useless call diamond wings choreographed by real boss and the musk it's a 32 count to war intermediate level ideas section 1 starting with the right foot back sweep your left behind side cross rock recover saira recover behind sweep your right behind side beginner diamond – Gillette one agent your left forward facing 11:30 forward one agent your left side facing 9 section to finish the diamond one agent your left back back facing 731 agent Gillette side facing six rock forward recover both for chase Hatch in Gillette step pivot options your left step forward how can't you right back quadrant your right side facing nine section three one agent you right facing 11:30 step lockstep covert tap behind back kick and sweep your right back walk around three quarters into your lap stepping left right left sweep your right and make another one a chinchilla left to 12 quarter just box your right cross quarters into right back Rock the side and press last section for change your left quarter turn left recover how can't you let back quarter since your left side into a basic night club behind cross quarter right forward step left over spiral Fulton's your right forward forward tap behind and you start over again now let me go over the dance for the counts 5 6 7 8 1 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 6 & 7 eight in one two and three four and five six and seven eight in one and two three and four five six and seven eight and one two and three four and five six seven eight and in this dance there's a four count tag at the end of war two facing 12 o'clock starting with the right foot we with sweets back sweep your left behind sigh cross with your right cross side with counts one two and three four and I was sixth you're doing 16 count with step-change and reached are facing six o'clock let me show you what six with counts facing six to start one two and three and four and five six and seven eight and one two and three four and five six and seven step chains on eight in forward tap behind eight and and you reached are facing six o'clock how's in the weather without a you john-john's you take a section education whoo – you're wrong Oh Punk wha we Poong we who you gyro Oh hyung buff elites would ride mindydyan bank I should pack the time I want so being chin chin pop when G to address pong mini Julian biggest section but diamond 1b puffin G to address 3 3 min Dewey Cheatham and Bapuji children Paul made illusion chin we Bing Jin chase half turn channels will be a Holdren chin won't you being Holdren who you drop all mini Judy this intersection – children men do Syria but Chan soo Jin ho lien who you don't he draw the home in oh yeah my is she won't so bein so each end so to you to use your brothers your home like a bath when G to attract mindydyan just box children quoi you dress Oh pump pressed upon being the weakest section for children Serbian children chin whole drive home Sager children palm nightclub Oh quoi Udrih chin to the one chin Sparrow symbaloo one European dress you Joe on chin chin who did Nigel from Shanghai shoe Churchill's idea go function 7th row home in the surely drew yeah Jagger's the parrot egg huge occasion we just don't sweep Oh Georgia wrong Oh palm qua usual wrong qua punk with counts 1 2 & 3 4 n Sadie logo function color Shilpa Eureka restore deluded wrong foods yo guy bein what I should have anteater go found shout mean I didn't I shoot which counts 1 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 6 & 7 8 & 1 2 & 3 4 & 5 6 & 7 that I ate in with the ghaib in tight range without you're just in the home in eight and now hurry star your angel

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