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come back to River City live the Jacksonville Urban League recognizes November as Diabetes Awareness Month they’re kicking off the campaign this Thursday with an education and awareness summit joining us is Julia Henry Wilson she’s the director of the Center for education and career development for Jacksonville Urban League and also Jarmon Leitner’s she’s the president of first Thursday Jacksonville and they’re here to tell us all about the event you guys are having thank you for joining us thank you thank you for having us now just to start us off tell me about the Jacksonville Urban League oh I love to tell you about Jacksonville really established in 1947 and we are 70 well 71 years old this year and we have been focused on education economic empowerment and employment and training for all 70 years and under our education umbrella is our health component so that’s why we’re helping to kick off this event on this Thursday all right now tell me about first Thursday I had no idea what you guys are about Thursday Jacksonville is a nonprofit organization in partnership with the Jacksonville Urban League and we like to empower the community bringing awareness as well as education and we also focus on small businesses and we promote a lot of information and events for that nice and so when we talk about diabetes this is a perfect opportunity to plug the community in about the dangers and making sure that people are taking steps to be aware so tell me about this summit well the summit is going to be held on November 1st as you well know and it’s going to start at 5:30 p.m. and it’s an educational and awareness session about diabetes a lot of times people say oh I know all about that diabetes that I need to know but until we’re actually educated and I am a diabetes person myself I have type 2 diabetes and not ashamed to say it but I had to get that education in order for me to be able to live right and to do the things that I need to do so it’s going to do all of that it’s going to give us some educational information about diabetes the history of diabetes and how it affects the african-american population as well as other populations and then what we can do to help prevent and extend our life lifeline who can come to the summit everybody everybody in the City of Jacksonville outside of the City of Jacksonville everybody at the sound of our voices when you hear this ready this television announcement our Saturday announcements on our radio station and just generally talking to the population so and it’s free absolutely free there is no cost everybody can come especially when it comes again in knowledge now there’s a you guys have access to a website that if people are having problems with their insulin affordability tell me about that yes well we’re partnered with the Lilly diabetes solution center and they are bringing solutions for those who may have trouble affording their insulin so they can go to WWN for debility comm for more information now you get a lot of people that are like well I don’t want to take insulin for X but when it comes to affordability a lot of people don’t take that in in it to consideration that totally blows a lot of it out of the water yes that’s correct and if they are not able to afford their insulin and not able to take it then their other effects health-wise that could be detrimental you guys have also connected with the Jacksonville City Council with a resolution at the event on November 1st this Thursday the Jacksonville City Council is presenting a resolution to recognize the Jacksonville is and November is Diabetes Awareness Month awesome and you guys have some great partners that help to make sure that this came together yes we do we have some wonderful partners Jacksonville Urban League of course and first Thursday of Jacksonville the Jacksonville Hispanic Chamber of Commerce the Duval and the Duval Baptist ministers conference is also supporting this event as well as praise 101 points 107.9 is gonna support the event as well very cool thank you guys for sharing this information so if you guys want to know more about the event you can go to the diabetes education and awareness summit convenes Thursday evening at 5:30 at the Salem center on bondable Road visit jxu l dot or to find out more so you guys good luck and uh yeah you guys come check it out your health depends on it definitely River City live right after this

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