Developing the whole child through faith-based education

We moved to the area and then we were
asking around with the schools you know what people thought of them and then we kind of got a lot a positive feedback with the Catholic schools. We chose the Catholic school because of the fact that you get religion class, they get faith-based teaching, they get family values We like that that’s taught throughout the day at school. I mean, it’s very important at home to teach it, but we like that it’s enforced as well at school And as a family, it’s very important to us. We’re really happy. We see a positive change in the kids! Catholic education has a strong
tradition through the past centuries with the
involvement of religious orders that were very committed to academic achievement, and that philosophy carries over today in how Catholic schools see their purpose in the full formation of the learner Though it’s not necessarily about
coercion of faith, on an indoctrination, but rather giving the
learner the opportunity to explore every aspect
of their personhood and this is all framed in faith. In the chapel, they get to hear faith stories, so I try to share
stories that are relevant, that if the gospel is read, if a
scripture story is read, we talk about — Okay, we know
that happened in the past How can it relate to your life NOW. You always sort of have people there with
you, like you think you’re falling but then you always have some like Richie, or your buddies — just sort of like we learned in class or in school, just to never led each other fall and always have each other’s back no matter what through the toughest times so that really helps

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