Developing Student's Speaking Skills with Technology:Complete Guide

hi this is Russell Stan are from teacher training videos calm this video looks at students aural skills how we can develop student speaking skills in in language learning this is something that I've been interested in for a long time I've written a couple of papers on it I used to do a lot of research around it while I was at the University of Warwick I've played around with quite a few technologies in fact my early work was even using tape recorders and I was influenced by some very early pieces of research which I've actually going to add in the links to those below the video I'm going to focus on two things what technologies we can use to help students to record themselves speaking and then where do we keep all of these recordings we need to have them organized in one place so that we can find them easily hope you like the video if you do please like it please share it with other teachers and please if you've got any questions or any comments please add those as well let's get straight into it so just to make it super clear to you this is an example of the sort of thing I'm talking about this is and I've got a little kind of blog that I've created it's just got a little bit of information about me and then if I come to the audio section I've got here some videos of me practicing my Spanish so there's lesson one listened to so this might be for example something that you do each month it might not necessarily be something you're going to ask your students to do every week they might do a recording each month and this is not a real example this is a fictitious example of the sort of thing that I'm talking about I will be showing you examples through the talk anyway and the idea if we just quickly actually have a look at this if we preview this then what we've got is actual recordings and if I click on it hopefully you've been here a bit as well ketta the most mapa de Francia for lengthy attiny from dennis con varios spices okay so basically you can hear me doing a speak activity so what would have happened was that we would have done some series of activities to prepare us for doing this recording but actually probably do the recordings at home and there were various technologies that we can use here but really we're just essentially using two things one thing is like a blog or a website for actually creating a place to keep all the recordings and then there is technologies that we can use for the recording so I'll be looking at both of those sides and then talking a little bit the end about how we can plan that so let's start first of all with the simplest thing and that is some of the technologies we can use to do the recordings I thought it might be interesting just to run you for a really quick example of what I mean so actually take you for a process so I'm gonna use a technology that I used to use I don't use it anymore but I used to use it's still around so you can still use it it's a great tool for just really doing a quick audio recording and then embedding it into a blog or into a website or whatever sometimes when you come on Tuvok aroo comm you have to kind of just click on a button to download this little Flash plugin and then obviously you are going to get your students prepared for this you wouldn't just ask them to do a recording they do some preparation work let's imagine for example you want them to let's say for example you want them to sort of introduce themselves so those obviously prepared some basic language and then they would click on the record button okay bueno me llamo rustles so I put offers of the English people in Londoners Amy temple Liberty look at me me gusta jugar football tambien estudiar astoria that'll do just click there I can actually listen to it straight away burn on me yeah more rustles so I prefer Celine glaze and the brilliant thing about this is I can just click here now and I can actually just save it now there's quite a few ways that we can work with this so I'll do an embed code fer so I'm going to click here and copy the link now obviously one thing is that the students are gonna need to save these recording somewhere so if I went off to blogger let me say like after the blogger okay let me just actually show you where you get blogger from so if you've got your gmail account then just click on your apps over here on the right hand side come down to more and you should see that you've got blogger as an app and you can literally create a new blog by just clicking here at the top and click on new blog okay so I'm gonna click on new blog I'm going to call this one speaking practice lessons in Spanish okay that's the title and then I've got actually give the URL the address so that people can find the website so I'm going to call it Russell speaking Spanish and then I can just see if I click there it will tell me can I use that yes I can so Russell speaking Spanish that's the actual link that's where the teacher will be able to find my recordings are you simple so I'm just gonna click on that one click on create blog the blog is created immediately and then I'm actually ready to post into that blog now I don't want to buy the domain I'm not interested in that so close that down close that not interested just going to click on new posts so I'm going to click on and add my first post in so I click on new post and I would then give it a title so I'm going to call this Russell lesson 1 introductions and then I'm probably going to write something so I click on compose and I'm going to probably write a lesson 1 maybe it's the title okay if I want to do that as well and then local explanation in my first lesson I am introducing myself now I need to simply add that recording so that would be there and the teacher could easily find it so be week 1 week 2 week 3 week 4 January February depending how frequently you decide to do these types of exercises and you can't do them that often students need to prepare to do something like this click on the HTML and all I need to do is basically come down below all the HTML and click on paste and it will paste in that recording and I click on publish and the great thing is I can actually view that almost immediately so if I click on View should come up on the screen sometimes if you see like this don't worry again it's just have to quickly just click on it to download the little player just allow it's just flash little flash player and there it is so if I shared the link to my blog so less than 1 in lesson 2 lesson 3 listen for listen 5 you'd have a mall listed here and the teacher could click and listen boy know me llamo rustles Sokoloff a zillion glares people in longer days I'm brilliant so it's a great way of getting our students to do recordings and build them up and keep them in one place so obviously the next lesson if we were to sort of go back just to sort of go for it we'd do a new post and that would be Russell lesson two ok and then I'd obviously go back to vocaroo do a new recording so let's just quickly do it number one let's say imagine in this one we're going to talk about let's talk about the languages I speak so I'm going to click on here off I go again bueno hablo espanol bastante bien ant is a blob of muchísimo mahaki or india pero si auntie Sarah prophesied espanol hablo English bien porgies me lingua nutiva a blonde poco de France's e también habla Mochaccino so I just done another recording same thing again now this time I'm just gonna come I could actually do it as a link it's slightly different when you do it's a link so I'm going to copy the link okay so copy come back again so this is week two so in this case we're not going to do compare gonna do sort of you know week 2 or lesson 2 or whatever it's going to be some lesson 2 and again you look just and then what we're gonna do in this one it's not we're not gonna we're in lesson 2 all right talk about the languages I speak ok so that's my lesson 2 and then in this one what I'm going to do is how much you can add a link so I'm gonna click on here and I'm gonna put the text in so say lesson 2 audio that's the title and then the link is gonna be a link to the video and one thing is of not to the video sorry link to the audio file one thing is here you want to do open this in a new window so that when you click on it opens up another window now this isn't quite enough as such a nice way to work I prefer to read the videos myself and if I click on publish okay now okay the teachers got when they come to your blog okay very quickly it's just have a look at our blog okay if in fact what we could do so we come to the blog then we can simply if at let's view the blog so this is what you would show the teacher okay and that you would give them that link so that the teacher could find your blog and they can see right here's lesson one good let's have a listen to listen to now lesson two is gonna work slightly differently gonna click on its you know open another window one or abnormal busting bbm and okay and then you've got the recording so that's the sort of thing I'm sort of suggesting now this isn't easy this is a pretty much a big step up for a lot of teachers and there are a lot of things to think about if you're gonna do something like this for example great idea if you do something like this to have study buddies so one student listening to the work of another student another great thing is to get the students to self evaluate they recorded so give them a series of questions to think about after they've done the recordings the preparation stage you might do this for example once a month or something like that now one way to do is show you perhaps some better technologies that we can use rather than vocaroo vocaroo is a possibility still as I've demonstrated in theory we could use vocaroo and it kind of works quite well with bloggers but we're gonna you look at another tool now we're gonna look at working with something called adobe spark so rather than using vocaroo what we're going to do this time is look at another tool so just gonna write in here adobe spark adobe spark is also free we'll need to sign up to create an account so i'm just gonna come in to spark adobe spark i already have an account i've actually used this quite regularly so you can see here lots of different recordings that i've made now what i'm gonna do in this one is click on this button here so don't forget i've already logged in you will need to create an account when you first sign up as i said it's free click here i'm going to click on the video and i'll do an example so we'll do for example tees it doesn't really matter which one of these you choose to be honest with you because they're all more or less the size so let's imagine that I'm gonna for this particular one I'm gonna do a video that is lesson plan okay so we're going to do this is actually lesson 3 then isn't it in my Spanish thing so lesson 3 let's say lesson 3 is going to be talking about my family ok so I'm going to click Next and again it's not really going to matter which one of these you choose they're all the same really ok and what it's gonna do really is it's going to produce a few different slides and those slides what you can do with them is you can kind of add your own recording on top of it you can even add pictures I'm going to keep it really beat basic today so what we're going to do is click on the first one so we're on the first slide here okay and we're gonna do let's do text so I'm gonna first of all talk about my brother okay and then in fact let's do the recording straight away so I'm gonna hold the mouse down here okay just simply click on it and start talking so hold it down though so press bueno tengo una mano and be botella kita they mean iere Liz sabaha come on Fontana dou y tambien talk alabaster dia okay sometime I recorded first once done I can play it back ah sorry if I want to play it back I just forgot I have to preview it apologies when old tengo una mano and be with tell akita demi els ha ha come on fontanel Oh eat okay so write down my first one I'm gonna come up to the second one now I'm gonna do text and say cousin okay so click on button again here bueno tengo mucho supremo's but oh boy habla they won't bloom okay bebe that Academy case muy amigo mio econ Qian like a mucho el futbol so I've just done a second day okay second page now you might that there was music on this or you can always turn that off by just clicking up here and just turning off the music alright you don't have to have that music on in the background so now we've done a presentation with two pages okay now I won't do any more so what I'm gonna do is going to come to the rest of these pages just click here and delete it okay so we won't have that one yes delete same here again we're deleting all the page it's just gonna make this a really short recording okay yes delete so you can do that very easily all right delete all the slides all the ones that have prepared you can just delete them all okay and just make it a really short recording like that okay and you can put in who who on this last page you can just put your name okay as the person that made the recording so now we've made a recording using adobe spark I could have added pictures when our we clicked here we use text but you could have used photos in which case you can link II and upload a photo from your computer and talk about it so this is a great technology for example if you wanted to have a photo on the screen and then record yourself describing that photo lots of possibilities for doing that in fact might be a good idea for me to actually show that let me just click on one just to demonstrate that as an idea if I click on photo here and then I wanted to upload a picture it so quickly grab a picture say from my presentations or something like that I'll just quit come down here a minute so I'm gonna choose this picture here just click on it that picture will then be added in I think if I'm noticed you can click here and sort of edit the photos or you can make it a bit smaller so I'm just gonna bring that in and now what I could do is add my voice to that as well so just to give you an example I can hold it down aqui tenemos an photo Greg a and a choice the photo into the key I stopped at about handling – Lakia bla bla bla bla bla do the recording now I can play this all back so I've got three pages now in this presentation I can preview it when old tango or near the manor and ok and if I just want to rush through come to the next part so just about cousin and we've got this bit where I'm talking about okay I'm interested so you can see how easy it is for me to make a recording alright now one of the nice things about doing something like that is that the students are actually going to learn about a little bit about using adobe spark and embedding pictures or you know etc etc so it's quite nice there's quite a lot of options in terms of the way you can do it but the basic idea is that they can redo a recall in online and then what they can do is they can share that now when you do a share make sure that you I think you have to give it a category so I'm going to call it education but click on create link and it does take a while for this to work Adobe Spock isn't the super quickest way of producing the output so you do have to be a bit patient and it will take a a minute or so to actually turn that into a video you can see it happening here at the top of the screen and here we are the video is really now kind of a bit like vocaroo we've got a couple of possibilities here one is we could just copy that link come back to our blog alright so I'm going to come back to our blog and we're going to add another lesson suddenly click on new post and then we're gonna say recording three all right and the same thing again maybe a little title year rapport lesson 3 I think we would call in the ACS lesson 3 here I'm talking about my family and again if I wanted to I can just add the link so click on link put the link address and then we just right here for the actual text so I'm going to say talking about my family so that's one way I do it don't forget to open that in a new window see when you click on the link you don't want to disappear from the blog so if we publish that now we've now got three pages and if we wanted to view the blog click over here and then again we can see that it's gonna click on a new page and it's probably not ready I would see is yeah the video is already ready and you can click on it when old man'll ok now you can do it that way now I'm just going to point out you can do it another way you can see the whole idea it's not that difficult just a little bit of knowledge of blogging and a little bit of knowledge of how adobe spark works put the two together and you can really do something quite interesting so I'm gonna click on new post here just going to come back to the recording we've done another option of course is to embed now I've never actually embedded in adobe spark into blogger so let's give it test and see if it works so to come back again to our blog now in this case when we're putting in the code we'd only use compose you only use HTML all right because we're just pasting in the actual code so I'm just going to put it in there come back to compose oops yeah okay so it's actually worked already but I'm just gonna at the top I'm just gonna put lesson 4 again talking about my family now in reality you might get the students to write a little bit more maybe describe the language they practice maybe talk about how they prepared it etc so they're kind of a bit more of a process so no it's not just simply a question of asking your students to do a recording so this is week let's say lesson 4 ok sorry I'm rushing this a bit but hopefully you get the idea but I must emphasize yes it's great to get the students to do these recordings and to put them into a blog but you also want them to reflect on what they've done so you definitely want them to describe the process that took place the language they practice maybe even get them to talk about what they like about their recording what they don't like that's a really good idea and lots of sorts of things I do around these kind of ideas I try to get the people to reflect on what they're doing so if we publish that we now have four here actually examples and that's less than four now obviously we've got lesson 3 lesson 2 lesson 1 notice it comes out like a big thing on the screen now just to make that point a case it's almost too big if I click on its gonna play when old tango or near the man on one piece of good news I've got a few here is that actually if we just go back to that lesson force when we come back to edit it we can if I know the right I think we'll know the man or B bit to keep that stop that if we come to the HTML I think if we was just to resize this at the moment it's like got a high of four hundred and five hundred and seventy so I'm gonna make that much smaller so I'm going to say two hundred and eighteen and a half the size of it so I'm coming into the code I'm on the HTML I'm actually changing the size of it and then if I do the whip as well I'm gonna half the whip so I'm going to say 480 so I'm just gonna do that right so I've literally just come in and I've changed the numbers both for the high and for the width click on upgrade and if we now come back again and view that hopefully you should notice now it's a lot smaller okay so you can actually do that all right all I needed to do is come into edit go to the HTML mode and just half the height size and half the whip size so you get the idea that we can actually get our students to record themselves speaking and put these things into a blog or into a website blogging is really easy because plugins are free tool and students can do it very very quickly so great idea just want to talk a little bit more now about how I actually organized this hi this is just a really quick reminder if you want to keep up with all the videos on the YouTube channel then please subscribe you can click on the subscribe button down here and also make sure that you click on the Bell and that way you'll be updated when new videos are added up onto the channel thank you now in a minute I'm going to play you a couple of examples of just some of the things that my students have done but I want to just talk a little bit about the process because I think from a teacher's point of view this is the hardest thing and whenever I do and your teacher training apart from the technical skills of using adobe spark and so using blogger the other key thing of course is to think about the whole process and the interesting thing about doing these things with students is exactly that that it's a process they have to choose a topic they have to prepare I have to do the recording and then they review now I actually do this in my own language learning that's how convinced I am about it and I'm going to show you a couple of examples but normally when I'm working this first these first two sections choose the topic and prepare and that is maybe preparation may mean thinking about the language you may mean listening to something that's similar to what you're going to ask the students to do it may be you doing an example to show the students what you want them to do and then them kind of preparing that way but you need think of some activities that will kind of get the students into the situation where they're ready to do the recording and this is exactly what I do when I'm working in I'm currently studying polish and my level is very low but I try as much as I can to get speaking so I might study for example the weather forecast and maybe do some exercises on quiz Liam may be listening to some examples on the internet and maybe studying the key vocabulary and then maybe preparing a speaking activity now what I do do when I do the speaking activity is I might have some basic notes but I don't write the whole thing out because I want to actually practice speaking and then of course once you do the recording and this is really important for your students is to review it so after you've done your recording to think about well what did you do how did you prepare it how often did you practice what notes did you take what could you do better next time that whole process of reviewing what you do is really really important and if I you know in a training session I would spend a lot of time looking at that that whole reflection part is is really important so let me just show you a couple of examples of even things that I've done as well as a couple of things from my students so here's an example of me practicing my polish now this is really rudimentary what I'm actually doing is I've got a kind of like interactive whiteboard and I've just written out the numbers and I'm gonna kind of just talk about my typical day what I do is seven o'clock eight o'clock nine o'clock etc now I did loads of preparation before doing this because I had to learn that the times and I had to also practice kind of habits and etc etc but the idea was that I would record myself and then I would keep that has a record of my development in Polish so I can click on play the button stays up che ba ba Smith just saw me Diego now one of the things is I'm not saying that I don't have some notes I do and in this case what I had was the numbers so I knew that I had the times written down in Polish so I could actually say them so it should make cetera and I also have the verb just the verb so so that I could remember it and then I had to produce the rest of the language so I did have some kind of framework and as I said I've done a lot of work before I did that recording this next one is from a student of mine this is many years ago I was using a technology at the time called mybrainshark mybrainshark doesn't exist anymore that's why I like using adobe spark because it's from a big company it's got more security vocaroo has survived for many years I must say sifaka ruse done very well this was a free tool the thing here is the process again the students had to plan this presentation write out the basic notes for it do the recording and then review it afterwards so there was a whole process going on here okay and therefore she's going through to see what she's done there so she recalled the presentation there you could easily do that for example using adobe spark because you just have different slide different picture or different thing on each on each slide and then record it one thing is well I like about Dobey spark is that you kind of limited if I remember right in terms of the number of slides but you really don't need more than about three or four slides that is enough the work that goes into preparing it doing the recording putting it up into a blogger into a website or somewhere you've got to think about where the students are going to keep these recordings so that you can access them and then give them some feedback on them but it's also really good as well as you possibly giving feedback to get your students to review their own work and another possibility is to give give them study buddies so that the students are working in pairs one student gives feedback to another student on the recording or one student listen to another student's recalled in and helps them so that though kind of ideas obviously if I had the kind of day of training review I would be able to talk about this much quicker and in much more detail sorry than I'm able to do at the moment this is just a short video just throwing out an idea but I would really encourage you to do this because it's really pushing the teaching and learning is reaper and this is very much learner centered activities and again another point it doesn't have to be on their own students could be working in pairs students could have questions on the screen one student asked the question the other student answers and then they could swap over so there's lots of different ways that you could work with this idea but it's great to encourage students to do these speaking activities and particularly the recording part to push it out of the class one of the things I like about technology is extending the lesson if you can get the students to do it of course just before I finish I just want to quickly go through blogger a little bit more and just to show you how easy is to use blogger I love blogging I kind of think that the technology gets a bit kind of misunderstood if you sign up to G now if you've got a gmail account you click on your apps come down to more and then you want to choose blogger you should see it on the screen and to create a new blog all you need to do is to click at the top here and you should see that you've got a new blog so I'm going to put here rustle polish examples all right and I'm gonna copy that and then I'm gonna paste that in as my address as well when you do an address don't put these spaces behind it okay so then when you click on that it will tell you whether or not that's available or not it is so I'm going to use that so then I'm gonna click on simple again use of layouts if you want to plenty of them this one here's another quite popular one but anyway I'm going to choose just a simple one and then I'm going to click on create that's it the blogs created don't take any notice of this that's just in case you actually want to give it a proper domain you know Russell poach examples com not interested note so just click on that that's just a load of information that's not interesting and you off now all you do to do a new post as you click here so click on new post and you would put polish example 1 and then remember if you're not just writing on the screen you just kind of use this one if you're gonna paste in if you're gonna copy some kind of code and then paste it in then you always click on this one alright and then when you've done your your code when you've done whatever you want to do you just click on publish that publishes the post or save it if you're done want to publish I don't worry about publishing a post no one's gonna find it it's not gonna be anything particularly exciting anyway but you don't have to publish it if you don't want you can just save it and then publish it when you're ready to and then what you can do is if you roll over here you can edit if you want to go back you can view it or you can delete it now if you actually ever want to view your blog and see well what does it really look like on the internet we'll just click on that button there and that's the link if you was a student that you would send to your teacher so in my case it's now HTTP blah blah blah russell polish examples blog so if I had send that link to anyone now they would find this this page as you can see that's not particularly exciting so that's really how simple it is to use blogger and you you know blow Miri is a lovely tall it's something I've been working with for years I've run whole kind of assessments on blogger so assess students when I was teaching on the master's degree at what university we use blogger as a way of assessing the students or the teachers they were teachers on the teacher training course and then when you want to do a new post you just click here and you add your second post ok lots more to it than that but that's the basics of it obviously if you're running we're really going to get the students to record themselves speaking in and put it into their blog it's that easy to use just remember that whenever you're copying code then you need to HTML so if you can do an embed code when you just add a link you just simply click on link and put the link in here and just the text that you want to be clickable you just put it there and that's it always when I do a link I always choose openness in the new window so when you click on the link it opens a new window and the blogger page still stays open okay I'm gonna finish this this turn into quite a long video I really hope your help this helps you it's big passion of mine when I first come across technology one of the first things I started thinking about as I said I'd already done some experiments with tapes was wow this could be a great way of getting my students to do more speaking activities and now that I'm learning another language I'm finding it very interesting preparing and doing recordings in Polish and in fact that's why I've just created that blog called Russell Russell polish examples because I'm gonna put all my examples into a blog and then make them available to teachers in the future thank you very much okay I really hope you liked that video please comment on the video please ask me any questions please like the video if you like it because that really helps me to build up my numbers on YouTube and of course if you can please share it with any other teachers if you come to teacher training videos calm there's lots more free content at the top here I have a section where most of the time it just takes you to one particular video let's say you want to learn about it model normally what you're gonna find is a video that introduces you to a model and then underneath there's normally a link through to some additional material normally a playlist on YouTube with lots of different additional videos so that can be really useful occasionally when you click on some of the stuff at the top but for example here top 12 videos you're gonna get a list and then you click on that and that will take you to the video so it's only ever two clicks to get to any of the content on the home pages also I've tried to develop this kind of section here now with key themes flipped classroom feedback teaching online etc and I'm kind of in the middle of of developing that at the moment now if you want to keep up with my work there's really just two places first of all great idea is to sign up to the newsletter that way you'll be updated with all the new videos you'll also be updated with any short courses any webinars I'm running special offers on software or any of the bigger face-to-face courses that I sometimes organize the other thing is if you really want to access all my content some of its here on teacher training videos comm but there's actually masses of it and the best place is to go to my youtube channel subscribe to my youtube channel and that way you'll be updated with all of the new videos and you'll also have access to all of the previous videos that I've uploaded and thank you very much and finally if you'd like to continue your studies I've provided you with three links to three sets of videos that I think you might find interesting and thank you very much

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