Developing Social Media Literacy

hi my name is Mariana and today I will talk about social media Tracy as any price of towards I agree and social identity threats there's no doubt that all of us especially children learn from the internet in fact we are all surrounded by governments listen to the music through increments really news to internet bindings to internet or the reflexes through internet and even communicating from treatments we are very familiar with the social networking sites such as Facebook Instagram Twitter and many others in fact just a message to my friends moganda and also of sign up our shop online holders the head for just seven weeks away my non-thesis project title is developing social media literacy reprisal to excite the bullying of school and social media networking site stress I believe we are all the users of social media we all have at least two or three social media accounts installed on our phones how many of you use Facebook Instagram Twitter like many others well according to the statistic from which stood and we are social 2019 the total users of Internet Indonesia is about 150 million people the same number goes as the social media users there is about 56 percent of the total population in Indonesia now the question is how much time they're spending a day see you delay and social media you feel the idea rich play time Asia especially social media is three hours and 26 minutes displaced rising again according to the statistic the school-age children 13 years old again 17 years ago is the third highest bill audience in assessing social media after the audience of each group activity 24 years old and twenty five hundred thirty four years old well then is social media good for the children the answer can be yes noon dependable uses according to European Schoolnet social media literacy for change 2019 social media benefits for children to socialize and meet new friends express themselves experience diversity and different point P engage new civic participation assess information and learn new things as well as be anything my social media also carries neither side of story we heard about a student who constantly received direct messages through social media accounts not a student reported it almost taken a picture when he didn't want to and the picture circulated among high schools in the city why children can be so mean in internet according to bank charm and Easter there is a power difference yell between cyber bully and the power gap that exists because the silent bully has the power to cut same victimize harassment arkad according to commit evil in de mañana Indonesia there was 679 cases of shooters other crimes reported in 2013 as most of them happen on social media and writings better internet camp a media literacy council and educators guide a set of me into the sleepy we find homes cruelly as president impression there is spreading vicious rumors of gossip to damage a person's reputation trolling impersonation on repenting to be someone a people there is airing summer super embracing information of photos online and especially the effects of cyberbullying for children as can be seen it was a 41% of social anxiety followed by depression suicidal thoughts later social media profiles engage in self harm stop using social media altogether starter skipping classes it is ordered and he began to abuse alcohol drugs the word recorded the death of Amanda Todd and Ryan Patrick Halligan those who think the teenagers who kill themselves because of cyberbullying their cyber trash according to human and some money set up stress can be classified into two privacy related traps and traditional network threats for the trash as stated by European Spooner social media literacy of change extinction with no social press really fat Austrian radicalization fake of illegal content Asian the beer I introduce a social media literacy project on the brandy official nation situational analysis focus area objectives action plan exposure and assessment budget and resources risk assessment the objective of the project is to empower the constructive social media literacy initiatives the end of ethical and responsible social use of technologies by students the project's Milliken's from the academic perspectives to enhance the learning of students further study about social media using behavior and social psychological aspects intrinsically while the practical significance will be a scalar pipeline tenkan past self for me different potentials through social media the most digital gaps and to fight inequalities the scope and the limitation will be the social media is in behavior normal students in the new tourism school you see the paradigm of constructivism and social psychology tradition with the approach of qualitative method a social media literacy project is view from the social media literacy strategy written by dr. Verma Caruso and Mona 7 the plan project will add up the following features consequences were 17 providing knowledge and understanding finally stipulation Indonesia run of bystanders together with the donors incorporated with the school websites be smart be safe be kind and in the data needed for curriculum and the Nostromo social media literacy project is the premise as MC our linear motor of communication the descender message channel can receive the body to Anita and achieve cyberbullying is a willful and we eat at home inflicted further uses computers cell phones and other electronic devices welcome resolved the inform and Joan in 2011 define disturb database known as the ability to use digital technology communication tools for networks to locate evaluate use and create information it also refers to the ability to understand and use information in multiple formats from the wide range of sources when presented by computers to a person's ability to perform facts effectively in the digital environment – coke 2009 – social media literacy has a set of competencies that empowers to assess debrief understand evaluate news create as well as share information and media content in all formats you see variable tools in a critical ethical and effective way in order to participate and engage in personal professional and societal activities the theoretical framework of the puja will be the use in social media that was the cyberbullying and risky opportunities besides what assistant media literacy is the intervention arrival we have seen how social media affects our lives in many good ways while social media explained as a major cause of cyberbullying and also carry risk opportunities if you speak to developing social media policy can be enough versus it's all my presentations the suggestions and requests a very small country fighting cyber bullying illiterate our younger generations with the wise men use of internet and social media if you need our responsibilities thank you

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