Deutsche Verben: sehen, schauen, blicken u.v.m. / German verbs: see / look / watch etc. (A1 A2 B1)

to see someone Do you see me? I see you to look at someone She is is looking at him. He is looking at her. to look at each other They are looking at each other. to see something She sees the cat. to look at something She is looking at the cat. to have a close look She is having close look at the cat. to look carefully Please look carefully. to look like What does she look like? She looks good. to tell by the look on someone’s face I can tell by the look on his face that he is lying. to look at She looked at the picture for a long time. to look Look! to glance Wie glanced at the document. to watch someone walking away She watched him walk away. to spot Suddenly she spotted a snake. to cast a glance He cast her a glance. discover / spot I can spot three mistakes. to watch She watches her neighbours. to look We are looking out of the window. The doctor looks into my ears. to look at oneself He is looking at himself in the mirror. to watch The spectators are watching. to see through She has seen right through him. to stare She starred out of the window. to follow with one’s eyes She follows the bird with her eyes. to eye She eyed him up and down. to watch TV She likes watching TV in the evening. to gawk / gape He is always gawking at his phone. to be cross-eyed Even though the taxi driver was cross-eyed, he could drive well.

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  1. To be honest I watch your videos because your voice gefählt Mir sehr. But yeah this video is actually difficult to remember but nice Work keep it up 😉 🌹🌹

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