Designing Your Own Homeschool Curriculum: Online Classes

I’m Maureen Wittmann with Homeschool Connections. Do you use a variety of resources to put together your own curriculum and are you interested in adding online classes to your homeschool? If so, let’s talk together about how Homeschool Connections can fit into your home school using a variety of resources. Many parents prefer to put together
their own curriculum. Because Homeschool Connections offers over 175 individual courses, both live and in
Unlimited Access recordings, what’s offered here is a wonderful fit for most parents who like to design their own curriculum. Here are some specific ways that you can add online classes to your eclectically-designed homeschool. First, if you’re not strong in teaching
languages, you could have students take live or
recorded interactive Spanish, Latin, and Greek, or German courses. If you have little ones, you can give your teens one or more
recorded, independent-learning courses with a highly qualified instructor to
oversee the subject. Then your time is freed up just a little bit more than it would
have been otherwise. If you want someone else to grade and comment on their academic writing and writing assignments the writing courses might be a perfect fit for you. Our live course teachers give specific
feedback on your teens’ work. In the recorded courses you have an option for grading for your students work as well. Families who live in states requiring at least one online course for
graduation can get that requirement met here. And if you want to give your teen the experience of having to answer to a teacher other than mom before leaving for college hey, this can be a great opportunity to
do so. And remember the important thing here is that parents have the freedom to pick and choose individual courses that work best for their homeschool. With a wide variety of courses available through Homeschool Connections, homeschoolers can easily fill any holes in their child’s curriculum or focus on a child’s special interest. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us. And don’t forget to subscribe to the
Homeschool Connections YouTube channel. So you’re kept up to date on our upcoming homeschool help videos. Just click on that “Click Here” button in the bottom right. God bless you and yours abundantly.

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