Department of Language and Linguistic Science – our MA programmes

-The postgraduate
level at our department offers a variety of
Master’s programs, with a general conversion
linguistics, MA, as well as a variety of specialized
Master’s programs. -The main characteristic
of these programs is that they take students
from fairly basic courses that fill in the blanks,
or the gaps that they have in their knowledge to lay
a solid foundation to very, very advanced, cutting-edge,
basically research, in all of the
areas that we have. -I looked at York
because I knew it was a lovely place, as a city. And I was really
interested to see the breadth of options
for Master’s students, everything from
straight linguistics to forensic speech science. And I think it was
seeing that choice and seeing the different
areas of specialization that really caught my imagination. -York obviously has
a fabulous reputation anyway for linguistics. It’s a well-respected
university generally. The department
itself, when I came up and I got the chance
to meet my supervisor, before even starting the course,
it just gave me the impression that they were really
there to help you. They wanted to work with you,
and not just talk at you. -When I meet these
postgraduate students, I find that they’re interested
in topics which I myself am interested in. A lot of them do field work on
dialectology in this country, or dialectology abroad. And so, I get to discuss
academic matters with them, and sometimes I see things
from a new perspective and that’s always
very interesting. -The sort of work that
comes out of these Masters is something that makes
everyone in the department extremely proud–
work that you market, but in fact you read it
like a research paper that challenges you as
much as anything else. And that is the biggest
reward that you can get. After having told
people for a whole year in a master’s, seeing
that sort of work is joy.

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