Department of Health Studies Master of Science in Nutrition Education Graduate

Good afternoon everybody my name is
Petrilla Hernandez and I am a graduate of the Masters of Science and nutrition
education program at AU I graduated in May 2016 and I’m happy to share some of
my thoughts on the program today so this program was launched in 2014 and it’s a
unique online program that focuses on both the science of nutrition as well as
the educational strategy is necessary to impact behavior change at the individual
community and population level the program boasts 60 alumni including
myself and currently has more than 70 students enrolled students and alumni
are located all across the country in more than 30 States as well as
internationally graduates of the program have gone to work in the field of
nutrition education in a variety of settings from schools to departments of
Public Health to nonprofits to help firms just to name a few
personally the MSNE program at AU has been vital to help cultivate my career
in food and nutrition which has helped me tremendously in my current position
and DC government after working in the restaurant industry for over five years
in both culinary and front-of-the-house positions I redirected my love of food
to addressing food insecurity and access to healthy food in 2010 while my
previous degrees have been able to open lots of doors in the child nutrition and
food policy arena the MSNE program has been able to equip me in my position
as a management analyst at the office of the State Superintendent of Education
also lovingly known as OSSE my role as a management analyst is to oversee the
implementation of the DC healthy tots Act this piece of legislation was passed
in 2014 and provides funding to support the dissemination of healthy eating
physical activity and wellness programming in the DC early childcare
community the online program allowed me to have
the flexibility to pursue my professional goals as well as offering
very challenging content to complement my current skillset
thanks so much for letting me go a little overtime today but I look forward
to answering any questions or concerns you might have

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