Department of Education:Use of Federal Funds

[MUSIC] Carol: This morning
when I was sitting with one of the groups we were talking
about funding streams. Title I is mentioned when it
comes with student achievement and student learning. And
Title II-A is mentioned when it comes to
professional development. Deborah: There are many federal resources which float either two
local school districts or also to the state education agencies.
And it’s really vital for superintendents to work with
their federal liaisons to ensure they understand all
the uses of dollars. Narrator: Under Title I of
the Elementary and Secondary Education Act school districts
may use federal funds to acquire technology to
help improve the academic performance of disadvantaged
students. Some schools have been able to obtain support for
their technology needs through E-Rate program which provides
discounts on internet access. Devin: Title II for us is
instrumental in terms of providing professional
development support. Narrator: Many school districts
receive federal funds through Title II-A of the ESEA
to support professional development or learning
activities for teachers and principals. To increase
academic achievement for all students by using technology
in the classroom. Female Speaker: The idea of
professional development has really changed over the
years. So we’re working with Title II-A, and that
program is a very large program. It’s $2.3
billion dollars. Tom: We have coaches that
work with teachers. We have teachers who we consider
innovators, who apply to be our leaders and pilot projects for
us. And then we key them in with different professional
developments. So they’re top of the game. And then
those teachers become kind of our lighthouses for the
rest of our teachers. Billie: One of the
interesting things that she does every year is she really
creates a major technology initiative. And so we
partnered with the Create Lab at Carnegie Mellon
University, and what they’ve done is they’ve embedded into
the second grade curriculum an area about the environment. And
so there are a lot of opportunities for her to make a
difference within her building, not just her classroom, but
within her building and within her grade level. Tom: But I think
without the Title II-A funds that would be much more
difficult to accomplish.

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