Department of Education: School Leaders Support Transition to Digital Learning

[MUSIC] David: In New Jersey we’re
required to submit a tech plan. And it’s very detailed and in
its infancy it didn’t seem terribly necessary. Now it’s,
it’s the bible. The process of getting teachers and students
comfortable with the widespread use of devices has been just
that, a process not an event. Devin: It may actually be
shifting away from the factory model of industrial age
education into a new model we’re in the process
of creating along with our students
and with our community. David: You know I can look at
the tech plan, three to five year tech plan and tell which
classrooms have computers that need to be replaced next. Where
we need more hotspots for whatever purpose in which of the
buildings. So the tech plan has become much more important as technology has become
much more important. Deborah: Students come into
school already very equipped to dealing with technology.
So the superintendent has a vital role to play,
and despite the challenges I think taking on
those challenges just yields really incredible benefits for
students as well as for the adults in this building. Billie: South Fayette was once
a rural, mining, farming community and it has
grown into a hotbed of innovation and professionals
with families that have moved to the district primarily
because of the school district and the academic
success of the district. Female Speaker: The districts
where there’s really quality leadership, the discussion
will be based around what is it, what are the
outcomes, what is it we want students to
be able to do as opposed to, oh look we really
think iPads are the thing. So – Devin: So we’re learning a lot
about what the changing demands are in the workplace and trying
to match that as best as we can with the instructional process. [MUSIC]

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