Department of Education reviews teacher evaluation process

of educators in our public schools, amidst growing fears over the loss of federal funds. Even princiapls weren’t happy with a plan some called unrealistic and impractical. But new tonight– a compromise among those at the top. KITV4’s Catherine Cruz has the latest. 10 33 54 The evaluations are designed to tie performance to pay. That’s troubling to teachers because it includes scores from students as young as “kindergarten” – Wil Okabe 4:25- 4 :31 “They are too young they wont be able to digest the questions. and that was one of the concerns from the elementary school teachers” The teachers union raised other red flags .. Like making sure the evaluations were being rolled out fairly acorss the board by school administrartors . And school principals balked because of the workload. Evaluations twice a year were just too much. Some say that would have mean them evaluating staff every day of the school year. – Ron Nozoe 20:08- 20: 15 “I understand that there was alot of work and change was hard. We did put people through alot there is no question about that and it has been hard,” After much input by all sides– the school superintendent says the workload will be reduced. Teachers found to be highly effective or efrective will be evaluated less often. That should reduce the workload by about 50 % Kathy Matayoshi 10 34-10: 42 – “We are looking at a pretty significant reduction in the amount of time to complete the evaluation,” – Will Okabe 5:39 5:45 -“It will cut down on their workload and that is a very, very important part of this reccommendation,” That means more time to focus on learning … AND student input will NOT be given so much weight. K-grade 2 will not be included and general student surveys wil not be directly tied to pay. – Kathy 11:30 – 11:35 – “It is now more of information and feedback versus a direct score,” DOE says it has advised federal Race to the Top officials of the changes but no feedback so far. So were the fears about the big federal hammer coming down hard– overblown?? – Ron Nozoe 20: 34-49 -“I’m sure that was fear but here should be a felling of comfort knowing that this years implementation will be different than last years and folks will be able to focus on improvement.” The compromise comes just two weeks before classes start at multi track schools. So officials were under the gun to roll something out. The evalutaitons cover about 13,000 teachers state wide. They say last years evaluations will not affect most teachers–with the exception of new teachers who received unsatisfactory ratings. There were two of those this year.Back to you,

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