Department of Education releases performance results for K-12 schools

good evening everyone school performance scores are out for the 2017-2018 school year on average school districts in the state scored a B here’s a look at the scores for districts in Acadiana Vermilion Parish remains the highest rated school district in Acadiana with an A but one other district is also standing out just as Henderson explains in our top story what we say is every student every day the Vermillion way Vermilion Parish superintendent and Jerome Pio says he could not be more proud of everyone in Vermilion Parish instead of worrying we challenged we challenged our leaders and our leaders challenged our teachers and our teachers challenge the students expectations still were high but our students achieved it and that is why Vermillion is one of only four districts in Louisiana to have a name ranking st. Landry Parish schools also standout even with the C rating we know that the state has established a new baseline with a new scoring system and we are at a C a 68 C there however you can’t take away from the growth that our teachers and students and parents have put into the hard work in achieving that beat and sale and repairs on the old scale Jenkins says the district had the largest improvement in the state it’s a team effort to make these gains in such a short period of time so everyone participates in this growth and everyone should be proud of the work that they’ve done for the 1718 school year the newer and more rigorous grading formula will be used for future results justice Henderson ket C tv3

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