Department of Education and Training Graduate Programme – Grads Talk

♪(Background Music Playing)♪ What attracted me to the Department’s Graduate Programme was the scope of the Department’s work. I was really excited to be able to work on a range of policies that affect all Australians at all stages of life. There’s so much to enjoy about it. There’s the work side of things. It’s really supportive. You not only have your own team, you can find interesting and you know, inspiring people. The prospect of working on policy from you know, childcare all the way up to university really excited me. What really attracted me to the programme was I guess the bigger picture and being able to kind of effect that change on a much wider scale. ♪(Music Playing)♪ There’s lots of skills that you learn in the Graduate Programme that you can use in everyday life. You develop really great writing skills, interpersonal capabilities. I have engaged in stakeholder engagement. And everybody in the Department is really welcoming and they – they know that you’re new and they’re really there to support you and help you transition into working life. I think I’ve definitely been a part of the process, you know, of new policy development that really does affect a wide range of people. ♪ (Music Playing) ♪ The highlight of the year for me has been working on some really influential policy. One of the projects that I currently work on was announced by the Prime Minister at the APEC Leaders’ Meeting in November which was pretty exciting to work on something so prominent. So I was a legal grad that they recruited into the programme. So I started out in the People Privacy and Property team. So we worked a lot with internal HR issues and the information the Department collects. And obviously as a legal grad there’s sort of advice writing and sort of commercial work to do with looking at funding agreements. Some of the opportunities that the programme provided – a range of training, the opportunity to work on fundraising initiatives with other graduates. ♪ (Music Playing)♪ I would definitely recommend the programme to others. It is a really exciting opportunity to a be a part of not only just the Department of Education but a graduate cohort going through. And there’s so much support and so much training that they give you in the – in the programme year and then after that who knows. There’s so many opportunities. If I was to give advice to someone about joining the Department of Education and the Graduate Programme I would say that you need to be someone who is innovative and agile and creative. We as the graduate cohort have the opportunity to be influential and to be the change makers and we need those young people to – to have those attributes. I would absolutely recommend the programme to others. ♪(Music Playing)♪

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