Demonstrating the apostolic teaching, working with the indigenous community for social welfare.

On June 25th 2019 the battalion of Edmonton Canada were invited to a powwow which is an indigenous gathering held by different Native communities the battalion have been volunteering at an indigenous community center where they help feed the less fortunate and also help counsel those victimized by substance abuse such as alcohol and drugs the missionaries were able to let the community know who they were and what they do in the community a recognition was given to the battalion in the name of the church for their commitment to the community and betterment of their fellow man without any discrimination of race language religion culture or social status they're right here just beautiful people and they go all over the city and try and help people share they come and do our 12-step meetings sometimes they're just awesome people and there's a whole group of them with the light of the world Church they travel all over the world doing what they can to help people very much like our indigenous people they don't force anything on anybody they just pitch in and help and try and build fellowship so thank you for being here thus being the example of a true Christian as the apostle of Jesus Christ our brother Nathan joaquin garcia has always taught us that a good Christian is a good citizen the battalion continues to work alongside the indigenous community for salvation of the souls that this gospel be known to all Krystle Garcia reporting from Edmonton Canada for LLVM you

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