42 thoughts on “Demo Video Lesson for Teaching in China !”

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  2. This teacher is lovely and full of energy but I teach little kids once a week in Japan at a day care, and I can tell you that it is very hard, they have different ages, from 1 to 5 year old kids together, usually about 20 kids, I tried to ask their names one by one, very few answered. The songs seem to keep them entertained as long as you do all the singing. So basically, it is always animals and colors that work best. Even the little games I tried were too difficult for the very young ones.

  3. Teaching a large class vs. teaching a small class uses different skills.
    For ideas on a small class, Mark has a large number of videos which demonstrate teaching excellence….. WITH REAL CHILDREN!

  4. Wow your an excellent teacher ❤️ would you please give me some pieces of advice pn which lesson should o teach 1st? I'm confused I don't know the step by step lesson

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  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyEi8hXRI84
    Hey guys! Here is my latest China Video!! We went to Chimelong Paradise in Guangzhou.

  8. Hi teacher, I like your videos and I admire you for being an excellent teacher. I will be travelling very soon and I'm kind of nervous because I really don't have any experience teaching children. I'm just wondering how you taught them at the beginning and how they were able to understand your questions and sentences if they don't know words in English? I saw some teachers having interpreters beside them, would that be effective?I really need your advice because I really don't know what to teach them first on the 1st day of the class and on the 1st week ,maybe the school have their own lesson plans though. Thanks

  9. I'd like to say a word for the teachers who are willing to work in China. You won't speak so much English as in this video, because you teach kids who are 3-4-5 yo and they never understand such a difficult speech. As I'm currently in China and know what they want from you. The only thing they want is to play lots of games using the words.

  10. What if the kids don't know anything in English, are you just gonna stand up and say your name and ask theirs, sorry that won't work

    Secondly for a demo, you are using too many vocabularies. Seriously this is not for demo but already a lesson

  11. Idk but i feel anxious whenever i watch vids like this.. I'm not really a professional teacher but i need to teach. I don't have too much confidence.. Wish me luck

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