Demo: Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb #SNAMM2019

hey Sam hear from Katara comm we're talking to Shane at the fender booth take a look at the brand-new tone master range of amplifiers so Shane what we look out first we only get the deluxe reverb it's a tone master deluxe reverb all the same features as our 65 reissue can't tell the difference from the front except for a little badge here's what it sounds like get that a little bit of compression a little bit of dirt on there I'm set at 5 on the volume 5 and 5 on the treble and bass exact exact same sound as a 65 reissue but it's a modeling amp we modeled the preamp the tone stack the phase inverter the interaction with the power amp all the stuff so the playing experience in the field even when you dig in is the same as a tube amp that's incredible it doesn't sound or feel like like a modeling app that's also the technology behind that well we've been doing modeling amps for decades but we've mostly done you know lower end Mustangs and things like that and we wanted to do a very professional level modeling product and we decided to lead with what Fender does best which is the combo amp and so these don't have presets they don't have 50 effects none of that stuff it's the exact same feature set on the front as a twin reverb or a deluxe reverb but you'll never have to change it tube they weigh half of what the tube counterparts do and we've got some stealth features around back as well don't tell us more about these stealth features down there on the back okay well first of all I do want to show you the reverb we did a convolution reverb which is a very processor intense way to do reverb but it has all the little juicy bits that you get when you have a spring reverb so get that response immediately it's got that water dripping in a cave kind of thing it does that perfectly tremolo we analyzed six or seven old blackface amps and The Tremeloes are all over the map in the old ones some go real fast some go real slow and so on so we picked what we thought was the most representative of that era so here's the tremolo nice and slow or real fast so all the processing power is aimed at delivering the tube amp experience spring reverb tube tremolo no more NOLA travel no specifically sounds really touch sensitive as well yeah it is and it's it's you know we looked at the waveforms the shape of the the tremolo and all that kind of stuff it's it's a lot of analysis to do we worked on these products for like three years so now let's show you the other stuff so around back I have an XLR line output that has a choice of two different impulse responses ir's and one is like an sm57 microphone which every guitar player knows you have one right here and the other one is a Royer ribbon mic which has a smoother kind of fatter sounding response so I can either have the amp live or I can put it on standby him or on mute but then I can go through the PA system and the IRS are coming out that way so for people who play like in a worship band a casino band wedding band anywhere where you need a quiet stage they can have their two band performance but just be out into the PA so i'm just does it for you for you and then the final thing that's really super cool is there's a power output level control so on full it delivers the same apparent volume as a 22 watt deluxe reverb or an 85 watt twin reverb but then you have five attenuated settings so you can go you know slightly quieter or all the way down to bedroom level and it's very effective contessa can we get some open examples let's do let's do the amp on 10 and I'll only do it for a second but you know sorry okay but if you get to the club or the rehearsal and that's a little too loud down a notch I don't know I don't know if your camera's gonna pick this up but you could go down a little bit or a lot all the way down to like bedroom level so and what a lot of people do with the with the de luxury everywhere the Twin Reverb is set it at it's kind of sweet spot maybe like on four or five on this maybe bit back and leave it there but again if you get somewhere where you need a little less volume you can choose one of five attenuated settings to do that so it's really cool okay thanks so much talking us through that something an incredible product I think we're gonna solve a lot of problems for people and at the very least you can pick it up with one finger this time again Telecom here was Shane at the fender booth talked to the new tow master arms you

14 thoughts on “Demo: Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb #SNAMM2019”

  1. Excellent now I would like this in a 57 custom twin ……..or a joe Bonamassa (JB addition ) 59 twin aged tweed

  2. I'm wondering if the new amps will appeal to jazz guys. They have $1000 Quilters and Henriksens but if they miss the old, heavy Twins, now they have a lightweight amp in the same price range.

  3. Shane is wornt out,he did every interview on these amps with all youtube people,just get a voice recorder,feel bad for the guy repeating himself countless times

  4. How the hell fender make an amp that is not a tube amp , that is an imitation of their own tube amps , but it cost more than their own 40watts good tube amps like blues deluxe, hot rod ect , what a joke , when they got to decide on price they decide to put a price for musician to say wtf

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