Demo: Education Research Complete Fall 2017

hi this is Sarah Marks one of the
librarians here at UMass Lowell for this video I’m going to show you how to use
the database education research complete this is by the same company that created
and manages our Eric database but the difference is what’s in them this is a
research collection not including those Eric documents and it includes some of
the titles that might be in Eric but some are article titles and journals
that aren’t in Eric so it’s important to search both for this video if you want
to see a more in-depth look at how you can use this company’s databases the
Eric video is the one to watch but for this one I’m going to quickly show you
some of the options that are unique to the education research complete
collection and it’ll be a very brief demo so again I’m gonna do special
education in one box and in the next box autism I’m going to scroll down I’m
going to limit myself to those scholarly peer-reviewed articles notice I have the
option to limit to full-text of references available I would suggest not
doing either one of those your date range is here as is your publication
type your language and document type if you want a cover story or you can limit
that way I would ignore the image quick view and the PDF full text because full
text is important you want to really just get the articles that are best for
you whether they have full text or not interlibrary loan is a great service to
get the articles that we can’t just get immediately in the databases and it’s
really fast so I’m limiting just to those scholarly
peer-reviewed journals and I’m going to run my search now I might have some of
the articles I found in Eric but I might have different ones if I scroll down I
have my options for date range source types thesaurus terms in a second
subject terms they’re two separate but connected they’re just different ways of
describing something you can use either publication language geography so if I
want to make sure that my research focus is on the US or maybe a specific state
within the US I can do that and you can see that there is one that talks about
Massachusetts so this is an option that’s here that’s not in Eric and so
that’s the very basics of using education research complete again if you
want a deeper look at looking at the article as getting the full-text and the
citation you can look at the Eric video that will explain all of that

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