DELTA ONE A330 Business Class. Should You Fly Delta Airlines? DTW✈AMS⭐

Should you fly Delta One business class
on the A330? Watch our video to see our experience. Hello and welcome. Today, I
will do a trip report of Delta One going from Detroit to Amsterdam on the A330. This is not my first time with Delta. I’m really hoping that this lives up to the
expectations that have been met by them before. This is Kuma let’s go! Today’s flight will be 7 hours and 5 minutes. The first thing we’re gonna do is visit the Sky Club lounge. In Detroit Airport, there are three Sky Club lounges, but we went to the one by gate A38. We recommend
you go to this one because it has more food options, but note that means it’s
also more crowded. I will show you a quick overview of the main area of the
lounge. In the center of the lounge is the buffet. We visited around dinnertime and as you can see it was rather crowded. I wonder what this buffet is gonna be
like so let’s go ahead and take a look. With a salad section well I’d say it’s
just okay, but I definitely would not call it spectacular. For dessert, they had some brownies and cookies. Generally, I really feel that this buffet
was just mediocre; the quality was okay but the selections were really on the
low side and I really would have loved to see more. The hot food section had
only two options while the flavor was good. I really just want more of a choice
especially in a larger lounge like this. If you like to have yourself a drink,
there are a few good options. Now it’s time to fly! It looks like we’re on time tonight. Boarding was a little bit delayed, but once it started it went smoothly. I’m getting to my seat already. It’s 4A by
the window. Here’s the seat, take a good look. Today’s plane is an A330 and the Delta One cabin is 1-2-1 configuration. The seat is 19.7 inches wide with 80 inches of pitch. Here’s my welcome drink, while they offered champagne I elected for orange juice this time around. The legroom was good, but the foot well seemed a bit narrow. At this point we were informed of a technical issue that ended up causing us
to take off about an hour late. So given the delay, I’m just gonna get myself comfortable including checking out this aisle side retractable armrests. And the IFE controller and seat controls are located directly next to the IFE screen. The IFE screen is initially stowed, but
can be opened with the button that’s located directly above the seat controls. Here’s the reading lamp. It seems like
there’s just one lighting intensity here. For the tray table, I found it to be easy
to operate and it was actually adequately sized, but once folded up the
shape was a little bit strange. Here’s where the magazines are stored. Your standard selection, including the airsickness bag, the safety card, and a
magazine. Checking out the linens I’m seeing that Delta features Western Heavenly linens. Just look at this pillow look at how large. It is it’s super plush! I also love the blanket. It was super comfortable.
I think Delta’s doing an awesome job with the lines. Delta features a LSTN noise-canceling headsets. The sound and noise cancelling qualities were good. Now, we’ll check out the amenities. They come in this neat TUMI pouch. After unpacking the kit I like what I see. The selection seems pretty generous. Especially the
hand sanitizer and the mouthwash. Seems like Delta’s doing a really nice job
with their amenities. They even go as far as to tell you what
country each item was made in. The meal service began pretty quickly
after takeoff. And as we peruse the menu, you can feel free to stop the video if you need more time to look. The service began with this refreshing hot towel. Right after that I decided to get myself some wine. There are two white wine
options and I decided to try both of them. They brought out the warm nuts as a
snack. I had that with my white wine. For my starter I got the butternut
squash soup. It looks well-presented but I wish that the soup was a little
bit warmer. One good thing is it seems like Delta did a good job on the portion
size so it’s not too much for when I got to my main course. For my main course I got the pan-fried
chicken. The plating looks spectacular. The chicken itself was juicy and
well-seasoned. It was quite enjoyable. For dessert they brought it down on this
cart. take a look—looks very interesting. I
went with my favorite ice cream sundae for dessert. I can never go wrong with
that. Let’s have a look at the cabin after the meal service. I want to give a
shout out to Delta now as I’m experiencing great service on this
flight so far. Our flight attendant is one of the most charismatic that I think
I’ve ever met. Let’s check out the lavatory. Looking around you can see it’s
just a fairly standard airplane lavatory. Now it’s time to lie flat the bed. Unfortunately my travel companion and I
thought that the bed surface was a little too hard. Before I head to sleep, I want to check out the IFE and see if I can find a movie. I really enjoy Delta’s
IFE system as it seems like the selection is pretty good in the system
just works very well. I think I’m gonna settle on Pet Sematary. Good morning! I had a couple of hours
rest and now it’s time for Kuma to have his breakfast. I had the truffle leek and
mushroom frittata. I found the frittata itself to be good
but I found the meats to be cold and greasy. The bread was very good and the
fruits were super fresh. And Ican’t go wrong with a hot cup of coffee! By the way, they serve Starbucks which is just truly awesome. And they serve this piece of chocolate to end the breakfast service. Welcome to Amsterdam! Generally I would say the flight was good. The star of the flight for me was the wonderful service I received from my
flight defendants. Delta has some passionate flight attendants who love
their work. For the food, I enjoyed my dinner but there were some aspects of
the breakfast that could use some work. The seat was okay but the bedding was
just a little uncomfortable I have also flown Delta One Ssuites. The food and service are not necessarily better but if you want the better seat, try
to find a flight that features Delta One Suites. If you enjoyed our video, please
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This is Kuma. Thank you for watching. See you next time! To see see our Delta One Suites video, click the link on the left. To see our KLM
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