Deleted Scenes: Kinesis Educational, short game.

okay so hello and welcome to this kinesis educational this has been long overdue this was my most recognizable hero everyone like when when they father slapped they follow Kinesis before I started playing jungle and parasite was my new one but this is obviously one of my best heroes of all time I played really really well and I know a lot about it and I’m happy to be the one to educate you guys about this this is hughes east however this is going to be in 160 ping plus sadly but hey doesn’t matter be so um kinesis Kinesis i played his hero so much today it is really not much to say okay I was actually in the last top five in this comeback network video with bikini says it was still deleted scenes ones but I think got a five-man ulti or something it doesn’t really matter but funnily enough speaking of Kinesis i was in the last top 5 video so um alright first ball lift it’s basically like a cyclone accepted deals damage and stones people around it it scales with the levels both the damage I understand not only that’s it also lowers the damage of any one that is lifted up by fifty percent so basically you don’t want to throw your old yet enemies when they’re in the air but it could be a very good spell to lift yourself up like in the top 5 video for example I look I lift myself up and then I live only because of that play and then I ulti like five people with my ultimate which makes me love because on my shield but speaking of that it’s a very very good defensive ability on both yourself as well as teammates now w is pretty much that you lift a creep or a tree and you throw it at people or you throw it a creepster lasted right there just to show you normally I would have thrown it at him because that’s what I want to do right now I want to harass him down it’s a revenant he has insane harass an incredible damage and I want to be the one who is on full life and not him because if he is on full life against me on full life he’ll win any time of the day I’m gonna keep up their ass make sure he uses his help pot very very early he also sits on about six more damage than I do seven actually okay settle more damage than I do in starting damage so he has a little bit more damage for last inning but I also have my w-2 healthy lasting so see you’re gonna have to lift the tree otherwise we’ll miss this last hit oh wow he reacted fast on that one so yeah what you want to do is Kinesis is you want to play extremely aggressive you always want to be up their faces you want to throw trees at them you want to audit I basically like this and you throw an auto-attack you throw an auto-attack and your front auto attack I might actually kill him here wait I will wow he overextended there okay that was close um so yeah as the Kinesis you always always want to be straight up their faces no matter if Amelia range they can’t really like come there’s not a lot of heroes that has the same amount of harassed potential as you do so you can always afford being up their faces pretty much even now cuz I’m one level higher he’s only level two so he doesn’t deal that much damage as you can see deals quite a bit but since my balls in coming and he doesn’t have a health pot I can afford mining up because I know he won’t kill me and I know my ball is incoming so me getting low life won’t matter cuz i will get full life now extends my balls here and hopefully yes perfect illusions even that’s absolutely perfect we will in fact have another kill here if he stays with that life or if you scale Emma’s little free we won’t but let’s hope that he was stupid enough not to let’s see here so as you can see i’m always always up his face like Kinesis has an amazing rass potential and you want to be using it all the time you never want to beat a hero that is below 0 I thought he was coming you man down bro um oh my skill um okay so I saw my em pop coming down my minimaps that’s why I decided to go very very aggressive there luckily for me Paris it hasn’t been here yet so I’m in quite a good shape please viable also got my boost in coming here um let’s see set slap talk with same decibelle listening I can’t do that the only time I get a dark voice like that in Swedish I can’t talk English like well no it doesn’t work sorry it’s not natural for me it’s only in my Swedish that I will be able to do so okay so once again keep in mind when playing Kinesis make sure you never want full mana you want to use your trees all the time for her ass and then you just want to back off you never as I said never ever want to be the hero in mid lane with less life than your opponent never never ever get lost it that no so always make sure that you’re the guy who is in the top you’re being the aggressor you’re making him go back to his tower and cry to his mommy you always want to be on his ass and you always want him at low life because as soon as you hit level 6 you can pretty much burst a guy from full life now there are two skill bills with this hero it either you get a point of yuri at level 4 or you get a point of your ear level 8 or you wait until level 10 okay that’s free actually so I normally don’t get my e on to level 10 but it really depends on who you face because an early level of shield might actually save you but it also might stop you from getting the kill which is why i don’t really like it i like being an aggressor and since i have boots right here look at this what’s he gonna do what is he gonna do no no no no that was not good so we sadly are not going to get the ruined dare I need two trees which is 110 mana to kill him now need to auto attacks and two treats if you do fast math here I got two trees now that’s one auto attack to actually fremming oh I miscalculated how much harm it is from the remnant have that’s actually bad because he will kill me now if he goes on me so I have to run away here high boots i should be able to get out fine pick up the refreshment and immediately run away because if he’s after me right now i’m dead as it can see he’s right there so i’m glad i made that assessment that he’s behind me I’m gonna pick up two trees here and then I’m gonna turn the revenant and he said that I’m gonna wait until I have 55 man and I’m gonna immediately slow him I should be fine here uh slowing him ah and I’m out very very very close there thank you for the help but that back out again buddy yeah we’re just chillin we’re chill no they should be able to get out holy crap how much how much Matt armored is revenant have for print free oh ok ok then it was really bad math well okay I’m sorry I thought he had less armor than five point so a 4.3 but ok in either case that was a very very good play right there and I got out alive we want to get see boots first and then it really depends on the game there are a few ways to play Kinesis if you play Kinesis as a suicide I would recommend items like tablet blink and gnomes wisdom but normally like I almost never go in those wisdom I see a lot of people asking me why don’t you go gnomes and Kinesis loose I’m not really good and no it’s not I only like to go it when I’m suicide because you’re going kind of a utility kind of Kinesis wait one second air just gonna kill this guy wait what are you serious right now did that miss him didn’t look like you hit him how wow I don’t know okay that was very bad by me okay oh yeah i forgot to explain to you guys my ultimate sorry i had my e ok so my e ability the shield is basically whenever you deal magic damage to a hero not creeps you will take in a percentage of that damage and add to a little bit of a shield so it basically works like an extra health pool basically and it’s a very very good ability see here just going to damage him a little bit okay half life that’s good I have free trees on the lift here very very soon I have to right now on the lift which is more than enough with empath but not without so um it’s good she’s 348 life okay need lift and free trees to instantly kill him and now I need two other times I think you can go actually going to do for trees instead gets a Smackdown of course and then we’re gonna pick up the bottom right here in 15 seconds oh can I steal it Kevin am I good a little bit of extra gold thank you for that okay so since I’m playing a revenant and i’m playing a parasite that I’m planning a madman at mystic vestments is very good and steam boots is in ninety nine percent of the games you want to go steam boots on kinesis never ever ghost marchers first of all Yuri gives you move speed so you don’t need those extra movement speed at all second of all steam moose is just amazing for tread swapping and it’s just a better booster I don’t really need to argument about it it is to better boots for Kinesis and there is really no incentive and going ghost marchers can kill it but there are those 1% of the games where the extra movement speed from do go structures might help you get some kills or get out but I will not go into that because it’s way too little of the games where you’ll be going that build I don’t know so I’m going to pick up my steam boots here my mystic vestment wilshire will make me a lot tanky and I don’t really think that revenant impairs I can kill me with that gonna get a little bit more her ass off he’s already using is in this which is really good I’m gonna pick up some dust now running top first of course trying to get a kill here you’ll see if we can do that will notice if they have a word if he backs off now they have a word if he doesn’t see he does not have a words so that’s good we’re going to be able to pop this all to hear yes we’re gonna I know well so Oh No innocence we might actually off but but but but a bit of blue yep uh-oh whiskered Kippy whoo okay so that was very very scary right there that was very close in a situation like that for example my having a pointing my shield would be good because I could have survived now I had my haste of course it’s that I see you did I don’t sure if you notice the delayed on my hair was like running like a dumbass yeah that’s because I’m playing on 180 pink but that doesn’t really matter that much okay so dust we need some dust I should have bought a red boy dear but since I was talking I actually completely forgot that I could buy that but we can actually instantly kill this Redmond right now we need to auto attacks in my full combos only killing or I’m not gonna ulti I don’t think we’d have be like 100 damage off or something wasn’t enough creeps for me to lift there so we wouldn’t kill him because my ulti lifts I think it’s free yeah free Tresor free creeps and then my W reaches for and there wasn’t enough creeps to kill him so I did not want to try it because I don’t want to waste my ulti one more time you want to get an ulti ulti you want to get a kill every time and every time you have an ultimate up and it’s like I said almost an instant kill make sure that you lowered them with your queue before bolting okay oh yeah shit I’m so busy talking I don’t forget to explain it all to you again okay so you let level one of course you lift three trees or free creeps but what I was wanted to tell you was that there are two ways to use your ultimate one you press your e like this and you throw it at a single target which you should always do if you’re afraid of missing your ultimate okay always lift with ultimate lift seven trees and just e you can actually eat your ulti which makes it a single target non miscible ability against the mesh man however or any kind of hero that can blink you won’t have that luxury so obviously you just lift and bam you blast them down after lowering them the other way is to just press are on the ground after lifting all of your minions or trees or whatever you decide to lift and then blastic yeah which is what you’re going to be doing most of the time and always against more than one hero but if you’re playing a hero they can dodge your ability then you should always use a because it’s easier it’s more safe doing so as you saw earlier I used ultimate to smash him after he went went out but I missed it sadly but yeah remember to lift it otherwise i will show you exactly now I have full man anyway and I don’t think there will be a kill any time soon here so we’ll see much no one thought I’ll show you here now look at how little damage this will take for my trees oh my little boy okay yeah I had to lay there as you saw I’ll show you again a little bit of ping issues not the end of the world or we can do it here i can lift let’s see you wait the way we killed the tower i will i will never mind yeah i went to show I wanted to show something but fuck it no I can do it on this hero here just we won’t kill him any actually would killing ok so i wanted to show you there but I saw that I had to kill I knew that I had enough damage and I went for it like I have played so much Kinesis in my days I pretty much know exactly how much life my opponent needs I can say like this there is a guy with 800 Life es5 Maddie karma I need to auto attacks on my calm when he’s dead I’m freedom i know that in my head obviously i can still make mistakes like the revenant here before the when he had more armor than I imagined but if I know the armor and half of my opponent and the magic armor I always know when to kill me it’s a good thing to know when I hear all I can uses what was I saying I want it ok i’m showing me i’m gonna show you now can you use all team fortress and for all the same time yes that’s the most important part about is here you never just ulti and throw you all tea and lift because you get a full ultimate off ok now I’m going to show you look at this see doesn’t take any damage because oh nah okay so we have our tablet now which is an item you want to canisius a lot of times it’s good for chasing it’s good for helping teammates it’s good it’s good for escaping it’s good for anything it’s an item you almost ever want on any game but actually let’s see here my mangos health I’m actually going to get a blank this game I don’t get blinked that often in the early stages of the game on Kinesis but I do it later do you know why because there is something so ridiculously broken on kinesis and it’s the fact that you can blink when taking damage as Kinesis and now i’m not kidding i’ll see if i can show you here in top lane let’s see if i can show you hearing the top plane here go basically if your shield is on you can blink even if you’re taking damage not any no other hero can do that but let’s see here first will let’s see if we can show you can they hit me or something help me oh well I’m liking holy shit delights i’m lagging really badly oh oh you died where to focus Iraq though alright well are you gonna hit you you kill them up I kill her oh she did die oh she did actually they okay I couldn’t show you there uh basically as long as you have a shield up you can you can blink away so that’s what makes PK such a strong item on the Kinesis but you don’t want to get it early the only reason i’m getting at earliest because we have no initiation in our team Magnus is clit not really close to a blink so I figured that I’m gonna get to blink for a little bit of initiation so we can take early teamfights otherwise you want to get tablets sometimes grimoire sometimes grimoire for farming and more damage of course into like let’s see here you have a tablet grimoire then you can go hard cause you can go sheep sheep is amazing harkins is amazing and the recent how close is so amazing is because any kind of mattie times you do applies to the shield so your regular auto attacks will give your shield more charges and then you can in return blink away you can blink in blink away like there is so many things frost feel all so amazing for slow for your team against opposite merely carries you know and kissy gives you shield charges so items you really like is like all right well it’s basically items like though that’s no one year items like that god dammit a spouse honor is a terrible item you don’t want to buy it on any hero I’m sorry okay so we can enjoy let’s see here 750 life we can one-shot this guy going to blink and gonna lift him and good fucking bye good so we gotta kill their in revenant ok so let’s see here we will be going a let’s see here but yeah anyway anyway speaking of if you suicide Kinesis Kinesis is a good suicide because you lift the creeps to get link control then tablet PK gnomes are good items keep that in mind if you ever suicide wakeeney says tablet PK no sweat solution you don’t get noms if you don’t have any matter dependent heroes in your team though but you’re pretty much have a man defend arrow in your team every single game don’t you don’t fight okay so Kelly’s legit Adam canisius know you should never go codex on Kinesis it’s not worth it over items like hard cons and blinking tablet is this bad I’m also gonna say I also going small charts and canisius it is ok with the utility build with the suicide cases it’s fine it increases your damage a little bit and it obviously gives you more to shield as well but you don’t want to go spell shirts either but it’s an item you can go if your suicide and you don’t have a lot of farm okay if you don’t have a lot of farm okay let’s see if I can show you the bling canal you see do you see how my link is still going up I can still blink even though they attacked me which is what makes it so unbelievably broken Oh hit the puppet okay he died okay well that was it I’m not gonna upload this game i guess it was to her too fast I mean I could but it’s it was definitely too fast

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  1. If you look closly you can see that parasite hits and the pk dont get more cooldown 
    so zlapped kinda showed that pk works even with taking damage

  2. Really like your videos man I'm following every single one of them I'll watch you on twich once I'm back from my vacation keep it up

  3. Shield (E) scales from damage ATTEMPTED, not damage done. so spellshards does in fact not help it get bigger when using spells.
    Atleast thats what they say in the spotlight, idk if they nerfed it.

  4. Hi Zlap, I was wondering if you could put the ID of your match, so I could go on the opposite team views. Thanks, would be appreciate, + great playing.

  5. Hey Sir Zlapped 🙂 iAmHawky here from ur stream ( if u remember, lol) i just wanna say thanks to all the fun and knowledge that you gave us, i wanna subscribe in ur stream but im too young and idk how xD so sorry, THank you again sir! We love you :))))

  6. I hope you will upload more Kinesis Educational
    I love when you play a character Kinesis because Kinesis is my most favorite character.
    thank you very much for your VDO ^_^

  7. Zlapped, can you do a Scout educational video? Most players believe (and this is kinda true) that Scout is a only ks hero and afk farmer.
    But I think he is a amazing lane farmer, eye for reveal, counterward, silence and counter channel ult. And also, a kill-secure, not kill-steal (even though you can used it this way).

  8. hey zlapped, there's a trick im nt sure if u know about it. use (q) to lift 1 of ur creep, n then (w) to life d creep which u lifted wif (q). n then throw tat creep u lifted to d hero, tat creep will stun at tat hero instead of stunning at d creeps original location.

    btw, u could gain lane control wif kinesis during d first wave of minion spawn by lifting d maximum of 3 minions leaving just 1 minion going to d lane.

    1 more tips on kinesis, lift ur own creep to throw at opponent rather than trees, bcoz when u throw ur own creep, IF there is no other enemy target around, d creep will actually attack d hero himself which gives u an extra damage to d hero.

    try tat out and upload it, make another educational on kinesis… =)

    btw, u forgot to mention about how d ultimate works, i mean, if u throw using d ultimate key, it will destroy everything that u lifted EXCEPT for allies, but if u throw them wif (e), it will only throw but nt destroying them… am i right?

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