47 thoughts on “DELAIN – Masters Of Destiny (Official Video) | Napalm Records”

  1. Can't get enough of this song, it's a master piece that haunts you and makes you listen to it over and over, again and again without thinking and I'm not even a fan of the band. .l,,l Charlotte's vocal line and performance are superb and the muscicianship is incredible!

  2. Wow the video quality is pretty compressed and piss poor. Somebody needs to fix this and re upload. Great song though!

  3. A master's degree in gender studies, a vegetarian, a feminist, but still a surprisingly good voice! I wish artists would not state political views 🙄

  4. Всё честно и справедливо, возьмут с собой тех упырей у которых якобы купили и дружненько вместе как сородичи высадят Мой лес)))

  5. If this is just a hint of what's coming ….MY GOSSHHH… I better get a nice cushion for when i fall on my ass

  6. Where did this come from??? Absolutely blown away and devastated that such brilliance won't ever play on radio here.

  7. Meh, say what you want but I didn't like it. Enjoyed their last album better. Kudos to Charlotte for reaching a higher level of singing, and I loved seeing them in concert, but this didn't sound right in places.

  8. This is Iceland right? I recognized some places, the black beach with the cave and the waterfall, but I'm not so sure

  9. It's no Lucidity or April Rain… but it's decent. I'll admit I really didn't like this at first. I found it incredibly boring and generic, but it grew on me. I still like the band and I'm excited to see what they do next.

  10. ouaaou, this song is so exceptionnal, congratulation from à Malagasy Band : https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=PQPOGBmrjRU

  11. I'm disappointed that there's very few actual new studio album songs and most of this is live. This should be considered a live album and their actual new tunes should be an EP. Nevertheless I like their music the same.

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