Degrassi: Next Class Season 4 Netflix Trailer

Can you guys believe that this is our last
semester in high school? [Winston] You sure you’re ready for this? I was born ready. Everyone wants to put the best version of
themselves online. [gasps] Stay away from me.
[Zig grunts] I’m the crazy one? You promised that if I work harder than everyone
else, I can achieve anything that I want. [Miles] All my life, I’ve struggled with my
own identity. If I gave up after every time I failed, I
wouldn’t even be walking. Your life’s about to change forever. We’re also ready, for the record. [all laughing]
[camera shutter clicks]

12 thoughts on “Degrassi: Next Class Season 4 Netflix Trailer”

  1. I love Goldhi,Maya,Triles 😍, Lola, and Frankie also because she's so cute like me and we share the same name. ❤

  2. ok so its july 7th at about 12:14 am and I'm sitting here clicking refresh on netflix trying to pretend i haven't been waiting for this all evening…

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