Definitions in the Field: Carnivore/Herbivore/Omnivore

(gentle music) – [Paola] All animals no
matter where they live need the same things,
water, shelter, and food, but different animals
eat different things. Scientists divide most animals into three categories depending
on what they eat. An animal that eats mostly
meat is called a carnivore. A lion is a carnivore, lions hunt and eat other animals, such as zebra. An animal that eats only
plants is called an herbivore. The zebras in the park eat grass and other plants, they are herbivores. An animal that eats meat and
plants is called an omnivore. A baboon is an omnivore. Baboons eat plants,
but they also eat meat. Most people are omnivores too. Hi, my name is Paola Bouley,
I’m a National Geographic explorer and a lion conservationist. (gentle music)
(lion purring)

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