Dedicated Education Unit at Research College of Nursing

– The Dedicated Education
Unit, often called the DEU, is a unique model of clinical instruction where the nursing school,
Research College of Nursing, has partnered with Research
Medical Center, a hospital, to provide a clinical
instruction for the students. I think what makes it
unique is that the students are partnered one-on-one
with a staff nurse and expert at the bedside to provide
their clinical instruction. – The consistency that
exists by having one clinical instructor for
the student is profound. It builds that trust, it
allows for the student to be able to say, “I really
would like to learn this more,” or they don’t feel that
they can’t say something that they feel they have a weakness in or they need more knowledge in something. – I feel that Pat guides me in
every aspect of my learning. She gives me the confidence to go in and work with a patient. She lets me know that I’m
not gonna hurt anyone. It’s a very mentor and
loving relationship. It’s something you can’t
beat, in the DEU program. – In the Dedicated
Education Unit, the faculty at Research College of Nursing
serve as the clinical faculty who collaborate and work closely with the clinical instructor,
who is the staff nurse at Research Medical Center. This model allows for the
faculty to continue to serve as the expert educator,
while the staff nurse serves as the expert clinician. – So it’s a team effort
between the three of us so that at the end of
that clinical experience, the student can walk away and feel like they’ve gained a lot of
knowledge, and they’re almost like a new person as a nursing student. – The student learning
that occurs in the DEU really can be considered
exponential because they’re forming this partnership with the staff nurse or the clinical instructor that
lasts over an entire semester. The students feel that
they’re in a position to try new things because
they’re less afraid. They know that they’ve got
their clinical instructor there as their teacher, role model,
and coach to support them throughout this process. – The best part about the DEU program, you get that full clinical experience. A regular normal clinical, you
don’t have that opportunity to enjoy just the one nurse. You come into a shift, you get
a different nurse every day, you don’t see the whole
scenario of the shift. You stay for six to eight
hours and then you go home, whereas, during the DEU
program, you get to experience a full shift from shift report all the way until you go home after, maybe charting, or shift report at the end of the day. – The DEU program is
available to any nurse who has the desire to share
her knowledge and skills with a nursing student to
help them gain that confidence and one day maybe work
for us at the hospital. There really aren’t words to
describe what the experience has done for me personally
and professionally. I have students that still contact me, and those things are indescribable. And it’s just something
that you can’t wrap up. You can’t draw a picture about it, but it’s something that’s very fulfilling. (joyful music)

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