30 thoughts on “Declining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk”

  1. Higher education cannot create its own self-imposing parameters (i.e., it doesn't have that capacity). Interest here is private not for the public good. Therefore, it is up to employers to offer checks and balances to this runaway train. Also, it can be done by the students themselves. But, then employers will need to give young people a chance without the prerequisite degree. Higher ed spends a lot of time discussing this problem, but it's not perceived as a problem from their end at all. Words are its currency. Notice the ratio of full-time to adjunct to determine the value of teaching. Look at the actions not the talk. Retention is big, diversity is huge, product is positively bogus at best. They want everyone to go to school and spend time there because they collect the money. Babies out the the womb should apply to college. Fido should apply to college. As long as they come with student loan money. They use very fancy words but the proof is in the pudding. One need only look at what is happening with the faculty. Faculty are the only people that sell the product in higher education yet most are impoverished under multiple pressures.

  2. Merit pay- that’s where the financial aid and scholarships should go to not athletics or other areas the public deem important. Isn’t that what college is about academics?

  3. I think Adriana made the right decision. She should be extremely proud of herself that she got accepted to NYU. But at the same time if these prestigious schools are going to accept students who truly deserve it but probably cannot afford it they need to make away to make it happen. And no, making them slaves to $100,000+ to a lifetime worth of debt is NOT the answer. Call Amherst College if you need some suggestions and best practices they’re slaying it.

  4. I hope Ceylon got a great career. But I have a question: Why didn’t she just live at home and commute because the majority of the fees come from room, board, and the all dreaded meal plan?

  5. I think collage is still valuable, even if it can no longer guarantee a well-paying job. Needless to say the benefits of being knowledgeable.
    I have encountered many things and people during my years spend at school, those life lessons taught me to become a better person. I feel very lucky compare to many others.
    My advice to future college students is to stay simple and becareful who you want to be friends with. There are many dark side in the world but you can choose to see the bright side. Do not trust people easily. Be friends with positive and happy people.

  6. Stop passing students at the High School level and colleges need to be more involved with High School curriculum standards. What's happening is that colleges are bitching about their shit students but how many colleges have worked with the Highschool's in the local area. Who is to blame? Ah I see.

  7. You guys are acting as though these students are children. These students are grown adults, do not pity them when they fail, many people need failure to teach them. Do not think that there is something wrong with the University when the University system has been in place since literally the middle ages and you've got nothing better except more pity party bullshit which is what dilluted the High School level education.

  8. For a European the American College system is quite strange. Do you just assemble a hodepodge of courses you want to attend, get in the credits and then leave? Is there no mandatory focus? I studied Physics in Europe and 90% of my courses were physics/mathematics courses. The rest was physics related computer science.

  9. Prof. Kurzer has every right to be disappointed in the academic behaviour of her students. I wouldn't have the patience. When I was an undergrad, I was so happy to leave the regimented schedule of high school behind, and looked forward to the utter independence of submerging myself in the academic work of subjects that interested me.

  10. Mr. Bhalla's 2.85 GPA is success??!! In most major Canadian universities, this is considered a failing GPA. He wouldn't get into McGill with that kind of mark.

  11. Good gravy… grading on the curve? One more strategy to hide poor teaching. Your university / college needs to hire a team of instructional developers / designers to help faculty design courses that produce COMPETENT students / graduates. https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=Dx-GXPrzIsn4_Ab2g5r4DA&q=instructional+developers+%2F+designers&btnK=Google+Search&oq=instructional+developers+%2F+designers&gs_l=psy-ab.3…2968.2968..6262…0.0..0.158.306.0j2……0….2j1..gws-wiz…..0.37gymOFjPQE

  12. No, no, no… you do not need a college degree to be successful. What you need are job skills (what can you do to serve others…) It's the biggest lie ever foisted off on the American public. Trust me on this one. Philip McGee Ed.D. MHRD Program Coordinator at Clemson University (Retired).

  13. I have a useless business degree from the University of Michigan. Only a handful of the classes were useful: statistics, calculus, management science, corporate strategy, accounting, micro and macro economics …that’s all you need. I learned about Microsoft Excel from YouTube and that has been the crux of my garbage job. The other $35,000 was a complete waste, but mandatory for the degree.

  14. ok lets take a look at just one aspect of college.its telling young men they don't count.if a boy gets accused of rape,violence,any kind of disorder he can be baned from the school even without a legal trial in our state courts.college is more about gender this gender that,its ok to be gay straight or what have than the things that get a good job.

  15. Keith is a perfect example that you don't need a college degree to be happy and do what you want.

  16. 2:05–2:18 Really, that's what college is about?! You spend tens of thousands of dollars, maybe even one hundred thousand at some, to have "an experience" where you are learning about other cultures, building communication skills, and learning to work with people! That is all fine and dandy, but not what college is about.


  18. White America is saying you are nothing with out a college education
    So I am outcast so this master degree make you above the world you have no life your body and soul be for the elite

  19. black supremacist players are so entitled even after getting free college… i am glad more and more whites and asians are boycotting them..

  20. The higher ed decline has gone on for years. We can't reform it with a completely dysfunctional congress. And dysfunctional policies in universities. But we also have dysfunctional grade schools and high schools. Here some policy solutions.

    1) Fukuyama's idea of mandatory public service in exchange for vocational training and college education. It should be run like the military.

    2) abolish undergraduate student loans completely. Increase spending for student jobs on campus and summer internships.

    3) No dumbing down. If you can't cut the mustard. You can't attend the college.

    4) junior colleges are for those who can't make it into higher achievement Universities. They can accommodate those with lower scores.

    5) Job placement programs.

  21. I never graduated College or University. Only High School Diploma… I have no Debt, i earn a decent amount and glad i didn't spend thousands are useless College/ University Diplomas.

  22. Update:

    – Britney Schmidt is now a professor at Georgia Tech

    – Ceylon Hollis recently earned an MBA in human resources

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