36 thoughts on “Declarative vs. procedural knowledge (Turing test)”

  1. Assuming the list of sentences is in english, the number would not be the total number of combinations of words, but rather it would need to follow the rules of sentence construction. So, it would be much smaller than the number mentioned.

  2. I do like this channel however the narration and script of this video was irritatingly slow and laboured.

  3. I would say procedural knowledge is the focus of machine learning computer science encompasses more than AI design.

  4. Wow! I love your videos. Your channel deserves more views. I'm a computer science student. More CS students need to watch this.

  5. I was so confused in Systems and Signal class, but your videos on Language of Coins gave me better conceptual understanding than a textbook or a professor ever could.
    Thank you

  6. I built the machine invented by Alan Turing in his 1936 publication.
    If you want to see all the details are on the website http://www.machinedeturing.org

  7. Except that Oracle machine with all questions already exists. It is called the library of Babel. It started this last year. Any string of characters is already categorised and searchable.

  8. The Turing test was managing to be convincing (indistinguishable from the human control) for 70% of 5 minutes of conversation.
    There are real humans today who would fail that, and I'm sure that a sufficient amount of computer power with a well tweaked NN chatterbot would pass.
    The Turing test is not a test of artificial intelligence, it's just an arbitrary idea of what that might look like, invented in an era when a C64 would have occupied a warehouse (hyperbole).
    It's a joke.

  9. Now that you've had three to four different narrators, I have become curious how you keep the same pace and style of speech so consistently between them.
    Are y'all using a music sheet? Be honest, now. xD

  10. I was disappointed with the end of the video until I realized it's only part 1. Now I'm more excited than before!

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