Deceptive Skills Are Stunning From Yuta Watanabe

this isn't just soft and supple and skill up for that one change to face clumsiness again here is that [Applause] specialist defensive [Applause] in this situation controller throw [Applause] defining the gifts what's of josie's Muse's folksy tendency only one expectations why Japan has struggled a bit too [Applause] [Applause] this is my Christmas tree shot here [Applause] yes

33 thoughts on “Deceptive Skills Are Stunning From Yuta Watanabe”

  1. I never get tired of watching Watanabe fan videos and compilations. He is a joy to watch. He deserves to have more achievements.

  2. For a 10 minutes essence video, you made waaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooooooo much of that ONE effect! I really have headache after watching half of it……

  3. He's fast and fun to watch. But he's not a hard hitter and not calm enough in some tough situation. He smashes clever and uses his left hand to confuse the opponent well, but in MD if your smash isn't hard enough you'll be disadvantaged.
    If he improve these points (and change partner, probably lol) he might be invincible

  4. his face remind me kids with down sindrom, but beside that.. he a monster..such a gifted..playing in mix and mens double..he are great asset for Japan..multitalent skill, and gameplay..great he in Badminton..keep your great his game..Genius!

  5. They won the asian championship today..this guy is incredible…he make the indonesian teams look like amateurs…mix doubles or in men doubles if he is there the opponent's knows that he will create problems for them…legend in the making..

  6. This guy has unbelievable skills. His reaction time is very quick. He is the best and the beast in XD. He is incomparable with others. But the effects of sound is very imotional which is not suiting with the content.

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