Debunking Anti-Vaxxers

The number of people that are against vaccinating themselves and their children has surged in recent years, and it can be frustrating listening to their claims. So we wanted to debunk and deconstruct the most common arguments one by one to help you prepare and present the facts in your next encounter with an anti-vaxxer. Argument 1: “Why I Do Not Vaccinate My Kids” Blog Entry 189. Vaccines contain: MSG, antifreeze, phenol, formaldehyde, aluminum, lead, and mercury. It’s true; vaccines contain chemicals. Vaccines have contained mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde. Ingredients that can be toxic; what else can be toxic? Water (given a large enough dose), and same goes for apples, coffee, or too much of anything to be honest. The dose makes the poison, and the doses of the chemicals in vaccines are negligible. For example, vaccines that include aluminum (which is included to make the vaccine more effective), contain about 0.125 milligrams per dose. But the average person actually takes in an estimated 30-50 milligrams every day through food and drink. That’s way more than one vaccination on a daily basis. And while some people warn about the presence of mercury containing compounds like thimerosal (a vaccine preservative to prevent bacterial growth), it’s actually been removed from almost all childhood vaccines since 2001. This was done to ease public concern, even though no literature suggests it’s harmful at doses present in vaccines. Argument 2: As a granola parent, my kids get everything natural. Quinoa crackers over Ritz any day! Because can’t we just all agree that the natural root is better? So let your child’s immune system develop naturally and save them a lifetime of pain. Vaccines introduce a weakened form of the germ to your body so that the immune system can learn to recognize it. Your body then build its defenses so it’s prepared to fight off a real attack later. And it’s true; naturally newborn babies are immune to several diseases because of the antibodies they receive from their mother’s breast milk and the thousands of germs they’re exposed from the moment they’re born. But vaccines cover the diseases you don’t have immunity against. It’s why we don’t vaccinate for every single disease possible; just those which are most dangerous. And children are given shots at a young age because this is when they’re at the highest risk of getting sick or dying. Argument 3: But what about allergies? My second cousin Lisa got her kids vaccinated, and now, they have a peanut allergy. I don’t my baby to get allergies! In 1997, people began to question whether there was a connect between vaccines and allergies. And then a study of 2,100 participants ages 5-6 found that vaccines actually have the opposite effect, and instead have a protective effect against allergies. Argument 4: I mean, how bad are the diseases that these vaccines are preventing anyways? My ol’ sport here, stuffed like a packed sausage. Got my genes, so he’s built to last! If he got the measles, what’s the worst that could happen? Vaccines have done such a good job preventing so many diseases that many generations have never seen them. But here’s what these diseases looked like without vaccines: In 1967 smallpox was responsible for millions of deaths. By 1980 it was completely eradicated due to an intensive vaccine campaign. Before polio vaccine was available, 13,000 to 20,000 cases of paralytic polio were reported each year in the United States. This meant thousands of children had to use braces, crutches, wheelchairs, and ventilators to breathe. From 1964-1965, before the rubella vaccine, there were 2,100 neonatal deaths and 11,250 miscarriages. And of the 20,000 born with rubella, more than half ended up deaf, over 3,000 blind, and 1,800 with mental delays. As for measles, before immunization was available, nearly everyone in the U.S. got measles because it’s extremely contagious. The World Health Organization estimates that regular vaccination has prevented 20.4 million deaths from measles worldwide from 2010-2016. Argument 5: Okay, but you still haven’t covered– *quietly* Autism. Much of the anti-vaccination movement is linked to one paper published in the late 1990s, which claimed vaccines caused autism. It suggested a link between the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine causing malabsorption of nutrients in the gut, thereby leading to increased cases of autism in children. The study was later proven to be fraudulent and was debunked by 25 international research papers involving large population studies. Furthermore, 10 of the 13 authors of this original paper have now refuted and retracted their original statements on the suggested link. And while it’s understandable that parents want to protect their kids, the claim is not founded in any evidence. Argument 6: There needs to be a balance with the government. Parents should have a measure of choice about whether or not they should vaccinate their kids. No one knows their kid better than you do. So, vaccinating your kid only affects you and your baby. This is simply not the case. Vaccines protect you, and perhaps more importantly, it helps other people. If you’re not sick, you can’t spread the disease to those with weaker immune systems, particularly the very young or elderly, and those who have medical conditions in which they can’t be vaccinated, for example, those undergoing chemotherapy. The more people that are vaccinated, the less available real estate for the germs, meaning its spreading ability is squashed. This principle is called “herd immunity”. For the vulnerable in our society, herd immunity is their best protection. Argument 7: The NSA, the CIA, the FBI, big corporations, big pharma, The amount of drugs they’ve taken off the market trusting those suits is practically a death sentence. Pharmaceutical companies do make money from selling vaccines. One recent estimate puts the vaccine market now at $24 Billion, which is huge. But if you want to talk money, a study found that in the U.S between 1994 and 2013, vaccine created a net savings of two hundred and 95 billion in direct costs and 1.3 8 trillion in societal cost. It’s true, drugs have been pulled from the market after harmful side effects came to light. However, vaccines are among the most highly regulated substances we can put into our bodies, in part because they’re given to help people, usually children as a preventative measure, rather than a treatment. They go through multiple phases of testing to see if they’re safe, to find the correct dose, and to see if protection against the disease actually works. In Canada and and the U.S, it can take 10 to 25 years of testing before a vaccine is approved. And once on the market, there’s continuous monitoring of it’s effects. The likelihood of a severe reaction to the MNR vaccine is approximately 1 into 1 million, which is around ten times less likely than being killed by a lighting strike. Thank you so much to Bill and Melinda Gates for sponsoring today’s episode. This video is meant to highlight the importance of vaccines which save millions of lives every year. Vaccines are a great example of how modern medicine and technology have decreased disease for a while. It’s part of the reason why the number of children who die every year has been cut by half and continues to go down. Though sometimes it’s hard to feel like it, there are many reasons why we should be optimistic about our future. This becomes pretty clear when you focus on the brilliant scientists, dedicated individuals and new ideas that are solving some of the world’s toughest issues. Head to to learn in the annual letter from Bill and Melinda gates why they’re so optimistic about the future. Thanks for watching, and if you haven’t already, go out and get your flu shot, and please, parents please just vaccinate your kids, thanks a lot. and we will see you next week. Bye.

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  1. What a fool. Syringe ghoul cant read science – quotes marketing and paid studies. Probably sucks off cows tits as well… aka eats dairy…. So you think you k now better than nature which has survived for millenia and now we have the sickest most toxic chemically damaged humans ever…. as the planet dies…. Pharma profits are dependent on this religion… This sort of bull video lies for the really dumb in the community…

  2. This is a scientific proof that Vaccines cause autism.

    Again, vaccines cause autism!!

  3. Imagine if there was a hospital run by anti-vaxxers, you rush your kid there with a raging fever, tachycardia and obvious signs of secondary pneumonia.

    You'd be met by someone in a kaftan, peace signs with a vacuous expression who'd yell

    "We got a critically sick kid here! I need essential oils, citrine crystals and a chakra empowerment team STAT!"
    "And someone fetch the resident paediatrician, we may need to go to emergency chanting"

  4. Bill anon d Melinda Gates won't vaccinate their own children and they know vaccines are bad. They just want the population down to 500 million so us peasants don't use up the resources they'd like to keep for themselves.

  5. Um actually, you haven’t bled from every pour in your body after taking the flu shot, is something an anti vaxxer said to my face.

  6. When you’re anti vaccine child has a midlife crisis when he hits 2 you know you have a problem

    That's for the anti-vax mothers (or everyone, really) who don't understand what autism really is.

  8. This comment is entirely meant as a joke and I hope it doesn't offend anyone, but as the Karens say, dO yOuR rEsEaRcH

  9. “If he had the measles what’s the worst that can happen?”


    Death is the worst thing that can happen.

  10. Yes, conform to the holy untouchable vaccines and pay your corporate profits and ask no questions. Everything else can be a lie but never the holy untouchable vaccines 😂

  11. “My son don’t need no vaccinations, he’s my son and he ain’t no bit- if… if I was vaccinated? This ain’t about me this is about MY son!”

  12. Before I watch this.
    I hope they do a better job with this than with the "Using math/science to prove gods existence"

  13. You find this on the MSM!

  14. While it is rewarding and fun to dunk on stupid people, Its basically useless to use facts and reasoning to debunk whatever those people believe. They already think that vaccines cause autism and rubbing plant oils on your skin can make you smarter, what makes you think that they will listen to real data that proves them wrong?

  15. this is a little letter to anti-vaxxers let me explain something about with people of health issues like me I liver transplant so if you don't vaccinate your children and you're around me you can instantly kill me so you should vaccinate your kids it'll keep them more healthy then without thank you by the way this is an 11 year old

  16. Anti vaxxer logic: theirs a hypothesis of my child getting a neurological but survivable disease from vaccines, so I give my children a bigger chance of having to suffer through some of the worst preventable and very fatal diseases.

  17. The reasons that they think vaccines cause autism is because children show signs of autism at the age of 3 or 4.

  18. Those who compare anti vaccine people to flat earthers. I compare the bad science of vaccines to the bad science of Genetically Engineered Foods or GMO food. GMO food is approved by the FDA, EPA, and the USDA. So its safe? Right? Monsanto has huge money and produce almost all GMO food. Thats how they got their GMO food approved. Follow the money!

  19. Why are you idiots always trying to teach anti-VAX fools that vaccines are safe let the idiots die let them get sick maybe then we can get rid of some of the stupidity on this planet

  20. Brainwashing step 1 vaccines are safe repeat after me vaccines are safe. But children are dying. Shush I told you vaccines are safe. Just keep saying it everyone will believe.

  21. It takes courage to admit you're wrong. Jesus will sustain me and my offspring. Why would I let another man touch my children with their autism sticks.

  22. Saying that vaccinating children will give them Autism is like saying that if a girl has a ton of male partners will give her AIDS which are both unrelated to this stuff

  23. We, as a society, have WAY bigger and more subjective problems than this. Listen to science because, according to Bill Nye, "Science is the best idea humans have ever had. The more people who embrace that idea, the better."

  24. Lightning strikes are ten times as dangerous as vaccination. Ban Lightning! Every like on this comment removes a lightning from this world.

  25. If you find someone who replies to your comments and they defend Big Pharma without reserve. And you look on their YouTube home page and find absolutely nothing on it. That’s a Pharmaceutical Representative.

  26. Thank God the government paid to make this vid. #Bigmoney they must REALLY WANT US ALL TO BE HEALTHY #🙄 #LMAO . 🙉🙈🙊

  27. Just dont mind the antiwaxxers were going to have a problem with overpopulation, if they dont vaccinate themself they die and were going to get some space so its a win-win i think

  28. Aren't geniuses from the past are vaccine Ted? If so, this anti vaxx parents tell us that we are below IQ average and they are the top, are just, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you get what I mean?

  29. I heard people say that "the plague disappeared without a vaccine, so why do we need them now?!!?!" 100% seriously…

  30. You're wrong about vaccines saving millions, no they save and keep at least 1 billion of individuals globally safe ''(semi)'' from various diseases on the yearly basis that includes those whom have already been vaccinated and thus immune to various diseases and indirectly also keep them from being infectious carriers of those diseases. It's safe to say that there's at least 1 billion individuals with immune systems that may not be able to fend off various diseases at all time globally, be they infants, pregnant woman, the elderly, individuals whom have cancer, those with compromised immune system due to other health complications and individuals living with AIDS.

  31. Vaccines are poison. This guy says water is poison if you have too much. And aluminum injected is the same as aluminum eaten. If you are buying the rest of this guys bullshit….oh wait now he's saying one paper about autism was fraudulent so there is no connection. STOP! Its a complicated subject. Oh wait another lie. He's saying that vaccines are tested thoroughly….bullshit! People you have to get past this propaganda and learn the truth

  32. you really went above and beyond into searching for ansers to disprove anti-vaciners and how vacines also improve our health

  33. Me: Watches horrifying movie Ehh…

    Me: * Sees the idiotic people commenting * Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

    Edit: I’d rather be “poisoned by vaccines” then die from the most preventable disease

  34. Pharma industry MUST hide the damage they are causing..
    Medical Professionals Speak Out

    This is a list of medical doctors and PhD medical scientists who explain why vaccines have risks, and may not be as safe or as effective as we are being led to believe (in their linked videos/ lectures, click on the name).

  35. The guy the gov't paid to push vaccines pops your ignorance bubble and COMES OUT with the #facts that vaccines cause autism in kids gets fired (or "FLAMED" 😉 by the DoJ :

  36. #basic #history on Gates and #eugenics #somepeopledeservetodie * #andsomepeoplewewillkillwithdrugsandotherthings :

  37. For kids whose parents don’t allow them to vaccinate, when they grow up can they work in the medical field and other fields that require you to be utd on vaccines? Just wondering, I recently begin working in the medical field so it just made me think bc about 1/3 of the parents I see are anti-vaxxers🤔

  38. I’m convinced that someone out there wanted to cause some disputes and to possibly get some people sick by making anti-vaxx propaganda, but he never thought it would go so well, the simplest version of bio warfare…. and it worked

  39. Ohhhhh my dad busted a beer bottle over my head and then he sent me to bed otherwise he'd spray full of lead n then I'd be dead.

  40. Okay, even if vaccines did have a relation to autism in children, would you rather have a child with autism, or a child about to die with measles? Jeez, Karens are dumb.

  41. if your defense is
    “rEseARch iT1!!!!1!!1!1!1!”
    NOBODY is obligated to do YOUR research for what you’re defending.

  42. One time in class we were supposed to debate on whether caffeine should be banned in schools or not. I was the small majority of the team against that. Here is one of the parts that happened:
    Team ban Caffiene: "Caffiene is a drug!"
    Me: "Well if you want to ban caffiene for being a drug then why do we take vaccines-"
    Team Ban Caffiene:"…"
    Also Team Ban Caffiene:"wAiT aRe YoU aNtI vAx"

    Technically anything that artificially affects your brain or body is a drug and for them to assume I'm anti vax for trying to defend my statement kinda pisses me off. I'm not anti vax, I'm just saying think of a better reason

  43. One of the worst pieces of none researched pro vax propaganda I've came across.

    At the start you claim toxins are safe because we eat more. Ingesting is hugely different than injecting.

    And you clearly haven't researched anything. And you smug attitude just makes you look like a complete idiot.

    And using small pox and polio as reasons that vaccines work shows more so you know nothing about vaccines. When someone uses these 2 as "evidence" it clearly shows you have no idea what you are talking about and you are reading from a script. And before anyone attacks this comment I suggest you look up the history of small pox and polio and you will see they where nearly gone years before the vaccines. Here is a starting point for you

    You are a complete big pharma shill. On the autism topic again you haven't researched it. Saying 25 studies proved the link wrong. Since then 250 different universities/scientists have done the same test and proved it was right and a top CDC scientist realised 10,000 documents showing the CDC knew it was right as early as the 80s before the law changed to stop manufacturers can not be held accountable for injuries.

    Then you get to the end and say it's made by the gates foundation. The man who goes to Epstein island and tells the world vaccines will hav the world population.

    Biggest shill on youtube.

    And you haven't used one piece of scientific evidence to back yourself up.

    How can you debunk anything with a few pictures and poor acting.

  44. This is what your saying with no breathable proof at all, as you the video supporter of these destructive vaccines! Why the hell would I need to assault my body with these toxins just so that in the future I might build up enough resistance to a stronger does of whatever you murders spay us with. You killed over 56 million of the native Americans in 1 year alone and you gave them blankets with this very same types of smallpox weapon and murdered millions! Your numbers are not verified by any outside trusted group of the people and none of these so-called vaccine needles are willing to go head-on with the whistleblowers before the American public on an open live platform with proof to counter the horrible findings!!! Why???

  45. Guys just be chill and let them do their thing, eventually natural selection will kick in and they will be erased from this planet with all their ideas :).

  46. [ and then there is Georges Ohsawa, healer of thousands thru: natural diet/"macrobiotics", after healing himself from tuberculosis with this method. How could he travel the world, consulting the most-sick and poor and live up to the age of 72y.o.?
    If the WHO wants the trust of the people, why does it not make public its de-feat ie disqualification of its-charta?
    Hmm let me think, money? Yep. They are way too greedy to deserve our trust anymore. ]

  47. Vaccines have viruses in them

    They are also weakened or dead so the immune system can fight it off with ease and recognize the virus so it can fight it off.

  48. As a person with autism (Asperger Syndrome) I take it very personal that these Anti-Vaxxers think that autism is worse than their kid dying from a disease that was essentially wiped out!

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