Deathbed Visions – Hospice Nurses Share Their Stories.

By working with the dying hospice nurses gain an insight into death
and the opportunity to witness the signs of a life beyond our own. I had one gentleman three months
after I started working in hospice I thought I can’t do this anymore this is just too much. I’m gonna get burned out or it’s just too stressful. So just as I was really trying to
debate whether I was going to leave this field or not I had an experienced that just kind of
blew me away One of the LPN’s came up to me and
said “Mr so-and-so just died” and so I took that information and we said alright, we’ll call a physician and call the coroner and get all the information that we need and I
was walking down the hall making bed checks to ensure that everybody was okay and this one old fellow was climbing out of bed and he was really out of pain control and I was thinking we need to get him settled down and I walked into the room and I said “Let me help you get taken care of.” and he
said, “I gotta get outta here!” and I said, ” I understand.” and he “I have to die.”
and I said “You know I would probably want to die too if I had that much pain and let me help you, let me see what we can do.” He said “No you don’t understand” He said “I have to die.” and I said well I don’t even know where it came I said, “Well you have to wait to get your own invitation sometimes just because we want to die it doesn’t mean we get to die. We have to wait until tell it’s time.” “Well that guy down there just got his invitation.” “he said “I knew him
from Lyman and I said, “What do you mean?” and he said, ” well he just shuffled by here!” and the hair on the back of my neck
stood up and I thought that was a curious term “Shuffled by” and he said. “I want you to go get my son.” he said “I
knew him, I knew him from one Lymon when we were kids.” and he said, “And he just shuffled by” and he points from his door to the window
and how he went across in front of his bed and I thought boy there’s a lot I don’t know yet! I had a kid that I lost last week who saw horses but he saw a horse and his dream was about two weeks before he died he
was on this big brown horse and they were going through this field and it was very smooth it wasn’t like a gallop but they
were flying and he said that all of a sudden they
kinda jumped over a barrier and when they landed they
landed in a riverbank that had overflowed its beds and it stopped the horse stopped and
turned sideways waiting for this kid tell him which way to go. Whether to go into the woods or out of the woods and I asked him which way he chose and he said we went out and I said, “What do you think would of happened if you’d of gone into the woods?” He said, “I think I’d be gone.” and I told him I thought he would too
and I told him that that horse would probably come back for him when it was
time for him to go that horse would be the one to come back.
Well that afternoon his mom was washing dishes and the horse came and she went to talk to
him and she asked David if this horse was
there and he said “Yes.” and she said I think he’s probably here
to get you and she said I think so too and within
two hours he had gone he died on his horse. You
feel a presence, you feel something is in the room, you
know there’s something there. One time there was this man and he was really really close to death and he was very very weak and and he looked
up and he was looking at something and he looked very very scared and the nurse said to him “It’s okay they’re there to help you. They won’t hurt you.” and he put his hand up and he had his hand up like somebody was holding it and he did this for a few minutes and there is no way this man had the
strength to hold his hand up by himself and he
died just a few minutes later too. So, there’s something. I had one really
neat fellow that we were taking to the hospice unit and he was really close to dying and
his son was nearby. This poor guy went through an incredible
bath from the nurse and he didn’t move at all he didn’t blink and eye so we would say he was an unresponsive and as we were walking down the hall
pushing his bed down the hall he opened his eyes and he looked straight up and his little toothless mouth and he went ( Excited Smile ) and waved and just smiled and closed his eyes and 5 minutes later he was gone. I don’t know who he was waving at but that’s not uncommon. As death approaches patients may have
visions of angels or see tunnels of white light. Other people receive angelic comfort from
someone they already know. Patients who are closer to their dying time
will see those who have already died often times. They’ll talk about their dead
grandparents sitting at their bed side brothers who have died before. I’m not so certain that we just see
spirits running around I don’t really believe that and I’ve never heard anything that scary
but I have heard of a lot of patience who are very afraid of dying talk about
seeing a father in law in the kitchen and that would scare me out of my mind but
they’re not afraid and it really made me realize about how
they are just sort of drifting to the other side
they have one foot here in one foot somewhere else and a patient who is very frightened will tell
you that and yet for some reason it doesn’t bother them. That would bother me. Mary was a 52-year-old woman. She had Lou Gehrig’s Disease and it was getting pretty bad she was
pretty close to death and the muscles in her throat were closing up
they weren’t working very well and she had a fear that she was going to
drown which was essentially a real possibility for her and one
of her last wishes was that her mother not be told. Her mother
was 90 years old and her mother liked to be called Grandma Rose and she
just said this is too hard for mother to go through to watch a child die and especially the way I
am dying. I don’t want my mother to know. Now the family was in conflict with this
but it was her last wish so what could they do and then the story as Grandma Rose tells me is she lived in Texas and one night she
went to bed. She was getting into bed and she saw her
husband standing there and her husband had been dead for
twenty years but she says that he was as real
to her as I am to you and he said “Rose, I’ve come to take Mary home.” and at
that point Grandma Rose just started to scream and said no no please let me go back and hold my baby
one more time don’t take her until I’ve gone and I’ve held her
and I’ve said goodbye and I’ve kissed her please don’t do that!”
and so he just kinda smiled and faded away and she knew at that
point that he would allow that. So she got on the next plane, she came to Denver and for three days she stayed with her
daughter and she told her stories and she combed her hair and she gave her a bath and she was
holding her daughter when she died and I was there and she
just looked at me and she said, You know I brought her into the world and it’s only
right that I’m with her when she goes out.” and that would have never happened
if Mary’s husband wouldn’t of come to her and told her that he was taking her home. Like one person said to me Well, it’s easy for you to say it’s going to be peaceful you’re not going to die. and I said, you know you’re right. All I know is what I see and all I know is that somewhere along
the line you’re not going to be afraid anymore.
Somewhere in those last hours it’s going to go away and somebody will throw you a lifeline . It will be okay. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  2. My dear Father in Law was in hospice suffering from leukemia. We lived about 200 miles away, but spent many nights with him. His daughter was with him when he died, and she said he was putting out his hand like he was stroking something. She asked what he was doing, and he replied "Barbara Darling". We didn't realize it at the time, but Barbara Darling was a racehorse that his family had owned when he was young. I believe.

  3. I have a friend of mine who died in a Very Severe Car wreck he told me he seen a Bright light and seen his Uncle who told him that it was not his time and he should go back,

  4. my husband passed away at home under the care of hospice and for some reason the night before I slept like a rock. when I got up in the morning he had been playing Oblivion shivering isles and I looked over at the TV and his little Avatar was walking into the wall. he was still breathing shallowly but he was out and never regained consciousness. for some reason I saved the game at that point. it was weird I remember thinking he doesn't want to lose his level. his heart finally stopped and he died about 45 minutes later. to this day when I put that game in the PS3 his save is still on it.

  5. I'm glad these hospice caregivers shared there stories 🙂 I will share my story too . My neighbor asked me to help
    her die and to hold her hand. So, at the time of her demise I was sitting in her bed and talking to her and basically
    keep her calm, to not be afraid. She was so weak but right before she died she suddenly sat up and her eyes
    opened real wide , she was looking at something. It surprised me for sure. This does actually happen. It's
    like they get a little glimps if Heaven or a loved one is there to take them. People on the other side are more
    happy and comfortable than we are. Peace & Love ~

  6. My daddy died on July 19 2019 of kidney failure. He was in hospice for 2 weeks and all I can say is thank you for the nurses he had. It was a hard decision to stop all treatment but I know it was right. My brother had passed away suddenly in March and my daddy took it really hard. He told me Brian was with Jesus and I know that when my daddy passed my brother came and took him home.

  7. when u die like that old slow the mind breaks down slowley and u hallucinate, some times demons will also mess with the old people as they come to collect them , and bear them to hell , they appear as loved ones and such, a horrible deception. But when those who serve believe trust the lord Jesus , have ask forgiveness and forgiven all and are truly saved , they will die and Jesus or angels will be there to bear them to heaven

  8. A week after my son died I was awakened in the middle of the night with the most beautiful Angelic music…….I never, ever wake from my sleep……ever….

  9. I am about to start my internship in social work in this respected field. I am falling in love with what I am learning here on YouTube. Thank you for sharing.

  10. When i was a teenager i wanted to die and i cut a large vein in my hand and lade back to die. I started praying calling on Jesus saying his name over and over and all of a sudden a bright warmth came over me and shot threw my body . Instantly i went from deep depression to crying in the most indescribable feeling of love and happiness and i seen what i believe was Jesus looking at me. The bleeding had stopped. God is real i have no doubt and years after till now i did not live my life by God but i always was and still am a giver in helping others in life. This experience i tell you is the truth

  11. In 2010 I was very very sick and alone. I'm very assured of a vision I had and it was a huge book. I knew it was the Book of Life. I saw a quill pen and names being written down in it. The ink the pen was being dipped in was Jesus' blood.
    Names were being written down and names were fading out.. either by death or in a backslidden state their sins were erasing the names that had been written.
    I used to believe once saved always saved but no longer do.
    If truly saved it is difficult to backslide.
    A morning came shortly and I knew I was dying. I felt complete peace and quiet inside and within my heart. God is good and loving. Allow the Holy Spirit to dwell and have that eternal security of knowing Him.
    Bless you all!

  12. My dad came 800 miles to tell me he was going. He was with a presence, I could sense warmth and sunlight. I didn't need to look at it but I wanted to go to. They walked by my bed and I got up to follow. As we neared a brick arch I could see and feel more warmth and light and voices, but not words, like bird song or bits of joy. They went through the arch. I went to step through but cheese cloth painted a thick, clumpy battleship grey appeared and a knowing was in my head it "wasn't my time to go." Twenty years later my mother told me the moment Dad passed he suddenly sat up, reached out his arm and called out my name.
    The phone rang after the curtain appeared and I knew I knew it wasn't my time.

  13. I used to be a CNA. Late one evening, one of my widowed female residents was especially happy and animated, and refused to go to bed. At one point, I asked her what she was doing out of bed, and she told me that she had to pack because her husband was coming to get her.

    The next afternoon when I got to work, I found out that she had passed away overnight.

  14. When you die, you either go to heaven or you go to hell. You don't just die and that's the end of it. The way you go to heaven is by asking Jesus to forgive you of your sins and come into your life as your Lord and Savior. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father (or goes to heaven) except through Him (John 14:6). If you want to know more, please ask.

  15. Something that a lot of people don't know is that when soldiers are dying in battle, they most often call for God to forgive them (forgive their misdeeds through their life). A few ask for their mother. People, think about God, think about your last words, if you get that chance. God made you. You will stand before your Maker one day.

  16. Hi Everyone,
    My story is slightly different but you may find it interesting. I do not expect you to believe my story and I think that's natural, plus as I know its true, I am not offended by your possible disbelief. I believe that there is more out there that we do not know then that we do.
    I have been a suicidal person my entire life. At the time of writing this I am 62. About a year and a half ago, for a period of about 6 months, I begged the universe to give me cancer. The reason I asked for cancer is because I have been a bad person and I absolutely hate myself. Anyway I got what I asked for, cancer. The hospital that originally diagnosed my cancer, lost my hospital records so it was 51 weeks before my first operation, a year later I had a second tumor removed. The cancer is now in my lungs and I have refused further treatment. I have been professionally physic diagnosed with Chronic Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder and most recently, Bipolar Disorder. So as you can well imagine my life has been different LOL.
    About a year ago I FINALLY decided to kill myself so I I researched on line to see if I could overdose on some of the medication I was on. ( NB Please note that I was never monitored on the amount of medication I was allowed via prescriptions and had over a two year period managed to save a large amount of two of the meds I was on. ) Anyway, I found on line where people had successfully committed suicide on 3000 to 4000 mg of Seroquel. As I did not want to risk surviving my own suicide attempt, I took a MINIMUM of 80,000 mg of Seroquel, YES I took 800, one and two hundred milligram Seroquel pills and then I took 350 sleeping pills. How I did this was I stayed awake the previous night so as to be tired the next night, when at 8 30pm I took six 200mg Seroquel pills then as soon as I started feeling sleepy, I took the remaining pills fifty at a time, flushed down with alcohol. I was discovered at 11am the following day, in a coma, I had not vomited but they told me later that my body temperature was so low, I gone into a kind of hibernation. My best friend told me that he was told by doctors in the Intensive Care Ward that they did not believe I had taken that many Pills and after being in a coma for two weeks, they said we are removing all the tubes today and he will regain consciousness straight away, when, yet another two weeks later and I still hadn't come to, they said OPPS, he really did take all the pills he said he did in his suicide letter. Plus I left all the empty pill tabs with that letter. ANYWAY lol, not only did I survive but stranger still is the fact that I ended up with no brain damage at all from taking at once, the highest ever recorded amount of Seroquel. The hospital referred to me as being a medical miracle but as I am not at all religious, I do not believe in miracles. I remember no dreams or visons when I was in that coma. I did however have a number of hallucinations after I came out of the coma. they said were due to the Seroquel.
    As a foot note you may find it interesting that I came out of my coma in the very same hospital that left me with a tumor for 51 weeks before they operated.
    My head is such a mess ! As stated previously stated, I asked for cancer, got what I asked for, then had two operations a year apart to remove that cancer and now I refuse any further treatment. Every day, YES EVERY DAY, I wish I had died. I have lived alone for the last twenty odd years because that's what I deserve and I believe it would be very unfair to put another person through my hell but I find life alone tough going.
    THANK YOU ALL for reading my story.

  17. If you watch this in 2019,
    Know that Jesus loves you. The clock is ticking , time is fleeing. Death and hell are moving. It is high time you make this decision. God loves you and wants you by His sides. Accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior and you will be set free from sin and will escape final judgement.
    Him only is the way, the truth and the life.
    I deeply love you. Stay blessed

  18. I wish to God that there is comfort in dying from animals and people we loved . but I suspect a lot of these visions seen before death are opiate induced,morhine pain killers…..this is not an invite for religious instruction.

  19. My father dying from a brain tumor, was quietly resting when he opened his eyes and reached out as if to touch someone at the foot of his bed said momma momma and giggle and cried like a child, the peace he had gave me peace because his mother had died at home when he was 10yrs old unexpectedly, she had sent him to buy bread and came home to find her passed on, she was 34 yrs old. He loved her dearly. He said she was young and beautiful just like he remembered. I was happy when she came for him a few hours later…he was afraid of dying before her visit him..I miss you dad😪❤

  20. Cant wait to see my beautiful boy R.I.P 💚😘😇😭💔 25/10/91 10/05/11 And My Dad 😘💛😇😭💔

  21. When i used 2 do home healthcare, i was scheduled 2 sit with a hospice patient 2 nights in a row fr 7p to 7a. The patient was bedridden & comatosed, so i sat in the den, in a chair that looked out n2 the hallway of the bedrooms. On the 1st night, as i was engrossed in my McDonald's, value meal #1, with a strawberry milkshake instead of the drink, watching the Real Housewives on t.v., i kept getting a vision of something clear & squiggly, out of the corner of my eye. It almost reminds me of gas fumes. That clear mist (4 lack of a better word) i see in the air sometimes when i'm pumping my gas. However, when i would turn my head 2 look dead on, i wouldn't notice anything. I struggled my shoulders & went back 2 my guilty pleasures. Well, by the 2nd night, not so many guilty pleasures, so i was really paying attn:. This time when i noticed the mist, it was directly in front of the hospice patient's bedroom. I kept thinking, what is it?! Needless 2 say, the patient died that following morning around 3 or 4 a.m. When i looked into it, i found stories of ppl basically describing the exact same mist around the person, just b4 they pass. I summed it up 2 maybe deceased loved ones waiting on the person 2 crossover.

  22. I am very greatful for Hosparus, It is just like Hospice, but I will never understand why the drs waited so long to call them in, a friend of mine was dieing of lung cancer, yet the drs did not call Hoparus in until 3 days before he died, they brought much needed oxygen, and pain killers, until that time all he had was Tylenol, If you are in this situation, I urge you to urge the doctors to be much more caring about their patients. There was no reason for this.

  23. The human mind is capable of wonderful imagination and hallucination. Add contagious mass hysteria to this and the dead will be walking in front of a group, all believing in afterlife/ghosts and such. After my younger brother passed on, my elder brother saw him turn a corner and walk towards him on the road close to our home. My elder brother was pretty shaken but knew that it was his mind creating this hallucination.

  24. I wish when they told their storied a lot of lip smacking gulping I wish someone would give them a drink of water

  25. Hospice RN for many years and I will say these stories are not uncommon and all are so very special. I do take exception to what the lady says in the last few seconds of the video when she says 'you're not going to be afraid anymore and in those last hours it will go away'. I understand she's wanting to make people feel less anxious about death. If she means the patient is medicated to the max that might be true and some patients need that to alleviate pain but not usually. Pain control is relatively easy yet they often have intense anxiety and will fight til the end. They don't have peace. We can get their pain controlled but it's much more than a physical thing. Mostly what I witness is that those that do not have a 'solid ground' so to speak, do not pass easily at all. That's the truth and it's a sad thing to see.

  26. Life is too your hereafter before its too late and ask forgiveness to OUR GOD THE ALMIGHTY and do good deeds..

  27. My grandfathers last words were,,, oh there you are… His brother was sitting next to the bed ,,and said he was talking to my grandmother ,,,who, had passed away years before,,, we latter found out from the nursing staff ,, that grandpa had been talking to someone all along ,,, for months before his death,,, the same grandma that appeared in my room at 3am,, the morning she died 1300 miles away from me,,, she appeared as a light a puff of smoke and then disapated in to the ceiling and was gone ,,, no joking there is life after death, and my grandma came and got my grandpa when he died,,, it's a fact,,, and me,,, she came to me to prove there is a God and I needed to get right with him ,,, I was hooked on drugs real bad and ran with ,,, let's just say crime,, it took years to get away from it all ,,, but I did it ,, I'm clean off shooting dope for ever, gave my life over to God and took Jesus as my savior,, I can't help but wonder who will come for me ,,,

  28. I always wonder why people who don't believe in the supernatural aspects of deathbed visions watch these videos. The sweet answer is that they hope to educate the poor masses who do believe. The real answer is that they're just irritating trolls. If you believe, then the trolls are six miles below your minimum attention threshold.
    Don't encourage troublemakers who have nothing better to do.

  29. Wow at all the Christians commenting on Jesus. Most NDE accounts state that it is more spiritual than anything, that it is all about how we affect each other and how it is about love. Nothing about strictly following any specific religion.

  30. I had taken too many sleeping pills. During that time I could see myself walking through a beautiful field filled with beautiful yellow flowers.

  31. Although it would be nice to have something waiting for us on the other side, and it’s in us humans to want it to be so, due to our fear of death, I think there is NOTHING after we die.
    It’s as if we were never born, the same as it were before we even existed. Absolutely NOTHING.
    All that those people are describing to have seen-it’s just our brain/mind consciousness playing tricks on us. Our “system” is shutting down and that’s it. It only natural to be affraid of it and it’s even more natural to think of your loved ones/persons whom we loved/trusted, as the ones who will guide us through this. Just as a child (instinctively) reaches for its mother in moments of need.
    If there really was something out there – don’t you think by now we would have known for certain?! It would’ve be proven long time ago. Billions of people have died since the human race existed and NOT A SINGLE ONE “came back” or provided an evidence that there is something after life. Almost all of those people had at least one person who loved them and who would have benefitted by that or be consoled.
    And don’t you find it suspicios that people raised as Christians – always “see” Jesus, and not Allah or Thor or any other god people believed in or still believe? It’s just a product of our upbringing, deeply rooted into our minds since childhood…not to mention drugs people are often on, if old and sick…
    Just as there is no god, there is no afterlife or heaven or hell or whatever people like to believe, just to be able to cope with their mortality or grief… The sooner we realize that we have this one life only and what a miracle it is just to be born-we would make better use of it while we’re here…love each other while you’re here and don’t worry about what happens afterwards…because NOTHING will happen after we die, we’ll go back to nonexistance just as it were before we were even concieved…it’s nothing scary, we won’t be aware of it…but will make us appreciate what we have, while we’re here…
    There is no meaning in anyone’s pife or death, other that what we give to it…no punishment or rewards afterwards, just existing while we do…
    Face it and stop looking for mental “crutches” and selfdelusion.
    Have a nice life:)

  32. I have worked as a CNA mostly in assisted living. I was at work several times when people died, and my mother in law died along with another elderly woman I was taking care of in home. At the assisted living center close enough that as I got closer to the room I had this overwhelming goodness a feeling of total peace and joy. This happend when I came into my boyfriends mom passes away I had the same feeling, It was so intense I had to cry and I told my boyfriend "Your mom is so happy I can't even express it. There have also been deaths I was with and I felt nothing at all. I don't know what this feeling is, But I like to think I was able to feel a tiny bit of the joy experienced in heaven.

  33. My son and his wife were both killed in a car crash 20 yeas ago, their little 3 year old son was in the car and seriously injured, thankfully he recovered, he told us his mammy and daddy were holding his hands and told him he couldn’t go with them, that he had to go back, and one day in his hospital bed he suddenly set up smiling ear to ear and started waving, my father asked who was he waving at, and he said, ‘mammy and daddy’ he was only 3 😪

  34. my wife had a NDE. and was in a coma 9 days she spoke of a lady in a white orb. and that everybody was running from the lady in the white orb.

  35. My partner went in to hospital for 27 days. He only woke up 2 times and ask ar ewe living in Brighton we did 7 years ago for 28 years together. Now I have get use to sleeping alone again

  36. When the christian has a NDE he sees jesus, the hindu, krishna, the buddhist, buddha, the muslim, mohammed, the morman, joseph smith… hum ?

  37. I wonder if my daddy was at this hospice, he gave his body to science I didn't get to say goodbye I miss him still to this day. i hope and pray i get to see him again.

  38. Most Wonderful Place To Work For me Was Hospice In Fact I just Did Private Job And I woke up The Family I told them This will Be The Greatnesses Memory For you Then later He Died But Family was So Full Of Love Memory’s the last Conversation

  39. Several years ago my ex’s dad was dying, he kept telling people a few days before he died (he never talked the closer he got to the end) that his mom was coming to pick him up in a red car. That she was coming to pick him up and take him to heaven. The day we were going to go to the funeral home to make his arrangements I stayed in the room with him while everyone went to get ready. He took a deep breathe and said the word red in a whisper and passed away. I told him it was ok.

  40. Keep in mind that Jesus is King! I really really doubt that the unsaved call ppl home. Anton LeVey (founder of satanic church) said "oh no! I've made a terrible mistake" on his deathbed … I wonder what he saw calling him "home"…

  41. What's this long winded garbage doing on YouTube hawking their products for several minutes ?
    I want to see the video posted and guess what I and many other YouTube watchers just click off from the infomercials you try to force the public to watch before the actual video.

  42. My grandma lived to be 99 1/2 sent home to die using hospice care, the family had to clean her and it was only my wife and my Mom her daughter, after she died it tore the family apart as they wanted nothing but $ and wouldn't even help clean her – long story short, i slept on the floor at night with her as we used the fount room for her Room as it was easy on the nurses when they came to check on her, and i had the recording device i tried to record her talking to others not in the room but every time i tried to record she wouldn't talk ..she died in 2017 – her last words to me was 'Pray pray pray it always worked for me'.. but what tears me up is she always said " I'm waiting on the upper taker and not the Undertaker" and i watched as the under taker came and got her.
    she raised me Christian, and she was also, but in the hospice forms i read about someones Mom
    and how she was suffering not eating nor drinking water as my grandma, and when she passed someone said a catholic prayer over her, the "Angel of Mercy " and when you do this she comes with-in the Hour, and the dying suffering will pass on..
    Well as a Smoker i went out and something got me to want to write it down and get back inside and say it over her, So i did and got my Mom to do so as well, My mom was upset that i wanted to say it and had to explain its a catholic prayer so to shut me up she went ahead and said it also, and After we both said the Prayer she passed with-in 10 min.
    So, if you have a loved one suffering i hope you look up this prayer – it was popular in war time battlefields also, its been over 2 yrs and I still can't believe she is gone, i was a Grandmother's boy :(… I still have my Mom and wife tho to carry on, and she passed the torch to be there for them.

  43. The things they're saying are very true I've worked in end of life unit but never took this serious until last year when I fell so poorly I was admitted for nearly ten months, the first three months I was in critical condition and I saw two birds coming for me which I refused to go with them because I thought they were too small to carry me and the second I saw my late dad very angry with me and asked me to go back to my mum and that's how I came out of coma. I'm still struggling with the visions of the things I saw been to psychologist but they say it's post traumatic disorder. The things people see is really hard to explain if I'm to write I can write a book but anyway thanking God above all for this second chance. I couldn't walk after months in bed I had to start learning to walk like a child. Using one cruch now and i'm confident I'll get back to my feet.

  44. My grandmother's last words a few days before she died was, "I need to get out of here! It's hurting!" My grandmother had several different health issues including diabetes, congestive heart failure, early signs of dementia, amongst others.

    Right before she died, she got a huge smile on her face that went ear to ear, and then she passed away just moments after.

    She was a tough old lady who lived twenty five years longer than the doctors gave her, and I miss her so much.

  45. I have had NDE when i was giving birth to my first child in hospital. Th doctors in the operating room were calling my name when I returned to my body. Sometime during the birthing i had not been responsive apparently and the doctors and the nurses started calling out to me.

    This had happened in 1978. I was having huge difficulty trying to push out my baby, and the doctors were shouting to me “push, push, push!” But I couldn’t. It had exhausted me by then and I told them so…my last memory? I’d just given up, no longer able to follow their commands.

    At that time, i recall, rising out from my body with the sensations of floating. I could see the room, the doctors, and the nurses and all things in that room. I began to float out of that room out into the hall way. There was this bright white light, extremely bright. Still, I wasn’t bothered by the brightness. I’d thought weird, how the hell did I get through that entrance and its walls without doing anything! This thought came briefly but no concern given to it by me. Anyway, i saw down the hall that was bright with this white light, and I’d begun to float high up near the ceiling. Then there were this group of people in this hospital’s hall and i was curious about who they could be , because they were making gestures as if motioning me to return, to go back, that it is not my time, they said, but not by moving their mouth – the words just formed in my head. I thought how strange.

    Then when i neared them the oldest of the group spoke to me, in thoughts. She had whitest hair in a bun, and she was saying that i must go back because it is Not Yet my time. The others with her also “spoke” urgently saying i must return. That it isn’t my time. However, that wonderful pain free feelings were so much good that I didn’t want to go back, and I’d told them that. But they kept saying the same words, to “ go back, it isn’t your time.”

    The next thing i knew i was hearing that delivery team speaking loudly telling me to “ breathe K___!” over and over. I sucked in big amount of air and opened my eyes to, unfortunately, in great pain still trying to birth my daughter. I had renewed energy to finish giving birth to my first born. She was big healthy baby weighing whopping 8lbs 1oz! A big baby considering i was only 5’ tall and weighed, before pregnancy, 105lbs.

    I do think it was an out of body and near death experience. And that group of people I’d seen were my Grandmother who i have never known because she had passed away during child birth to her youngest, my uncle, my mom’s baby brother.

    That was my one and only out of body experience. However, i have repeating dream where i experience leaving my body and floating out from my physical self. I could see the terrace homes- attached houses which i pass by. I would just leave my body and “fly” around and see the outskirts of some city and its outlining houses. No deep thoughts, just exploring.

    Weird i know, but it happens. Who knows maybe many of us do this at night : only to not recall exactly where we go and see everything. It can’t be just I who experiences these “ night flying.” May be you do also?

    Thank you for reading my post. I do hope it made sense. I worry because English is my second language.

  46. I lost my dad in a accident two maths before my mum was crying everyday.We couldn't work out why I now believe God was preparing my mum. She kept it together and was strong she had a family to bring up.I feel said naturally but more so for my mum lost the man she loved at early age .

  47. Thank you to everyone for sharing their stories. It is so refreshing to read such heartfelt and positive comments! Sadness for those who have lost but hope has been shared for those of us still living

  48. Hospice nurses have got to be the strongest people out there to do what they do, especially the pediactric nurses….

  49. One could wonder if high school students had class's that made them wounder on death if the world would be a better place

    I have see things from the past as if I was sanding right there and seen things to come and know theres is more to death than what we see, some paint death as the end but not to me seeing things and hearing stores shows theres more life then what we see or feel, take the wind its in possible to see but at times we see its affects or fell it on out face on a better cold winters day

    Thanks to all who took the time to post true stores from the heart


  51. Rest n light n see all sight vision or seen n death peace n rise again be n life seas n all breath n earth never dies n breathe that's piece a mind n placebo see

  52. MY BROTHER GARY suddenly sat up ,looked up and stretched out his arms. to the sky. then in slow motion layed back down on the bed and passed on. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL 🙂

  53. A very dear friend of ours had a disease and knew he was going to die someday. Six months before he died he asked who among us remembered our dreams? I told him I did.
    When he did die…it came suddenly.
    A few weeks later he came to me in a dream and told me to tell everyone that he was doing alright and not to worry.
    Amazing to see my dear friend again! I passed the message on to others.

  54. I've been taking care of my mother in law since February graveyard and lately I've seen my father in law sitting in a chair next to the bed , he siignals me not to say anything,then my mother in law says I'm talking to the Angels but they won't listen to her, I said they are busy tonight but they will listen

  55. I died last night and I saw a giant queen ant and she laid 2,000,000 eggs in my skull.. In 2021, those eggs will hatch in my grave and the giant ants will rule the world and the last few remaining humans will be enslaved and forced to work for the ants..
    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED HUMANS! 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜👑👸👑👸🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜👽💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🐍🏂🏂🏊🏊🏊🍭🌙

  56. Watching this in 2019.
    1.- I was having my weekly conversation with my Dad, he said that this woman was standing at the foot of his bed, that this woman told him it was time to go. My Mom did not believed him and he was telling me just in case because "this time the woman spoke to me after many nights I have been asking her" I replied that If it was time to say goodbye even over the phone I kneeled and said to my dad to please bless me and to please forgive me that i will not attend his funeral. Over the phone he gave me his blessing forgave me and the next day he had a massive heart attack. I was the only one who believed him and When I visited his grave for the first time six months after his passing, we took pictures and there is a white shadow in ALL the group pictures we took in the cemetery.
    2.- 15 years later, my mom died. a week after her passing, I dreamed of her young ,atractive and happy, she told me she was okay that she found my 3 little sisters,her parents and my dad using the nickname she called my dad, since then I am at peace that she is no longer lost and in pain and I stopped crying every night. she lifted her arms and did the sign of the cross moved her lips praying the Rosary along with her friends the night before she went to be with the lord, at the cemetery a big colorful butterfly was over and rested at the top of her casket during the final prayer. Thank you for reading.

  57. I believe in Jesus as my Lord and saviour. Why on judgment day does he say: When I was hungry you gave me to eat……….etc, You know the rest. What he spoke of seems to be based on works and not faith in him. Comments?

  58. My late mom said both her father and grandmother had similar visions of relatives who passed on(when they were on their death beds). I'm not 100% sure if my mom did as her cognitive functions were diminishing each day. I know she would mumble in her sleep or mumble when awake. If we asked her "who are you talking to?" She mumbled or sometimes didn't answer but just stared at us. The night before she passed our family gathered by her bed with a Chaplin. My mom passed that following morning. I knew it wouldn't be long but did not expect it THAT soon. My dad was in the kitchen and I was taking our daughter to school when my dad checked on mom and found she had passed. I know my mom would never pass with us around her…she would wait until we were doing other things as she was never the type that wanted people to stop "living."

  59. My grandmother passed 6 years ago. I was at work when it happened. She passed in her home while on hospice care. For days she had been asking Jesus to come get her. She would say it every day in her last days. Finally on the final day she was laying in her bed and she turned and told my mom and siblings that she was about to leave them. All of a sudden she lifted her arm up in the air and stared at the ceiling as if she was looking at someone and she points her finger and says bye y'all, I'm going by myself! Then it became hard for her to breath and she finally turned her head to the wall and passed. I really hate I wasn't there with my family when this happened, but my job did let me leave work early so I could go and see her before the undertakers came and got her. She is truly missed every day. One thing I do know is that she prepared us for her passing every day by talking to us about it.

  60. I feel the need to share…
    My best friend's Grandma in her 80's was in the hospital dying. Her almost 3-yr old little boy, CJ, was especially close to his Great Grandma & asked to go see her to say goodbye. They arrived, and my friend was standing near the foot of the bed. CJ was up close to his Great Grandma. All of a sudden, CJ lit up, turned around to his mom & said in an excited voice with open arms pointing, "Look at all the Angels, mommy! They are beautiful!!" He described the angels as "bright white & fluffy with big wings, all around at the head of Great-grandma's bed watching her". Tears streamed down my friend's face as CJ told her what he was seeing. She did not see the Angels, but had no doubt that her son did. CJ is now 23yrs old & doesn't recall the experience.
    20 yrs later, CJ lost his Grandpa last year, & his Grandma just a couple months ago. Also very close to his Hrandparents, he visited as often as possible. My friend called him when his Grandma went into a coma. CJ told his Mom to tell Grandma that he was on his way & will see her in a couple hours, immediately driving home from college. Grandma waited for CJ to arrive, then she peacefully died a short time later. My friend just bought her parent's house. She & CJ both have felt their loved ones' presences. And their two dachshunds will often look up &/or over to an empty corner & bark like crazy for several seconds, then quietly return to playing like nothing happened.

    These 2 stories give me hope that I will see & be with my own parents someday. I lost my Mom (45yrs) in 1960 when I was 5 yrs old due to an aneurism ( they didn't know what that was back then). My Dad raised me well, & I was blessed to have him in my life until he was almost 83yrs, passing in 1995. We all there with him from early afternoon. For many hours, Dad was laying flat on his back, eyes wide open staring towards the ceiling, with his hands on his chest & fingers fidgeting like holding his rosary, & mumbling very low. Every once in a while, he would blurt out a name or a phrase from the past, nothing else. He could not acknowledge us, but he knew we were there. After midnight, my bro-in-law took my sister & I to eat & rest an hour or so. My husband stayed with Dad holding his hand the whole time. About 2pm, my husband asked my Dad to please squeeze him hand if he knew he was there with him.. My Dad squeezed it, & then Dad passed within minutes. Wow!

    May I please add one more really short? My sister, Nancy, was only yrs old when our Mom died. For a long time she thought my Mom was her Guardian Angel. If Nancy didn't hear her alarm on a school day, she says Mom would be standing at the bottom of the bed shaking her foot & saying "Wake up, Nance, you have to get up for school".

    That's all, friends. Thank you for listening. I need to stop crying & get my butt in gear. Sincere thanks again! I feel much better now. Have a great day!!
    Happy Labor Day!!

  61. After working as a crisis care nurse, for 10 years-I learned that it’s an honor of seeing humans go Home with God, making their transition as comfortable and as dignified as possible. People do see people, and reach for something. I was asked to move once because my patient said I was to close to the Angel😇
    Very humbling and a privilege helping these patients and their families.❤️

  62. While lying on the couch after a long day of work my 2 1/2 year old son came up to me and asked the strangest question, "Do you remember me before I was born?" I looked in amazement for a second to answer him, "No, why?" He then told me this… "I remember you." That was almost 20 years ago and I have never forgotten this.

  63. My husband died 7 years ago. But not long before he passed, he said he saw people. And he waved his arm, and waved to something up in the air. I thought it was weird, but I feel that he saw someone from his past that had died. I think that his past family had came to take him home. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  64. None of this really helps, the salvation of God through Jesus Christ isn't mentioned, sins to be forgiven isn't mentioned, nothing, it's all a gimmick, tales from hospice.

  65. When I worked hospice, after the funeral home took the person,the call light would keep turning on throughout the night,and the water would turn on by itself,same thing would happen with the next person and the next,it happened with other nurse's too, they seen black or white figures going in and out of the rooms,I'm so glad I didn't see that.

  66. I am a RN, worked PCU, Med Tele, Med Surg, Dialysis, Psych, but I can tell you I could never work in hospice nursing. Kuddos to all Hospice nurses, as it is one of the hardest specialties to work in. ❤


  68. My father committed suicide in 2015. He was living with me and he was suffering from parkinson's disease. One day, I came home and he was missing. I couldn't sleep that night searching for him, calling the police, and everyone I knew. Finally, the next morning I had an overwhelming feeling to check his room again. The moment I entered his room, I felt that he guided me to finding his suicide note under the mattress. I actually felt his hand leading my hands and face to the direction of that note. I then felt him lead me to the railroad tracks across the street from our house where I found him. Though it was horrifying, he comforted me at that moment because I know he was with me. No one can tell me any different and I know there is something after this life.

  69. My great Grand mother on her death bed , we my family and i were there ! I was just 6 yrs old , everyone left the room , i was alone with her .
    She sat up in bed , hand raised her hand to the ceiling , she said " PRECIOUS MASTER , PRECIOUS MASTER " AND LAYED DOWN AND PASSED. !

  70. Those who choose to not believe in these things, choose out of ignorance. Or they're too scared to face the truth. I used to be guilty of both. Through my experiences in the last 17years I've learned that these events and other things, are absolutely true. God bless.

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