Dear Developers … Stop Ignoring Android! — By Overpass : The Oxford Educational Game Developers

Hi, this is A Minute of Overpass. My name is Eric and I make apps. Now this week, I wanna plead with my
fellow app developers to stop ignoring Android. Okay. Like a lot about developers at the
moment, I’m starting to get a little concerned with all the issues coming out
about iOS 8. I know they’ll smooth out after a while but one of the things I find a lot app
developers do with a focus only on iOS development. They’re concerned with iPhone and iPad and they don’t care about Android. The reality is, Android
has about eighty percent of the market. So if you’re focusing on ads or even
through payments, you need to start looking at Android. People are.. I know quite a few people who said
they’re gonna leave iPhone and go to Android. I don’t know if
that’s a trend or that’s just, you know, people being upset but a few months ago, I said that more developers need to focus on on
Android development. It’s harder to market for Android. I’ll admit that. But it’s not impossible.
So I was interviewed on the app business podcast a couple months ago as an
Android expert. It is one of the things I talked about. If you want to reach the largest
possible market you can. You need to start looking at Android. Windows Phone not so much but maybe. You know hopefully they’ll take over. Android is something that you should focus on. Again, through Overpass I got
contacted by a lot of companies who say, “we have as iOS app that we need you to port it on Android” which is kinda of.. you know.. It’s not a unifying theory. That’s it. That’s the end of my time. I’m sorry it’s a bit rambly but My name is Eric. I make apps. If you’re
looking for an app, give us a call. We can help you out. Our number’s 0845 834 1008. I’ll talk to you next week. Bye!

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